American Idol 8 – Top 3 – Studio Recordings [download]

May 14, 2009

Congratulations to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert for making it to the top 2! They both really deserved it. The contestants got to perform two songs this week: one chosen by the judges and another picked by themselves. Idol is being good this year by giving us BOTH the studio recordings, usually it’s only one per week per contestant. Sweet.

top 03

– American Idol 8 – Top 3 Studio Recordings –
Judges & Contestants’ Picks Week

Track List:

  1. Danny Gokey – “Dance Little Sister”
  2. Kris Allen – “Apologize”
  3. Adam Lambert – “One”
  4. Danny Gokey – “You Are So Beautiful”
  5. Kris Allen – “Heartless”
  6. Adam Lambert – “Cryin'”

Kris’ acoustic version of “Heartless” is easily the best track of the bunch. It’s so nice to the ears that you can hit replay without getting tired of it. “Apologize” isn’t bad either, it’s tons better than his live performance. Adam has decent tracks too, “One” is really smooth and inspirational. Danny’s voice is incredibly hoarse on “You Are So Beautiful”, it’s painful to hear some of the notes, but overall it’s a good track.

A tribute to Danny Okey Gokey.

Enjoy! Please leave comments!



  1. I’m glad Adam and Kris made it to the finale. But then though I don’t really like the Gokester, I was kinda sad to see him go. 😐

    Can’t wait to hear the songs.
    Adam for thee win! πŸ™‚

    Oh. Next week, Idol’s gonna end. I’m gonna miss reading your Idol thoughts every week! πŸ™‚

  2. Adam Lambert’s Crying won’t download…

  3. hrmmm something seems to be up with the site for just that link. weird.

  4. I love One… OMG! I kinda see the meaning of it now. It’s like Black or White in it’s meaning. Great song. And Cryin’ sound 10000x better without that sucky backup singer ruining the song (not Adam’s fault). Kris is pretty decent here. I normally can’t remember what he sang after the show ends. Good for him. πŸ™‚

    I was actually sad to see Danny go…which is weird. I remember why I used to like him early on. He has such a nice tone to his voice.

  5. I don’t get it why everyone’s all praises for Kris’ Heartless. His acoustic version is not much of an “original” idea. Everyone’s into acoustic nowadays… uhmm, Boyce Avenue does it a lot, and all the other artists and youtube uploaders. lol.

  6. KRIS ALL THE WAY. He deserves to WIN!

  7. im kinda pissed that danny went this week, not cos i like him but cos he was terrible last week but the awesome alison went instead and now danny goes what was the point? if he had gone on to win it fair enough but personally i think it was a waste of a semi-final spot that could have been took by allison who had a chance of winning :@ rant over lol

  8. thanks so much! I’ve been waiting for this post all day πŸ™‚ Adam FTW!

  9. the live backup singer is terrible (she ruined the song) love Adam:X

  10. hi. thanks for your uploads every week. =)

  11. The (ex)room-mates are in the finals! Musically they both deserve to be there.

    Adam painted Kris’ thumb with nail-polish & took nail-polish off of one of his own thumbs for this weeks performance/results. That’s so cute.

    I’m so happy Kris is in the finals. My favorite pair all season are in the finals. They are both very interesting & creative with what they do, and will make an interesting finale because their styles are so different from each other. It will come down to whose style people prefer, not to who is the “better” singer (because they are so different that they can’t really be compared).

    Adam was lovely the other night when he praised Danny & Kris’ performances & said “I’m honored to share this stage with them” [after the judges had rained Adam-love onto him after his own performance].

    • the nail-polish thing is more gay than cute.

      • Then why did Kris put it on his thumb? It’s cute. They are really are great friends.

  12. as always: THANK YOU RAPH! [:

    *i was finally able to post my comments on my blog. hehe.

    KRIS FTW! yay yay yay! [:

  13. Thanks again for these. BTW, “Cryin'” is not working, as noted by others. Next week is going to be interesting. Could be a real upset.

    • Its the hosting site’s lag as usual, sorry about that!

  14. First of all thanks for uploading the studio version. Finally got what i desired for. The guys of this year really really rocks. Every one got their own style. Cant wait to see the finals.

  15. thanks for posting the songs! yah i agree with you that idol is being generous in terms of studio recording this year!

    KRIS ALLEN FTW! let the “underdog” win it all! hahah:))

  16. Thank you for sharing this! I am dying to hear the studio version of Danny’s you are so beautiful. πŸ™‚

  17. Still can’t get Adam’s last song but I’ll try again later. And photobucket is down, so no album art for me!! 😦 Well anyway, I liked Adam then found out he was gay so I supported Kris although he’s married. I never felt Kris has much of a chance but I was supporting him. I think both Adam and Kris have an equal chance of winning although I thought top 2 would have been Adam + Gokey.

    • Dayum, sorry about that Adam file. Mediafire can be a pain sometimes, but its an amazing site! Photobucket is up and working now!! πŸ˜€ Hallelujah.
      I think Kris deserved to be in the finals, he worked really hard! But anyways, we’ll see who wins! πŸ™‚

    • So if Kris were gay, you wouldn’t support him? But if Adam were straight and married, you’d support him? BTW That’s such a homophobic statement you made.

  18. Kris Allen for American Idol! He is simply the best all-around performer. He is American Idol’s Manny Pacquiao!

  19. hello, i can’t download One – Adam Lambert. is there a way to fix this? Thanks so much for the mp3s btw. love them all

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