Please Leave Comments People!

It’s not a lot to ask for, but please leave comments when you come to this blog.

Show your expressions, share your views on anything at all.

Especially when I post albums or songs for download, please leave comments. I’ve worked hard getting these files and took time uploading them. Plus, I can even face the possibility of being sued by the company/artist for posting these links.

So show some gratitude and courtesy by just leaving comments, it’s not that hard!

It’ll make my day and will give me the initiative to keep running this blog.


Love and peace,



  1. Hey Raph!

    could you roll my new blog..
    you see…
    since u have a popular blog!


    i’m trying to sell my current house…
    we intend to move…


  2. thats for sure, guy

  3. thanks much, brother

  4. Hey,Raph!How’s going?I hope you are fine.

  5. Hullo Steve! I’m great thanks. 🙂

  6. heyy

    did i make your day?

    im a new blogger,
    thank you so much for the downloads!
    i took 4 songs~ i be back for more 😛


  7. Hey Delphine!

    Thanks so much!! ♥

  8. Oi! How come never post a birthday shoutout to moi one???

    *Pout* 😦

  9. Thanks for everything Ralph! I’ll be sure to be checking out the anticipated alblums! :]

  10. Help the enviroment…. pass it along, it is simple to do and will make a difference.

  11. Yes I agree with you!

  12. 🙂 Wow. nice arcticle

  13. My happy face! 🙂

  14. It seems like you do not like Anoop. I like him though. I’m rooting for Adam to win, have always wanted him to win since the day he auditioned. And either Kris or Matt for second. Anyway, i really like your blog.

    • Thanks for the love! 🙂
      Adam’s gonna win, no doubt! I love Kris and Matt too, I just hope one of them land in second, or the impossible, win.
      Im not really a fan of Anoop, but I like the guy though, he’s cool.

  15. Драсте,ТС!!!
    Сильно понравилась пост. полистал страници, то скажу, что сочиняете очень интелектуально и выбираете нужные категории информации. Большое Спасибо!!!

  16. Thank you author

  17. Thank you author

  18. I’m a “semi-regular” here now. LOL. Yeah, even though I give my thanks for the DL’s I made, I would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU soooooo~ much! 😀 Without you, my world is doomed. LOL. So thank you again so much. More power!


    • Without YOU, my world is doomed. 🙂

  19. Well…..I agree with most of the things you said. Anyway, thanks!

  20. Thanks very much for your interesting post. Will be back in the future.

  21. Thanks Ralph, I lost all of my songs as well as everything else when my computer crashed 3 weeks ago, not backed up of course, and while iTunes was nice enough to let me download stuff I had bought an additional time, all the American Idol songs were off their site, and I really wanted them the most. I’m very grateful to have found them on your site!

  22. I’m so sorry I spelled your name wrong, Raph, please excuse. cindy

  23. splendid work mate, reads very well

  24. hey, was wondering, how come you’re not doing any reviews for S09 of american idol? 😦

    • Everything is explained in my main post, but I’m sorry for not updating anymore!!! 😦

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