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What’cha Watchin’?

September 20, 2009

So! It’s fall! And new shows are rolling around ready for the world to see. What are you watching as the leaves start falling?

I’ve got a few shows that I’m definitely keeping track of. First, Big Brother 11, which just ended its season. I’m a BB virgin, never watched the show before, and decided to give it a shot! It was a weird experience watching BB, it’s different than other reality shows. Lots of drama, lots of fights, a happy ending, just what we needed! My favourite houseguests were Michele, Russell, Jordan and Laura.

ANTM13 is on the third episode now. This cycle, Tyra wants a petite model to win. Long shot? But to make up for their height, the girls this cycle is are incredibly promising. A whole better crop than the last few cycles! And the photoshoots looks amazing so far.  Erin is my choice. Who’s yours?

And yet another reality show, Survivor: Samoa. I love Survivor. It never gets tiring, especially with all the backstabs and alliances and the creative challenges. This season started off a little messy, but I think it’ll progress better compared to the disaster that last season was.

And for the TV series… Gossip Girl landed with its third season. I cannot miss out on all the high school drama. Wait, scratch that. They’re heading to university now. Curious to see how Chuck/Blair goes and what happened to Serena’s father. Addictive much? Totally.

Glee is the little train that could that is buzzing up a whole lot of hype. Some might say “High School Musical”, but other say “YES PLEASE”. It’s a great show mixed with music numbers, randomness, social awkwardness and a huge dose of hilarity injection. Must watch. The tracks from the show are seriously fun and addictive too.

And the last series that I’m following… Vampire Diaries. Vampire are in these days. So its sort of an obligation to watch it? Hehe. Besides, its the highest rating show on CW so far. No one can get enough of vampires. The cast are promising, and the plot is not bad. You can probably say its a typical vampire-human romance ala-Twilight story, which is true, but its dark edge and mystical aura keeps me jumping everytime Damon appears in a mirror or attacks someone.

So that’s what I’m watching. What about you?


America’s Next Top Model: McKey

November 21, 2008

And so… Another cycle has ended and we have another winner.


McKey Sullivan beat 13 other girls in Cycle 11 to emerge as the winner.

She is no doubt the best winner in ANTM history, tall, stunning, great personality, constantly taking amazing high fashion shots, consistently staying in the top 5 call out every single week and has never been in the bottom two.

She is the obvious winner ever since the top 6 when the girls arrived in Amsterdam. From there she emerged as a power player and peaked at the exact right time, stunned the judges week after week with stellar photos, and surprisingly, delivered a rather good commercial and photo for CoverGirl.

I ought to be happy and all… But I’m not.

McKey winning was already stamped in my mind ever since the top 6, she was the already the clear winner then. But while she might be one of my favourites, I was thoroughly disappointed my ultimate favourite didn’t win…


Analeigh Tipton.

Analeigh was my favourite this cycle, I’ve been rooting for her throughout the competition. She landed in the bottom 2 in the third week and then rebounded to be in the top 3 for seven amazing, consecutive weeks, producing fantastic photos with crazy poses. She was the dark horse in the competition and was definitely one to look out for. Besides being photogenic, she has hands down the best runway walk in the bunch and has a cute bubbly personality and a huge heart. Analeigh might not be America’s Next Top Model, but she is America’s Next Top Best Friend. [quoting Jade]

It was devastating to see Analeigh struggle in her CoverGirl commercial where everyone expected her to excel, since her previous commercial in the top 7 was without a doubt the best. It was painful to watch her forgetting the lines and stumbling through. Even with a great photo, the judges sent her home anyway, which I think is an idiotic decision. They sent her home for not having a great face? Like come on. Her face is to die for. It’s totally stupid to send her home like that, knowing that she has the best runway walk and could kill at that final runway show. And all those comments about her going into the commercial/acting stream? Hello? Did you see her Windmill photo last week? That pic was stellar. She has high fashion potential too you know. You hypocritical judges said it yourself.

