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American Idol 8 – Top 2 – Finale! [review]

May 20, 2009

OH MY EFFING GOSH. has placed Kris Allen is first place, he is in the lead my a mere 1.1%!!! Now I know, we can’t get too excited yet, since DI has been a bit incorrect in the past, but anyways! I really really think Kris can take the title home this year. This is going to be a very very close race!!

Even Simon Cowell was dressed for the occasion. BUTTON YOUR SHIRT, SIMON! No one likes to see your manboobs and chest hair. It should be censored. Spotted in the crowd! Season 7’s Carly Smithson looking HAWT! Top 36 contender Casey Carlson was in the crowd too. So was Katie Holmes! Holla! Best of all, THE TOP 13!!! I love seeing familiar faces again. Matty G looked so adorable. Awww, I miss all of them! What was with all the microphones? Is the Nokia Theater’s sound system that bad? Kara DioGuardi looked horrible tonight. She was so glum and her fake tan was so orange! *shudders*

Now to the serious stuff…


Adam Lambert – Of course he did “Mad World”. Duuh. It was his best performance to date. Adam came down the stairs in a coat! WTF? Was it raining in there? Hehe! There were dry ice smoke all around, it was very mysterious and intriguing. Props to Adam for planning the stage setup! However, it was rather familiar, we’ve seen it before. His voice wasn’t as good as we heard it the first time, the dramatic effects helped him a little. Simon wasn’t a fan. Randy dubbed it “Twilight”! That was exactly what I said a few weeks ago. It was a very solid performance.

Kris Allen – Oh poor Kris. His legs looked like they could barely touch the floor as he banged on the piano. Kris chose to sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” (good choice!) Kris executed the song beautifully. It was very powerful and I felt emotionally connected to him, just as Kara stated. He even changed the song arrangements here and there, so that it was different from what we’ve seen before. His performance sent shivers down my spine.

Who won Round 1? KRIS ALLEN.


Bah, Clive Davis chose songs better. I don’t think either of the contestants did as good as they did in the first song, but since it wasn’t their choice of song, I don’t blame them.

Adam Lambert – Adam did “A Change Is Gonna Come”. The judges called it  his best performance of the season, I don’t think so. It was a good performance, but it wasn’t spectacular. Adam had really good control over his voice, it wasn’t all over the place. He started off good and tender, but when it got to the high notes, he lost me. However, if this were to be a genuine vocal competition, Adam would win. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Kris Allen – WTF Simon Fuller? Choosing such a light song for the finale is NOT a good idea. Kris was sitting on the stage with his guitar and some band members. Beautiful arrangement of the song, very Jason Mraz-ish. It would’ve looked good if it was a real concert, but it’s a live show for goodness sake. I loved the performance, but it just wasn’t suitable with the night’s theme. Not Kris’ fault.

Who won Round 2? Adam Lambert, by a small margin.


I really hate the coronation song performances. Year after year, they’re so painful to digest. This year was no different. The winning single is entitled “No Boundaries”. Name sounds good, song’s good too, right? WRONG. Last year it was magic rainbows. This year, it was about shitteous mountains and hurricanes. LOL at Simon calling out Kara’s poor penmanship. What’s with the symbolic stuff? Cheesy much. Ahhh shoot yourself in the head Kara. But I know that eventually, the song will grow on me. Bummer.

Adam Lambert – Adam sang the song better than Kris, in my opinion. His voice was high enough to hit the right notes, but there were a lot of pitch problems. Kinda uncomfortable to watch. Adam Lambert + Pop song about mountains = Do not go together. Bad combo. I just cannot picture him doing a song like this, it’s just not Adam. However, if Adam wins, it’ll have to do. I love his eye contact with the camera, very intense.

Kris Allen –  The song definitely suited Kris better, since he’s more pop than Adam is. But his performance was so painful, it was on the verge of desperation. Kris was really struggling to keep up with the song. His vocals were really weak and the whole mic-grabbing was kinda clumsy. Even so, his version of the song was more believable, and I would prefer this to be playing on the radio.

Who lost Round 3? Kara DioGuardi. Fail. Both Kris and Adam are tied.


First of all, I’m surprised that none of the top 2 pulled a Cook and chose to sing a new song, just like Cook did with “The World I Know” last year. Maybe they were forced to do an encore, but I felt that a new song as a last chance to show the audience who they are as an artist would be splendid. Secondly, no drama? No one cried? Too bad. When Cook broke into tears at the end of his performance last year, that was the formula to his success. America was won over by his emotions, it tugged at their heartstrings, and they voted, and he won.

I was slightly disappointed at tonight’s show, it wasn’t as great as last year’s. Last year, both Davids gave awesome performances. This year wasn’t as amazing, but it surely was tight.

The finale is too close to call. I have absolutely no idea who is going to win the whole thing, but I’m fairly certain that both of the contestants deserved to be where they are right now. Kudos to them!

I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that Kris wins. An upset would be EPIC. KRIS ALLEN FOR THE WIN. KRIS ALLEN FOR AMERICAN IDOL 2009.

What do you think? WHO WILL WIN? Leave comments!