How To Reach Me

If there are any inquiries or questions you want to ask me,

just leave a comment about in the posts, OR

email me at:

1. greenbande@yahoo.com OR

2. cooldogdaryl@yahoo.com

My Social Networking Pages:

Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/RaphMike

Twitter: http://twitter.com/RaphMike

Feel free to add me up!


Love and peace,




  1. You post about all american Idol? I like them.

    Visit me at http://www.ikaatje.wordpress.com

  2. yes, its ok.You can add me then. I already have your IM too. or contact me at damai@loveable.com or kaatje@bentarabudaya.com



  3. thank you so much Raph,..I will add more news on my web.Its still new for me.Have you visit my multiply.com? Try..:-)

  4. oke, I will invite you then, just to take alook.I have friendster too. I will visit you

  5. I just visit your friendster 🙂

  6. yeah .. i’d sent to lauren her pic, and she reply, and then, her vid, she said it sweet.. 😉 she made my day on that morning !

    that’s so sad that tyra still keeps some of the girls who still didn’t
    belong there ..and eliminated those who has potential .. 😦 😦 😦

    here lauren’s personal myspace,


    and lauren fan official site,


    Raph, if you found any site for Kat, please share ! 😛

  7. hey i was wondering where you get the music. and do you happen to have coldplay’s new single “viva la vida”?

  8. Raph ! Kat was added me on her myspace… you can check my myspace page and she’s on my top friends !

  9. Raph .. Good News !
    Kat was officially signed with Elite !!!

  10. ANTM is back !!

  11. Hey Sue! Yep! I know. 🙂

  12. raph..all FORT-ers came here.. 🙂

  13. What do you mean they came here?

  14. owh sorry ..i forgot to attach the link.. here


    lol..sorry .. it’s another forum to fulfil my leisure

  15. Hehe, how do you know they came here? Did they mention about MDOC? 🙂

    Cool forum! Will join!

    Some other FORT members join this site:

    Check it out too!

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