American Idol 8 – Top 2 – Finale! Results [review]

May 21, 2009

Bummer that I couldn’t watch the live showcast, so I had to settle with watching the encore, around ten hours later, so this came in late. Sorry guys!

Say hello to the newest American Idol, KRIS ALLEN!! Kris was crowned the winner in the Nokia Theater today. This year, a total of 624 million votes were cast! For the finale alone, near 100 million votes came in! All I can say is: WOW. That’s a few million more than what the Davids garnered in last year! Apparently AT & T announced that 38 million votes came in from Kris’ hometown state, Arkansas. Wow, those people must be voting hardcore. I wonder how sore their thumbs are.


I am very very content with this year’s results. Kris Allen thoroughly deserves to win. He worked his way from the bottom of the pack to the top and emerged as the winner. The dark horse has taken the title. All hail Kris Allen! Adam Lambert should be proud of himself as well, landing in first runner up isn’t bad! Hopefully both of them will succeed in the future!

Now to the recap stuff!

SPOTTED IN THE CROWD! Supermodel Janice Dickinson! Doing lots of cam-whoring. Hehe! Season 7’s Michael Johns! Season 1’s Justin Guarini! David Cook sitting in front of Tatiana Del Toro! Season 4’s Carrie Underwood & Bo Bice! Season 2’s Rubben Studdard! Carly Smithson was out in San Diego shouting with Adam Lambert’s crowd, Mikalah Gordon was in Conway hanging out with Kris’ homies!

The show started with the Top 13 group number, “So What”. Despite it being the finale, it was still awful. Hehe. Really to nice to see them all again though,  they were literally bouncing around the stage, especially Allison.

Season 7’s own David Cook performed one of his best songs off his self titled album, “Permanent”, which was dedicated to his late brother. It was an AMAZING performance, actually the best of the whole two hours in my opinion. The piano was very eerie, and Cook sang beautifully. SUPPORT! GO AND BUY THE SONG! Fight cancer!! ♥

Golden Idol Awards! OUTSTANDING MALE went to Nick Mitchell aka Normund Gentle. I love Nick! His persona(s) is so hilarious. Well deserved.  “Chain me up!” XD BEST ATTITUDE went to Bikini Girl aka Katrina Darrell. Wow she actually wore her bikini again! Her body is slamming hot. Kara DioGuradi did a singing showdown and showed her own HOT BOD! Droolfest, guys! The Queen herself, Tatiana Del Toro won the award for OUTSTANDING FEMALE. OMG “Saving All My Love For You” x4!! I love Tatiana! She is an DAMN GOOD VOCALIST! XD

Lil Rounds did a duet with Queen Latifah. It was a  tad bit too noisy for my taste. If only she pulled off a performance like this on the show, she would’ve gone furthur. Divas looked great!

Anoop Desai and Alexis Grace sang “I’m Yours” along with Jason Mraz. The rest of the top 13 came in later. It was clumsy and kind of pointless to be honest. Jason Mraz looked great! Love the beard! Shave YOURS, Anoop.

Kris Allen duetted with country superstar Keith Urban! Keith was rocking his electric guitar while Kris strummed his acoustic one. I liked it, they sounded really good together. Kris looked starstruck. Hehe.

The Glamorous! G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S! The girls from the top 13 sang with Fergie. Later, the latter performed “Boom Boom Pow” with the Black Eyed Peas. It was a very pow-worthy performance! The choreography was amazing. Megan Joy Corkrey looked HAWT.

Allison Iraheta then performed “Time After Time” with Cyndi Lauper. Wasn’t too crazy over it.

The moment Danny Gokey opened his mouth to sing “Hello”, I felt a sudden urge to punch him in the face. Weird huh. David Cook totally owns that song. He’ll be getting a lot more hate from Cook fans. Thank goodness. Lionel Richie came out later to perform some of his hits. Paula was dancing her butt off.

Adam Lambert wore a ridiculous costume. Was it supposed to be an armor? Hmmm. He started his performance slow and soft, but then rocked along with the band KISS. Very very nice, lots of theatrical stuff with the lights and the fireworks and flames. It totally looked like a real concert. This is what Adam should be doing Post-Idol.

Guitar legend Carlos Santana jammed on his guitar. Good stuff. Matt Giraud then sang a few lines gorgeously. I wonder how many hats Matt changed for the finale. Matt in a hat! The Idols then came out to sing “Smooth”. Love love love that song. Kind of wished that Matt had Santana all to himself though.

ZOMG David Cook presented new Ford Hybrids to Adam and Kris. Gimme a car Cook! Or at least take me for a ride!

Comedian Steve Martin and his banjo band were playing, while Megan Joy Corkrey and Michael Sarver sang. It was very nice. I totally had no idea  that Steve Martin was into music. Kudos! STEVE FTW!

Rod Steward then sang after the top 13 guys. Snoozefest much?

