No Idol? Going Idle.

June 1, 2009

I won’t be posting anything anytime soon, unless something really exciting happens or something worth posting passes by. So thank you guys for sticking around this long, hope you enjoyed my posts and everything else! Thanks again, peace out!


Love and peace,



  1. D: okay. Thank you for all the studio recordings and reviews šŸ˜€

  2. thank you for everything, it was fun.


  3. Thanks tons for the studio recordings!!

  4. Ok.
    Thanks for everything!
    I was waiting for your Top Model review =P

    • Haha, not going to do Cycle 12’s! C12 sucked so bad. XD

      • I think the same thing.
        For that is why I was waiting for the review xD

        • Oh I see. XD
          I guess I can sum it up right here in this comment:

          01 Allison was robbed. She shouldve won.
          02 Teyonasaurus is one overrated b*tch.
          03 How the hell did Aminat landed in the top 3? She shouldve gone long ago.
          04 Allison, Celia & London should be the top 3.
          05 Every single aspect of this season sucked. ANTM is going down the drain.
          06 The photoshoots werent that great, most of them were bad. The only good ones were the bird shoot and the beauty shoot.
          07 Make Me A Supermodel is a much better show than ANTM.
          08 Allison’s bird shot was the photograph of the whole season.


          • I think the same thing!

            I love London, Allison and Celia. The three hot blondes =P

            Anyway… try with Australia’s Next Top Model, is better than ANTM and good as Make Me a Supermodel…

            • AustNTM is good, I love the HQness of everything. Its the best NTM franchise in my opinion, next to Finland. Ive only watched seasons 1-4, I havent watched the new one yet.

              MMAS is an amazing show. Hope it comes back for the 3rd season! Who was your fav in s1 and s2?

              • I haven’t watch Season 2 of MMAS…

                But my favorites form Season 1 were Holly, Shanon and Ronnie (a little bit)

                You have to watch AusNTM C5, it has the best girls ever.

  5. Hey, thanks for all the Idol stuff… as an Aussie it’s not easy to come by all the studio recordings. Much appreciated šŸ™‚

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