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The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 4 [recap & review]

December 15, 2007

Sorry for this short recap! I’m quite busy these days, and another trip is coming up soon!

Briefly what happened:

  • Still in New Zealand.
  • Teams filled their cars with gas to get their next clue.
  • Henry & Terri’s car bumped into Ann & Diane’s car.
  • Teams go water sledging.
  • Marc & Rovilson in the lead by a mile.
  • Teams must drive a powered boat around an obstacle course on the sea, one driving, one directing.
  • Roadblock: take a mud bath in a geothermal reserve to find their clue.
  • Pamela found her clue, but didn’t have enough strength to pull it out. Henry took the chance and grabbed it instead.
  • Sophie & Aurelia started the race.
  • Detour: Flax or Sticks
  • Flax: do traditional Maori weaving.
  • Sticks: do a traditional Maori dance which requires teams to throw sticks back and forth from each other in a certain matter.
  • Henry & Terri debated on which task to do, going back and forth between tasks. Terri got fed up with both and wanted to quit. After Henry’s incredible patience and crooning, they finished the Flax challenge.
  • First 7 teams checked in with Allan Wu.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson =
  2. Adrian & Collin =
  3. Paula & Natasha >
  4. Ann & Diane <
  5. Daichi & Sawaka >
  6. Pam & Van >
  7. Henry & Terri <

ELIMINATED: Sophie & Aurelia

  • Sophie & Aurelia missed the hours of operation for the water sledging challenge, and were given automatic elimination.


  • Marc & Rovilson hangs on to the number 1 spot for the 3rd week!
  • Adrian & Collin advanced to number 2 again
  • Ann & Diane fell to 4th after a consecutive 3 weeks of 3rd place
  • Daichi & Sawaka creeping slowly up
  • Pam & Van slipping everytime
  • Henry & Terri: unpredictable

Hope Pam & Van try harder and stop bickering! Henry & Terri really makes good TV! 🙂

Next week’s recap will be slower, as usual!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 3 [recap & review]

December 11, 2007

I won’t be posting a full recap of this ep, cause I watched the re-run of the show, for I was on vacation on Thursday.

Anyway, I’ll just say what happened briefly:

  • The teams went to Hong Kong breifly.
  • They had to count a large amount of money.
  • Teams fly over to New Zealand.
  • They had to locate and take pictures of three items using a Sony Cybershot camera.
  • The next stop: bungee jumping!
  • Vanessa: “I’ve never heard a man [Adrian] scream before.” XD
  • Detour: Wall or Waka?
  • Wall: Rock climbling.
  • Only Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Collin survived.
  • Waka: Canoeing.
  • Many teams flipped over into the cold water.
  • Teams had to go to a ghost house! Wooooo…
  • Pam & Van got involved in a car accident.
  • Adrian, who is almost deaf, was oblivious in the ghost house.
  • Sophie & Aurelia got to the wrong place, wasted lots of precious time.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson =
  2. Adrian & Collin >
  3. Ann & Diane =
  4. Paula & Natasha <
  5. Terri & Henry >
  6. Daichi & Sawaka >
  7. Pam & Van <
  8. Sophie & Aurelia <

ELIMINATED: Brett & Kinar


It was scary to see Pam & Van in the car accidents, and their placings kept falling. But it was hilarious when their accident trauma affected them in the ghost house – there weren’t even scared.

Marc & Rovilson are pretty consistent at number one again.

Ann & Diane are at the 3rd spot 3 weeks in a row! They must climb up soon.

I didn’t expect Brett & Kinar to be eliminated. I thought they would go far.

Here’s a bonus! Edwin & Monica who were first eliminated had broken up. About time!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 2 [recap & reviews]

November 30, 2007

This episode wasn’t very enjoyable as the editing was poor and the whole thing was kind of rushed. Anyway, the recaps.

The teams started their race with sisters Pam & Van leading the pack. They had to go to a bus station to catch a bus which leaves every 15 minutes to Pila.