After Analeigh was sent home I couldn’t even concentrate on the rest of the show, it was all a blur, I didn’t had any interest in it anymore, I knew who was winning anyways (thanks to 888770 for spoiling it for a lot of people, you suck). All I know is that Samantha shouldn’t be in the top 2 at all. McKey deserved to be there, but Analeigh should be stomping on that catwalk, not Samantha.

final runwayIn fact the finale was a total disaster in my opinion. The runway might be creative and fun and all, but that hill that you have to run up to reach the top? That’s insane. What if a model ran up the hill and slipped and fell and injured herself? That’s not good is it? Plus the girls looked foolish running up, clutching their dresses and humping for breath at the top while posing for the camera. Huh. McKey and Samantha totally steamrolled that runway… In a bad way. McKey had a better walk, but her body was so stiff and she was so masculine it was like she was going to punch someone in the face (Paulina please). Samantha meanwhile was so jittery she looked like she was going to cry. I don’t see a [quote Tyra] ‘butterfly’ at all, I see a caterpillar afraid to fly. Both were so awfully painful to watch I cringed the whole way through. If only Analeigh were there, she would ‘ve stomped all the other models off the catwalk.

At final judging it was crystal clear all four judges were already rooting for McKey while giving Samantha some kind comments. When they reviewed their runway walks I almost laughed, it was obvious they weren’t that impressed as they said they were, their eyes were totally giving them away. Ha. Regretting now that you sent Analeigh home? I think so!

Portfolio wise I dont think Samantha stood a chance against McKey at all. McKey has hands down one of the best portfolios this cycle. Samantha produced a few good shots here and there but McKey was thoroughly consistent. The judges were even totally bias. *cough Paulina cough* Tyra might be neutral and defend both of her ‘babies’, but it was clear who the others were rooting for.  Nigel was team Analeigh, but in this case he sided McKey. Miss J, the runway diva he or she (who knows)  is, was rooting for McKey for her height, photogenic-ness and ability to be a high fashion model. And Paulina, the ultimate big mouth and the most bias judge this cycle, wanted McKey to win like mad. I mean hello, she pimped this girl the whole way through the competition. All was well for McKey, and expectantly, she won. Duh. What an obvious cycle.

analeighAhhh… So there goes another cycle. Good winner, good cycle, could’ve done better. I originally dubbed Cycle 11 as “the best cycle ever”, since every elimination was going as I have wanted it… Until now. Sorry but Analeigh should’ve totally been in the final 2 with McKey and stand an equal chance of winning. Other than that, I’m very content with the final five girls. They were my targeted top five, my ‘dream team’ since the beginning, namely Analeigh, McKey, Elina, Samantha and Marjorie, glad they all made it to the top.

My thoughts on post-ANTM, the girls that will be successful (with the exception of the winner) are Analeigh and Marjorie. They are the only truly promising girls in my eye. I sincerely hope that Analeigh gets signed by Elite, even though she didn’t win. Elite has done wonders in the past, signing Katarzyna and Anya (who were, by the way, ROBBED, and should’ve been the final 2), even though they didn’t win, but Elite saw model quality in them, and are now booking jobs like crazy. Hopefully Elite will see the light in Analeigh and sign her up ASAP. Then she’ll start booking jobs and do ads and print work and show the judges who’s the boss. Ha.

It sucks that your favourite doesn’t win. Somehow my favs are always jinxed. C6 Joanie landed second; C9 Heather landed fifth; C10 Katarzyna landed fifth; and now Analeigh finished third. Ah well.

Unfortunately there’s another jinx… Winners often aren’t as successful as those who didn’t win. Hehe. Now thats an evil thought.

Congrats to McKey for winning. Duh.

Analeigh, you’re always a winner in my heart.


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ANTM Cycle 10 Finale – Winner: Whitney Thompson

May 16, 2008

America’s Next Top Model is…

Whitney Thompson

Whitney beat fellow competitior Anya to win the title of Cycle 10’s America’s Next Top Model. Whitney is the first plus size girl to ever win or even reach the top 6 of ANTM. Ironically, Anya, who have never been in the bottom 2 and was always at the top of the pack, fell short and lost to full figured Whitney, who was in the bottom 2 for 4 times and received heavy blows throughout the competition. Whitney outshone Anya in the CoverGirl ad and final runway, and emerged as the winner. I’m honestly happy for Whitney, she deserved it, but I’m still sad that Anya didn’t win.

