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Avatar The Last Airbender Shorts

September 16, 2007

These are seriously funny! Avatar in chibi version!

Bending Battle

Swamp Skiin.

School Time Shipping

Enjoy! XD


Official Avatar: Book Fire Trailer

September 1, 2007

I just uploaded this. This is a much better version of the trailer, and it isnt taken in the cinema as well. Thanks AvatarSpirit.



Avatar: Book Fire Trailer

August 4, 2007

Comic Con released the trailer for Avatar: Book Three, Fire’s trailer! Sweet!! Check it out!

Oh wow. o.0

1. Aang has hair.
2. Zuko is back in the Fire Nation and becomes king?
3. Katara is back to KICK BUTT! She doesnt tie her hair now.
4. Glimpses of Toph.
5. Sokka and Appa both wearing armor.
6. Zuko kisses Mae. *breathe*
7. Ozai can bend all elements??

Whatever it is, the trailer is GREAT, and I cant wait for the real thing on September!!