The girls saw Marc‘s face featured on a map while taking a taxi to the bus station. XD

It was bad luck for the sisters as Marc & Rovilson came up the bus after a while, and both teams left together while flirting (? 🙂 ) with each other.

Indonesians Brett & Kinar and dancing moms Ann & Diane boarded the next bus, they too persuaded the bus driver to head out earlier than schedule.

The third bus carried Sophie & Aurelia; Paula & Natasha and Collin & Adrian on the fourth bus. Paula & Natasha spent time on the bus by begging around for money, and was awarded with quite a lot of cash.

Daichi & Sawaka got on the fifth bus.

At Pila, teams must perform a road block, which requires them to guide a carabao around markers in a paddy (and muddy) field.

Pam and Marc plunged into the field immediately, but Pam got impatient by her bull and started to lose control. Marc did well with his, and finished quickly.


A frustrated Pam was guided by the farmers back to the starting point, and she had to restart.

Back in Manila, Henry & Terri and Edwin & Monica just began their races, and boarded the sixth bus to Pila. Terri lifted the mood by forcing the clearly unhappy passengers on board to sing the national anthem of Philippines, which lead to a monotonous drool.

Kinar & Brett arrived, and Kinar who chose to do the roadblock, misinterpreted the clue and wanted to ride the bull instead of leading it.

More teams arrived. Diane was dragged freestyle by her bull, but she survived.


Teams came and went. The next clue: head back to Manila and load four boxes from a Caltex station into a jeepney and deliver them to an orphanage.

Pam & Van got agitated as they thought the station was in Pila, not in Manila, so they wandered around aimlessly. Marc & Rovilson meanwhile, were already on the bus back to Manila. The sisters got into the second bus back with Brett & Kinar after they found out about their mistake. Lots of yelling going on.

Adrian jumped into the field to finish the job. He dropped his contact lenses and fumbled his way to complete the task. Said Adrian, “I was like a half blind mouse.”

The second bus surprisingly broke down in the middle of a highway, Pam & Van hopped into a taxi, while Brett & Kinar waited patiently for the topless bus driver to fix the bus.

Marc & Rovilson arrived at Caltex and began to load their boxes. They sent the boxes to the orphanage, and even had time to fool around with the kids. Pam & Van were second to finish the task, and were scared of the children for grabbing violently for the goodies in the boxes.


Detour! Heels or Bikes? (they don’t really rhyme, boo)

For heels, they had to match 250 pairs of shoes. For bikes, they had to fix a bicycle soundly.

Some teams did heels, some teams did bikes.

BFFs Paula & Natasha chose the shoes of course. Said Natasha,

Paula probably has more shoes than what we saw. It’s not a challenge because we’ve been there.”

The bike challenge was proven to be stressful as teams began to shout down each other’s throats. Marc & Rovilson finished first, even though they misplaced the front part of the bicycle.

Next was Ann and Diane, who sped away as fast as their yoga legs could carry them.

Some teams finished quickly and got cheers (or jeers?) from the watching audience.

Pit stop!

Go to Paco Park Cemetery! Where the legendary Jose Rizal is buried, apparently.

Marc & Rovilson were determined to be first in their home country. Ultimately they arrived first to a cheerful Allan Woooooo, and were awarded with USD5000!! Happy boys got cash.

Paula & Natasha squatted with strangers to arrive at the pit stop second.

Ann & Diane finished third once more.

Meanwhile, the last two, Terri & Henry and Edwin & Monica arrived at the detour. Terri & Henry agreed that Terri would shut her mouth while Henry directed the moves.

Edwin & Monica continued to bark at each other, or it was Edwin only, rather. Edwin threw a tantrum like a big baby on two standing feet. Said big baby,

“You’re not doing anything, unless I say so, ok? Now you just stand here, that’s all.”

How can she stand there while you’re ordering her around? I feel so sorry for Monica. Ditch him! And he continued to babble in some language, and only goodness knows how many curses he spitted out.

