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Top 5 Studio Recordings Album Cover (Now Revised!) and Other Oddities

May 2, 2009

What a long post title. Hehe! So! Many of you guys weren’t too happy with this week’s studio recordings album art for the top 5. Due to popular demand, I’ve created a new album art using the group picture as requested! Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, it only makes the blog better! I’ll always be happy to oblige to any suggestions that are practical.

Anyway, here it is! I have to agree, the group photo does look better as a whole. Although I still hate that picture, it does look better as the album cover. Nice eyes, guys.

top 05.2

So, copy, paste, and change that album art in your music player! Unless of course, you prefer the previous one! (Anyone? Hehe.)

Other than that, I’d like to ask you guys a favour! Weeks just fly by, don’t they? Currently, we have nine album arts from all the weeks since the top 13. So I’d like you guys to VOTE for your favourite album cover! That way, I can create future album arts that are based on/similar to the most popular cover. The poll has multiple choices, by the way.

In case you need references, here are the album arts from all the weeks! Click on them to enlarge, they’ll link you to the original size. [450×450]

top 13 top 11 top 10 top 09 top 08 top 07 top 07v2 top 05 top 05v2

Oh yeah, there are also some peeps saying that some of the tracks uploaded are missing/invalid/slow/broken. In fact, they are perfectly fine. What you have there  is probably a lag from the hosting website. It happens when you download too many tracks at once/keep visiting the hosting site/open too many tabs of the hosting site at once. Server problems will occur and you’ll find that you can’t download the file or even access the page. So what you can do is, one, try refreshing the page. Or two, leave the site for a few minutes, then check back the site again to download the file. I hope that’s cleared up! It’s a common niche, so don’t worry. It certainly doesn’t mean that I’m biased towards some of the contestants! Hehe.

Any more suggestions are most welcome! VOTE! Please leave comments!


-MDOC-‘s Wordle!

February 22, 2009

Wordle has became somewhat of an overnight sensation during the past  few months. It’s basically a creative website that puts together a jumble of words from your blog, your website or any rubbish that you type in and creates them into a piece of art. It’s really colourful and fun.

Here’s the Wordle for – MDOC – !


Bigger version here. Glad Wordle decided to feature Cook in the spotlight. 🙂


David Cook – “Light On” Lyrics

September 22, 2008

How cruel cheeky of David Cook to release the lyrics of his single before we’ve even heard it yet. Cook’s new single, which debuts this week (YIKES!) is called “Light On”. The lyrics are now posted on his official site.  I love the lyrics, it’s so warm and heartfelt, the nice feeling you get when you reach home. Can’t wait to hear the real thing! Cook’s single will be posted here as soon as it debuts. Meanwhile, enjoy the lyrics while playing any song in your head to match the lyrics!

Verse 1

Never really said too much
Afraid it wouldn’t be enough
Just try to keep my spirits up
When there’s no point in grieving
Doesn’t matter anyway
Words could never make me stay
Words will never take my place
When you know I’m leaving


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Google Special – Day 9 – 16 Of Olympics

August 24, 2008

Since I was gone, Google has been changing their logo daily as usual. And these are the logos that have been appearing from August 17 – August 23:


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 9

August 17 2008: Rat vs Dog in kayaking


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 10

August 18 2008: Dragon playing table-tennis (ping-pong), probably suggesting China dominating the table-tennis events


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 11

August 19 2008: Mr Snake swimming in the water cube


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 12

August 20 2008: Horse beating Rabbit (or is it the other way round?) in a running event


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 13

August 21 2008: Mr Bunny high jumping


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 14

August 22 2008: Monkey vs Tiger in Taekwondo


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 15

August 23 2008: Chicken in baseball

So if each animal represents a country, and each picture represents them winning that particular event, the scoreboard would be as follows:

  • First Place (3 appearances):     Rat & Rabbit
  • Second Place (2 appearances):     Tiger, Snake, Horse & Monkey
  • Third Place (1 appearance):     Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Dog & Pig

We have a two way tie for first place. XD Hehe!

Don’t forget to catch the closing ceremony tonight!

Special shoutout to Selvie for helping me to save these images!!

More on the Chinese Zodiac: here.
More on the Beijing Olympics 2008, here.
The official website: here.


IN! Last Day Of Olympics

August 24, 2008

I’m back!

Will post my pictures and my thoughts on my trip to Cambodia soon. It was an amazing vacation! Sad to be back, but oh well!


Google Special: Last Day Of Beijing Olympics

The Olympics has reached its final day and China is at the very top with 49 gold currently, hoping to smash into the 50th. USA can only go home with second but with an impressive 34 gold. Russia climbs up to sit at third with 21 gold. Great Britain slips to fourth with 19 while Germany does not budge with 16 at fifth.

Another amazing year for the Olympics! Michael Phelps proves to be the king of the Water Cube with eight gold while Usain Bolt rules the runway track with three new world records.

Remember to catch the Closing Ceremony tonight! See you again in 2012 in London!

More on the Beijing Olympics 2008, here.
The official website: here.


Google Special: Eighth Day Of Olympics

August 16, 2008

China is showing no signs of defeat with 27 gold medals. USA is struggling to chase up with 15 gold. Germany nests at third with eight gold. Korea storms up with eight gold nine silver, while Italy is trying to weasel in with eight gold five silver.

If Michael Phelps from USA is a country, it would be in fourth. Hehe!


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 8

A horse is playing football (or soccer, if you’re using that) with a snake. Wrong direction, Mr. Horse! Mr. Snake looks like he could save the goal. The horse’s arched body doesn’t really look like a “G” though.

More on the Beijing Olympics 2008, here.
The official website: here.


Google Special: Seventh Day Of Olympics

August 15, 2008

China is still first, moving a bit to 22 gold medals. USA grabbed another four gold making a total of 14 golds in second. Germany tops Korea to sit at third with eight gold pieces. Korea slipped to fourth with six gold seven silver, while Italy defeated Australia to take the fifth place, garnering six gold four silver.


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 7

Tiger playing badminton? Looks like a nudge towards Malaysia since Malaysia’s national animal is the Malaya tiger. Best of luck to Lee Chong Wei for the men’s single title!

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The official website: here.