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Katarzyna Dolinska Tribute.

May 9, 2008

Let us all mourn.

Katarzyna Dolinska – best model of Cycle 10.

Say her name right, Tyra.


ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 12 – Ready For My Close Up [watch]

May 9, 2008

I know I know… I skipped an episode. I can’t help it. Katarzyna’s elimination was too painful to recap. Let’s skip the sad talk and get on with the top 4.

Firstly, the videos: (thanks Cruelkiller22!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Me gosh my ANTM mood fell a lot now that Kata’s not in the bunch. So only short recaps of what is important!

All hail photography lessons! Paulina and Ann Shoket from Seventeen Magazine gave the girls a challenge on photography. Each of them had to take photos of Paulina (sounds easy, no?) and produce a good work of art while being a good director.

From top left clockwise: Whitney’s, Anya’s, Dominique’s & Fatima’s.

Challenge Winner: Fatima. She won an extra 50 frames in her next photoshoot.

WTF Fatima should quit and take up a job as a photographer already, not a model. Tee hee. You suck, Fatima.

Back at their loft the girls were soooo bored that they hung around the same spot all the time. It’s either the living room or the kitchen. Fatima practiced her walk (it sucked) and Dominique bragged on her self confidence, Whitney not listening one bit and Anya got frustrated at all the negative energy emitted by Dominique. They are all flabbergasted that Dominique is still in the competition.

House Bitch Winner: Dominique. Prize: Nil.

Lol Dominique rules at pulling the other girls down. And she eats in her bed. Go Dominique!

Photoshoot time! The theme this week is a black/white 50s era photoshoot in which the girls are movie stars caught by the paparazzi. Nigel know-it-all-Barker is the photographer. Urgh.

Anya Kop

Annoying-O-Meter Winner: Fatima. This girl doesn’t take in instructions at all. I won’t be surprised if she takes better pictures than Nigel, being the challenge winner and all that. Nigel should switch places with her and take pictures with the male model. Now that’s something!

In panel, Anya’s photo wowed the judges, although it was a photo taken by accident. Whitney’s photo showed her beauty, but the judges wanted more. Fatima’s was all smiley. Who smiles to the paparazzi? The judges hated that she never listens. In a nutshell, she sucks. Dominique was critiqued to be too… Drag. Hello? Boy the judges are slow.

Best Judge Of The Night: Paulina. She’s the only sane judge with Miss J.


  1. Anya
  2. Whitney

Bottom 2: Dominique and Fatima.

Dominique for being to drag and Fatima because she sucks.

Eliminated: Dominique was cut.



This episode is sooo… empty without Katarzyna’s presence. *shudders* Come back, Kata!

I like the photographing with Paulina challenge, it pretty much shows which girl has the most potential in photography and least in modelling. Evidently, Fatima won. Ha! Fatima, you suck.

I am really disappointed Dominique was sent home. She’s the best of the underrated bunch. I was hoping for Fatima . She acts like she’s a know it all. In fact, she sucks.

Anya’s photo is stunning. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

Anya for the win! Please!


CoverGirl Of The Week:

Whitney Thompson for the first time.


Next Episode:

The finale! Can’t wait! The final runway looks ‘normal’ and not like those stupid runways they use in Cycles 7 and 9.

MUSHROOM ALERT! Saleisha will make an appearance! Aaaah! RUN!

Anya vs Whitney vs Fatima. Who will win?

I’m strongly avoiding spoilers, so PLEASE DO NOT POST THEM HERE. Thanks!

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ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 10 – VIVA ITALIA! [watch]

April 25, 2008

CoverGirl questa settimana, ancora una volta, ha gettato un non frizzante ragazza fuori dalla finestra. Facile, ventilata, bello …? Non!

Get it? No? Oh well.