Daichi & Sawaka were informed by Allan Woooooo that they were the only team to stroll up to the pit stop casually, and they finished 8th, again.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson >
  2. Paula & Natasha >
  3. Ann & Diane =
  4. Pam & Van <
  5. Collin & Adrian >
  6. Brett & Kinar <
  7. Sophie & Aurelia <
  8. Daichi & Sawaka =

Again it was up to Terri & Henry and Edwin & Monica.

The latter stood no chance again bike expert Henry, who dashed off with his wife to get the good news from Allan Woooooo. (XD)

Edwin & Monica arrived last, and were (finally!) eliminated, and were given the pleasure of the walk of shame.

Pam & Van needs to step up their game next time, Marc & Rovilson will be hard to beat! And hope that Ann & Diane continue to be consistent!

What do you think? Leave comments! 🙂

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The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 1 [recap & reviews]

November 23, 2007

3, 2, 1, GO!!

First episode aired yesterday with “hunky” *cough* Allan Wu (Allan Who??) being the host once again. *sigh*

The team started racing in Singapore. After the signal, they rushed like crazy to their respective bags, the clue asking them to match the picture on their clue with the pics on various taxis (cabs XD) in a 300m radius.

Pam & Van were leading the pack and got into their taxi before anyone else. Monica frustrated Edwin as he had to carry both of their backpacks. (no one asked you to) Then they all headed to Mount Faber to find the next clue by the Merlion Statue. Everyone left leaving Edwin & Monica and Henry and Trinidad.

Next, the teams had to use the GPS function in their new N95’s (N95!!) to find their next destination. They also have to direct their taxi driver. The teams came and went and soon it was neck and neck.


Edwin and Monica were still at the starting point, Edwin was mad at the backpacks for being so heavy. Monica was desperate and threw out “not-important” items. Said a distressed Monica, “I’ll throw my shampoo away. Who needs shampoo anyway?” Errr… Humans..?

Teams head out to the Suntec City Towers. Next, there was a detour, a choice between dare and stair. For dare, it’s traveling from one tower to another while hanging on your deathbed. For stair, you had to climb up 45 floors in one tower, travel down, go into another tower, and climb 45 floors again. Sounds exhausting. Luckily no one was stupid enough to choose this.

Teams arrive in packs and soon were hanging from one tower to another, leading were Pam & Van, Adrian & Collin and Rovilson & Marc.


Edwin & Monica and Henry and Terri (Trinidad) finally found their taxis, and zoomed off to get the next clue. Finally.

All the teams crossed over the lines and were already down the tower. Edwin & Monica and Henry & Terri arrived. Said an angry Edwin, You can’t hold onto anything. You can’t do anything!” She’s your girlfriend! Cut her some slack!

Next move..

Go to Manila, Phillipines! And find your next clue in a park at the CCP complex.

Marc & Rovilson were clearly ecstatic they’re going back to their homeland.

All the teams boarded the earliest flight possible, leaving Edwin & Monica and Terri & Henry, who boarded the next possible flight.

8 teams arrive at the place, with the happy TV hosts arriving first. The next move… Eat 8 balut eggs!!

Don’t know what’s balut eggs? Google them. 🙂

They’re fertilized duck eggs… A local delicacy. Yuck.

Brett and Kinar even said…

“Aphrodisiac gives you a bit of a sex drive,” he notes to Kinar, who nods knowingly, “Oh really, like if you eat a…”

“Oysters, or tiger’s penis,” finishes Brett.

“Or lamb?” asks Kinar.

“Yeah, lamb.”

Hehe! Wonder how a tiger’s penis tastes like.

Pam & Van gulped down the eggs like pros, while Rovilson & Marc choked on theirs. Said Marc, “Those girls are inhuman“.

Diane & Ann did a great move by chewing theirs and then vomited them into a bucket. You go moms!