Queen, Kris & Adam and the Top 13 brought down the house with “We Are The Champions”. Great way to close the show!

And the results are in! KRIS ALLEN TRIUMPHED!! Totally unexpected right? NOT! Kris was totally speechless and was gibbering gibberish. He was so shocked that he could barely move properly. Poor guy.

Kris sang his last song on Idol, the coronation song, “No Boundaries”.


And he finally broke into tears when his wife, Katy, rushed over to hug him. One word: Awwwwwwwww! ♥

Best of luck to all the Idols in their future careers. What a heck of a season this season has been.

It was nice for you guys to stay around the site and continue supporting! Hopefully you still will continue to support the site! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to function. Love you guys! *sniff*

What do you think of the finale? Happy with the results? Wanna rant? Leave comments!

[Photo credits: Yahoo! TV & StreetSense]



  1. i live in the uk and i am so happy with the result. I wanted Kris to win from the 1st time i heard him on the show. I think he is fantastic and will have a great music career. I’m looking forward to hearing his album when its released.

  2. I loved Matt’s fedoras! Wish he had sung the full song though.

    Yay for Kris!

    So the biggest upset was saved till the end? Haha!

  3. You asked for rant so here it goes:
    Congrats to all Christians/Republicans.
    Taylor Hicks must be happy someone took away his title of lamest Idol ever.

    • Dude wake up and smell the coffee… Kris Allen’s singles at iTunes is ALREADY SELLING WAY MORE THAN ANYONE’s.

      And the Christian/Republican thing is totally uncalled for. And I am saying that as a democrat.

      Here’s wishing apes won’t learn to type soon because you will see some good ol’ competition. You are in a “class” of your own dude.. Whatever :))

      • You only got right the Whatever part.

  4. I don’t get the love for Kris… I don’t think he was good enough to be in the top 12, never mind winning the whole thing. Then again, there were quite a few in the top 13 this year, who, in my opinion, had no business being on the idol stage (Sarver, Jorge, Matt, Lil, to name a few).

    When it came down to the top 5, I read some “inside information” that said that the show was rigged and the Kris was going to win… and lo and behold he did.

    I don’t know if the show is truly rigged or not, but I do know the voting process is truly screwed up. I mean, come on, 38 million votes from a state that only has 2.8 million people!

    Oh, well, Kris will make his little record then disappear like the likes of Ruben, Taylor Hicks, and most of the other Idols. Adam, on the other hand, will go on to bigger and better things… and will likely be one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) stars to come of the Idol stage. I mean, when he gets legends like Slash praising him, and more legends like KISS and Queen appearing on Idol to play with him (and let’s face it, those two groups would likely never appear on Idol otherwise), you gotta know that Adam is going to go far.

    At least last year, one of the better performers won. I do think that Carly Smithson and Michael Johns were both better singers, but David Cook was more original.

    Oh, well, congrats to Kris. You won the contest on who could vote the most times in four hours (but certainly not the singing competition that Idol is supposed to be). Heck, even Kris himself said that Adam deserved it more.

    • Matt is good. His studio versions are my favourite just after Adam’s. He’s just too nervous every time he’s on the Idol Stage. Watch him sing “Get It On” in Ellen’s show. His voice was stunning !

  5. I’m from Singapore and similar to The Pitstop I’ve loved Kris from the first time I heard him too.
    Kris is very deserving to win.

  6. unlike all the other announcements of winners, i didn’t feel anything when kris sang and took the stage as the american idol. he didnt sound like a winner.

    i think adam will contribute a lot more to music and all the great artists (the coaches, the judges, the AMAZING guest singers and rock bands) know that. can’t wait for adam’s first single! at least it won’t be ‘no boundaries’.

  7. the result show lacks emotion.. and in fact, the whole season lacked emotion! and this season revolved on only one person and it’s kinda annoying.. season 7 still is the best for me:)

    but i’m happy with the results! kris totally deserved it. well adam deserve it also. but kris deserve it more because he worked REEEEAAAALLLYY hard to capture the hearts, ears and voting fingers of america! and even the world, except for the voting fingers part:)

    thanks raph! i enjoyed reading your reviews and most of all, i enjoyed the STUDIO RECORDINGS! oohh yeeaah! haha. til next year buddy! thank you very much:))

    • I completely agree with you on the part that the results show lacked emotion. It was so shallow, no tear jerking moments (Except at the end, but that got cut). Season 7 was definitely the best. 🙂

      Thanks for sticking around!!

  8. Kris Allen deserved the win because of all the contestants this year, he exhibited a combination of vocal ability, originality and charisma. While he isn’t as good as a singer as Danny Gokey or as great in theatricals as Adam, Kris knows how to find his niche and he did.

