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Officially Not Posting

March 9, 2010

Hey guys!!

I guess this is the post you guys were… not waiting for? Haha.

Sorry for the slow (extremely!) notice, but I won’t be updating this blog anymore. I know some of you are anxious for me and my Idol ramblings to be back on full swing since a new season has rolled around, but unfortunately I won’t be able to post entries about my thoughts and reviews anymore. It has and is going to be a very busy few years ahead for me and I have lots in life to take care of. Furthermore I just moved, so I don’t have a TV or anything to watch Idol or any other shows for that matter, so I won’t be up-do-date as you guys are. But I’m definitely watching Idol though, just that I’ll be a day or two later cause I’m watching them online.

So, I want to send my apologies to everyone for not being able to vent my ramblings here anymore!! It’s been one heck of a few years with a lot of you guys, and thanks for sharing this blogging experience with me! I’ll leave this blog up for anyone that still wants to go back through the pages or for the download links and stuff.

I’ll still be around though, just that I won’t be blogging anymore!

I really do want to keep in touch with you guys, so if you could please leave me your Twitter or any social networking site or even your email so we could keep contact and share views! Besides, you could always bug me easier if you have any questions or any problems about downloads and stuff!

So cheers guys!

Much love and thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart,

– Raph.


What’cha Watchin’?

September 20, 2009

So! It’s fall! And new shows are rolling around ready for the world to see. What are you watching as the leaves start falling?

I’ve got a few shows that I’m definitely keeping track of. First, Big Brother 11, which just ended its season. I’m a BB virgin, never watched the show before, and decided to give it a shot! It was a weird experience watching BB, it’s different than other reality shows. Lots of drama, lots of fights, a happy ending, just what we needed! My favourite houseguests were Michele, Russell, Jordan and Laura.

ANTM13 is on the third episode now. This cycle, Tyra wants a petite model to win. Long shot? But to make up for their height, the girls this cycle is are incredibly promising. A whole better crop than the last few cycles! And the photoshoots looks amazing so far.  Erin is my choice. Who’s yours?

And yet another reality show, Survivor: Samoa. I love Survivor. It never gets tiring, especially with all the backstabs and alliances and the creative challenges. This season started off a little messy, but I think it’ll progress better compared to the disaster that last season was.

And for the TV series… Gossip Girl landed with its third season. I cannot miss out on all the high school drama. Wait, scratch that. They’re heading to university now. Curious to see how Chuck/Blair goes and what happened to Serena’s father. Addictive much? Totally.

Glee is the little train that could that is buzzing up a whole lot of hype. Some might say “High School Musical”, but other say “YES PLEASE”. It’s a great show mixed with music numbers, randomness, social awkwardness and a huge dose of hilarity injection. Must watch. The tracks from the show are seriously fun and addictive too.

And the last series that I’m following… Vampire Diaries. Vampire are in these days. So its sort of an obligation to watch it? Hehe. Besides, its the highest rating show on CW so far. No one can get enough of vampires. The cast are promising, and the plot is not bad. You can probably say its a typical vampire-human romance ala-Twilight story, which is true, but its dark edge and mystical aura keeps me jumping everytime Damon appears in a mirror or attacks someone.

So that’s what I’m watching. What about you?


Sneaking In…

August 27, 2009

Wow. I haven’t been in here for a while now. So I just signed in, approved a whole bunch of comments and tweaked my profile here and there. The site is still getting its fair share of visitors, thank goodness.

Just wondering, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? If you are (well of course, if not you wouldn’t be reading this, but you get my drift), leave a comment and I’ll holler back at ‘cha! If you still have this site bookmarked, stored or still have it imprinted in your memory, THANK YOU. Hopefully, I’ll be updating more frequently now, since I haven’t updated since Idol finished in May. Depending on circumstances, I hope I’ll be able to keep you guys updated with Idol 2010 next year.

Anyway, leave a comment! I still love you.



No Idol? Going Idle.

June 1, 2009

I won’t be posting anything anytime soon, unless something really exciting happens or something worth posting passes by. So thank you guys for sticking around this long, hope you enjoyed my posts and everything else! Thanks again, peace out!


Love and peace,


Top 5 Studio Recordings Album Cover (Now Revised!) and Other Oddities

May 2, 2009

What a long post title. Hehe! So! Many of you guys weren’t too happy with this week’s studio recordings album art for the top 5. Due to popular demand, I’ve created a new album art using the group picture as requested! Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, it only makes the blog better! I’ll always be happy to oblige to any suggestions that are practical.

Anyway, here it is! I have to agree, the group photo does look better as a whole. Although I still hate that picture, it does look better as the album cover. Nice eyes, guys.

top 05.2

So, copy, paste, and change that album art in your music player! Unless of course, you prefer the previous one! (Anyone? Hehe.)

Other than that, I’d like to ask you guys a favour! Weeks just fly by, don’t they? Currently, we have nine album arts from all the weeks since the top 13. So I’d like you guys to VOTE for your favourite album cover! That way, I can create future album arts that are based on/similar to the most popular cover. The poll has multiple choices, by the way.

In case you need references, here are the album arts from all the weeks! Click on them to enlarge, they’ll link you to the original size. [450×450]

top 13 top 11 top 10 top 09 top 08 top 07 top 07v2 top 05 top 05v2

Oh yeah, there are also some peeps saying that some of the tracks uploaded are missing/invalid/slow/broken. In fact, they are perfectly fine. What you have there  is probably a lag from the hosting website. It happens when you download too many tracks at once/keep visiting the hosting site/open too many tabs of the hosting site at once. Server problems will occur and you’ll find that you can’t download the file or even access the page. So what you can do is, one, try refreshing the page. Or two, leave the site for a few minutes, then check back the site again to download the file. I hope that’s cleared up! It’s a common niche, so don’t worry. It certainly doesn’t mean that I’m biased towards some of the contestants! Hehe.

Any more suggestions are most welcome! VOTE! Please leave comments!


Love Me, Hate Me, Say What You Want About Me.

March 22, 2009

Hey guys!

I’m not going to be around for this whole week until the weekend. So I won’t be updating the blog with my usual posts anytime soon!

I will be posting my AI reviews and the studio recordings post on this weekend, so I hope you’ll wait patiently for that! I will be up and running, back on business as usual next week.

Thanks for understanding, and keep supporting!

Love you guys!


Love and peace,


-MDOC-‘s Wordle!

February 22, 2009

Wordle has became somewhat of an overnight sensation during the past  few months. It’s basically a creative website that puts together a jumble of words from your blog, your website or any rubbish that you type in and creates them into a piece of art. It’s really colourful and fun.

Here’s the Wordle for – MDOC – !


Bigger version here. Glad Wordle decided to feature Cook in the spotlight. 🙂