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David Cook Update: Thank You!

October 2, 2008

Another new and “very official” vlog from David Cook!

Cook wants to thank us fans for a few things:

  • Supporting his new single, Light On
  • Supporting the site, DCO
  • Pushing the Web Nerds harder; and my favourite:
  • Crashing his official website. XD

It still amazes me that he pops out at the start of the video. Hehe!

Also, on a side note, David Archuleta will be acting in hit Nickelodeon show, iCarly! He’ll be acting as… Himself. Haha! The episode will air next year. Can’t wait for that!

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Jordin Sparks – “Tattoo” UK Re-released Music Video [watch]

September 16, 2008

Jive has decided to re-released Jordin Sparks’ hit single “Tattoo” in the UK since it failed to make an impact there while her second single “No Air” garnered huge success. Jordin has released a new music video for the song to be promoted in the UK. The video isn’t any better than the US version, but it is slightly better. Jordin looks stunning as usual and the computer graphics is beautiful. I still don’t think this will help the single to sell any better, but good luck to Jordin!

Enjoy! What do you think? Leave comments!


David Archuleta – “Crush” Music Video! [watch][HQ download]

September 8, 2008

David Archuleta’s music video, supposed to be officially released on September 15, has been leaked! Here is the official music video for his first single, “Crush“:

I love this video! Everything about it spells young, hip, pop and fluff. I like that Archie wasn’t forced into doing something that is uncomfortable for him, such as hugging or kissing, so it made things more sincere and beautiful. Nothing about this video is awkward at all. Nice video debut for a 17 year old! Go Archie!

What do you think? Leave comments!

ETA: New video posted!

ETA2: Click here to download the HQ version of the music video! If that doesn’t work, try this Sendspace link. Credits goes to [info]etiam_exspecto from Livejournal.


Reunited – Lion and Man Hug!

August 5, 2008

Two Australians residing in London, John Rendall and Ace Bourke bought a cub way back in 1969. Very soon the cub grew into a lion and soon was too huge to handle. So, they released Christian, the lion into the wilds in Kenya. Soon after, Rendall and Bourke went back to Kenya to search for their beloved Christian. Here’s where the magic happened: Christian ran out and hugged both of the guys like humans do! He even muzzled each of them in turn – he was clearly ecstatic to see them again. Amazing.

This video is so touching. It just proves that love is all around us. ♥


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer [watch]

July 30, 2008

Sweet! The official trailer is out! This trailer is quite different from trailers of previous movies. It focuses on Voldemort, particularly Tom Riddle as a child, rather than the usual Harry, Hermione and Ron. It features Dumbledore showing Harry the memory of him visiting Tom Riddle in the orphanage through the pensieve. In the memory, Tom Riddle sounds like a demanding kid, and I’ve got to say he’s good at acting. Although I still rather prefer Richard Harris as Dumbledore, not Michael Gambon…

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince hits cinemas November 21, 2008. Can’t wait!! Let’s hope that the 6th installment will be much better than the below-standards fifth.


David Cook Updates: Michael Who?

July 1, 2008

Back after a 5 day no-internet hiatus. So this is rather old news… Anyway. Cook updated his YouTube with another vlog.

Cook (aka sugarfoot XD) is in the tour bus with his pal, Andy Skib, on their way to a magazine shoot in Glendale, Arizona. I love that he adds little comments at the bottom of his video, it makes things even more hilarious.

Michael who?

Check back for more tour updates!

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David Cook Updates: Another Vlog Entry

June 18, 2008

Things are pretty slow these few days… Thankfully David Cook still finds time to update us!

Cook once again exclaims his appreciation for his fans, and that his album is on the works – he has already checked on 7 songs.

On the random side, I love that he uses “Archuleta”, “Dave” and “Cookie” in his tags. XD

Go Cookie!

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