Aurelia was eating + entertaining the passer-bys + complaining + talking at the same time, much to the amazement of Sophie. She finished her eggs by saying, “Can I have a little dessert? Does anyone have a little cake please?” Of course, she didn’t get any.

While the teams enjoyed (or threw up) their balut eggs, Pam & Van and Rovilson & Marc were racing to the pit stop, Fort Santiago.

Ultimately, Pam & Van got the greetings from Allan Wu first, and was rewarded with the N95 phones. (N95!!!)

Adrian & Collin who finished early, arrived late because of their confused taxi driver who wasted their 25 minutes.

The standings were:

  1. Pam & Van
  2. Marc & Rovilson
  3. Ann & Diane
  4. Brett & Kinar
  5. Sophie & Aurelia
  6. Paula & Natasha
  7. Adrian & Collin
  8. Daichi & Sawaka

In the end, it was up to Edwin & Monica and Henry & Terri.

In the taxi, Edwin complained that he felt sick for eating 5 balut eggs. Monica was astonished. I ate 4. Why did you eat 5?” Oh dear. He doesn’t know how to count.

Eventually Edwin & Monica was last to arrive.


Surprise, surprise!

It’s a “pre-determined” non-elimination round. Yeah right.

They were rewarded by a sulky Allan Wu a 30 minute penalty for the next round if they don’t arrive first to the pit stop.

Very glad to see that the two Malaysian teams are in the top 3. The TARA1 scene may happen again, with both Malaysian teams at 1st and 3rd. Who knows?

Go Pan & Van!

Go Ann & Diane!

What do you think? Leave comments! 🙂

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The Amazing Race Asia 2: Introducing the Teams

November 23, 2007

It’s a whole new season of the Amazing Race Asia! (TARA)

This time there’ll be 10 teams competing: (drumroll)

1. Adrian & Collin – Gymbuddies – Singapore

First ‘special’ team ever, Adrian has hearing loss and communicates with Collin through sign language. They may go far as they don’t have to shout at each other.

2. Edwin & Monica – couple – Hong Kong

She’s an actress/model. He’s a… event organizer. Bitchiest team in this season. ‘Nuff said.

3. Henry & Trinidad – Couple – Phillippines

An ex-military guy + a hardshell housewife = lots of shouting. Loving as well.

4. Sawaka & Daichi – Siblings – Japan

First Japanese team ever in TARA. Very loving and caring with each other. But can they get first?

5. Paula & Natasha BFFs – Thailand

Their mothers knew each other at labour and poof there’re lifelong friends. Pretty gals! Even their names rhyme.

6. Sophia & Aurelia – Roommates – Hong Kong

Aurelia’s French. Sophia’s local. Just normal roommates who have nothing in common. Another team with names that rhyme.

7. Brett & Kinar – Couple – Indonesia

An actress and a physiotherapist. Nice combination! Can see them go far.

8. Ann & Diane – Mums & Friends – Malaysia

The team who dubbed themselves as the ‘dancing moms’ but like to call themselves the ”Desperate Housewives”. Specialty: Keeping calm because of yoga. Oldest team in the race. BTW, name rhymes.

9. Marc & Rovilson – BFFs – Phillippines

Hunkiest and funniest team in the race. Very competitive and my prediction: will get to finals. Both TV hosts. One’s American, the other Aussie.

10. Pamela & Vanessa – Sisters – Malaysia

Pam and Van for short. Sisters to popular singer, Vince Chong. They can prove that they have beauty and brawns. Most competitive girl team. Will be in finals.

I’m so ever patriotic (XD) so I’m definitely rooting for Pam and Van. I’ll be cheering for Ann and Diane too. Hope one of them be the second all-girl team to win TARA! (Last year Malaysians Zabrina & Joe Jer bought home the prize)

I’m sure Marc & Rovilson would push away everything that comes in their paths. Adrian & Collin will be the underdog because of their advantage/disadvantage.

The others… Ummm okay.

Hope to see lots of drama this season! 🙂

Go Pam and Van!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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