    And to be honest, I’d rather listen to a full album of Kris Allen’s acoustic/pop/soul combo, rather than Adam’s scream. And that’s just my ear. I haven’t even explained the science yet 😛

    But for the record, I WILL watch Adam if he goes on stage because in that, he is at his best.

  9. I’m willing to bet at least 20 million of the votes came from people either voting directly for Kris because he was: a) married, b) Christian or c) not gay.

    Adam should be the winner because he is much better than Kris!

  10. Face it .. if Kris hasn’t got a cute-looking face, he would not have won or even gone that far in the competition.

  11. How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

  12. Nice recap. Great season of blogging. Congrats!

  13. I’m still in my OMG-HE-DID-IT!!! mode. Congratulations to Kris Allen and his fans! 😀 I felt a bit bad for Adam, but I’m positive he doesn’t need the title to be successful anyway.

    I also wished Matt had gotten Santana for himself. I mean, even Megan & Michael got to sing an entire song. 😦

  14. every winner is a deserving winner, except for hicks (i think). i want daughtry! i am an adam fan but i am happy for the both of them. also, it made me teary-eyed when david cook after he sang permanent, it is so heartfelt, in memory of his brother. huhu. and i have to agree with my aunt that american idol results finale last year was better than this year, despite so many performances and guests.

  15. OK, get this: Kris Allen is the American Idol. Adam is the international superstar.
    Last year I was surprised to see Cook won over Archie. And that was nothing compare to Kris winning over Adam.
    If this was really a singing competition, Adam would win.
    I love Kara in the bikini ^^. Never knew she could sing sooooooo well !!!! Yay for Kara.
    Please make an album Adam. If there’s any justice in the world.

  16. I’m from HK,China.The result was really unexpected.I jumped up from my seat at that moment!I am so happy that Kris won the title.Kris and Adam are both great but i am more pleased to see that Kris made it!Such a humble guy~He sang “no boundaries”so much better at the winning moment!I was moved.Btw,i love this site~Thank you for all your sharing.It must be very time-consuming.I appreciate your effort and passion for the show:]

  17. weird. it’s like we’re watching the show from the same couch! hehe. wonderful post. 🙂 but you’re late! hehe.

  18. I definetely L-O-V-E-D the result. Kris has a limited coverage from the audition rounds and yet he managed to his way to the top! Can’t wait to see Kris in person.Btw, im from the Philippines!

  19. I am one of the Adam supporter, totally bummed about the result.

    Oh well, congratz to Kris, hope he and Adam did well in the future, they both by right should have a bright career ahead of them.

    I can’t believe you made the right prediction! Anyway, It was a pleasure reading your reviews, 😀

  20. The show was really awful !
    All the top 13 performances were boring
    The Bikini girl was a joke, I was watching with my mouth wide open. Get on stage, nearly naked, do nothing but running around like a fool.
    Only Cook and Adam were worth – watching.
    Producers this year really ran out of ideas.
    P/S: Adam’s and Kiss’s elevator boots and armor was super COOL !

  21. Wow. I’m totally bummed that Adam Lambert did not win. I thought he totally deserved it. He’s a great vocalist, performer & was one of the few reasons I tuned in to American Idol. I like Kris also, but I thought that Adam was the better singer & should have won. Kris’s voice does nothing for me…it’s boring (in my opinion) and I forget his songs almost immediately after listening to them. He’s a good guy, I just prefer Adam’s voice/music more. 😉 Congrats to both of them & good luck for their post-idol careers. BTW I’m from New Zealand. 🙂

  22. wow. that was complete and utter crap! i am so angry at the results i could almost puke. not much more could be added to that.

    the show was great, the best performance was definately adam with kiss (except those creepy tongues!)…i also liked allison’s performance!

    well, another year gone, and it still couldn’t top the year of David Cook…and i doubt there ever will be a year that will!

  23. is there any way we can get the songs from the final show? or were those just live?

    • There are only live, non-studio versions floating around. They’re probably ripped from the videos, so the quality isn’t that good anyways.

      • ok thanx!

  24. Damn. I missed Cook’s performance D:
    Any idea where I can watch it?

    • okay, nevermind, got it already LOL

  25. Fairly predictable. Not many could accept Adam’s unique and powerful voice. Love him although I’m not into rock and screaming but my parents totally love Kris. And my friends’ parents too. In fact, I think this year’s finale was specially made for them. All the performers – Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Ritchie, Rod Stewart, Carlos Santana. They watch every single repeat possible!

  26. hey, yesterday, Kris Allen had an interview with People Mag and answered readers questions.
    Fortunately, he answered mine. Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjX9kMZzasM

    Mine is on 01:05 Hee hee. BvanAmbarita.

  27. flyfm actually plays adam’s version of the coronation song …
    since when they play the runner-up’s version?

    • Just goes to show the unfair pimpage he’s getting.. Runners up never get their version of the winner’s single on sale before. This year Idol actually released his version of “No Boundaries”. It was definitely unfair.

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