The videos: ( thanks to dodash8 )

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  • The girls said hello to Rome, Italy!
  • They went to the coliseum.
  • Anya fell head first on her ‘first step’ in Rome! Poor gal.
  • The top 6 headed to their amazing new loft.
  • Fatima fell ill.
  • Momma Anya was tired of the other girls talking behind Fatima’s back, and sent food to Fatima’s bed.
  • They were given a tour around Italy.
  • The challenge: Impressing designer Gai Mattiolo in his dresses.
  • Challenge winner: Anya.
  • Her prize: a couture gown.
  • This week: A CoverGirl commercial for the CG Queen Collection In Italian.
  • Piersandro Buzzanea was the director, along with Jay Manuel and Brent Poer from CG.
  • Anya’s Italian was weird, but she was bubbly and approachable.
  • Katarzyna excelled her commercial with her fluent Italian, but she was flat.
  • Dominique had the weirdest Italian, but she was comical and energetic.
  • Lauren flunked with her non-CG attitude, she gave up.
  • Fatima was named best of the day.
  • Whitney had problems with her over the top performance.
  • The judging room was gorgeous.
  • Tyra changed her hairstyle, finally.
  • Fatima got rave reviews.
  • Whitney was criticized for being fake.
  • Anya fell flat, but it was lovable.
  • Dominique’s was hilarious, it cracked the whole panel up.
  • Lauren was scolded for giving up.
  • Katarzyna wanted to show more personality by correcting Tyra on her name’s pronunciation.
  • She aced her commercial.
  • Tyra didn’t like the end, she thought it was sexy boring. Paulina and Buzzanea disagreed, saying she was awesome.


  1. Fatima
  2. Katarzyna
  3. Anya
  4. Dominique

Bottom 2: Whitney and Lauren.

Whitney was there for her fakeness, which has irritated the panel for many times. Lauren was there for not being CG material and not trying hard enough, cause a top model also needs to speak regardless having a great portfolio.

Eliminated: Lauren was cut from the scene.



The only people I see in the final 3 now is Anya and Fatima. Anya is locked in the finals for sure. No doubt. Fatima is picking herself up and has impressed the judges.

I LOVE Katarzyna for smacking Tyra in the face. Well, not really smacking. Great job at correcting Tyra! Poor Tyra. Not! Tyra got so fed up of her she even ordered (!) the other girls to mimic Kata’s commercial. Urgh. I’m disgusted. Take that, Tyra! Kata needs a first call out!

It’s definitely Lauren’s time to go as well, she can’t survive that long. Even if she makes it to the top 3, she’ll get cut as well for not being a CoverGirl. And even if she makes it to the finale, she can’t walk the runway with that horrible walk. Sorry, Lauren.

Whitney, close your mouth! She’s so fake in the commercial. And anyone notice that Whitney has the most confessionals? It’s about 20+ per episode every week. I’m glad Kata got some too.

Anya was so sweet to help Fatima. She definitely gained a huge amount of fans these weeks.

Kata and Anya final 2 please. Katanya rocks!


CoverGirl of the Week:

Anya! Finally. The Anya Koperations are sure rejoicing right now. Although I felt Kata deserved to get it, since she had a much better commercial.


Next Episode:

Tyra is the photographer, where the girls pose in over-the-top hair and makeup. And the girls meet some gladiators!

Spoilers: None for now.

What do you think? Leave comments!


ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 10 CW Preview [watch]

April 20, 2008

The CW Preview for episode 10 of Cycle 10, entitled “VIVA ITALIA!”

They arrive in Rome. Anya fell hard head first while coming down the bus. Ouch! They did an Italian commercial, and showed Anya doing quite badly. Wow, the whole episode is Anya-fied. Hehe!

And, the Yahoo! Preview:

The girls got Tyra Mail! the traditional way, which featured Mona Lisa Mona Tyra. They walked to their new home. The house was huge and awesome with a pool right in the middle of the room.

Whitney looked like an old librarian with glasses and Katarzyna had too much make up on.

Also, on the IMEEM preview, it features a snippet of the show, about Lauren doing badly in her commercial, much like Caridee’s in Cycle 7. The video here.

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