American Idol 8 – Top 3 – Results [review]

May 14, 2009

What did I freakin’ say? HOOT! Kris Allen is IN THE TOP 2!!! First thing to do right now! Go to your music player and play Kris’ “Falling Slowly” and listen to it over and over again!! Seriously!

Danny Gokey was eliminated tonight. We all know that his time was up!  Danny was the lowest vote getter this week. With Adam’s large fanbase and Kris’ never-stopping momentum, it’s about time the weakest link got the boot! I think this is a result everyone can be very very happy with. Talk about being shocked, Kara! Not! Kris Allen deserved that top 2 spot.

danny gokey

An incredible 88 million votes were cast! That’s a hell lot! I’m impressed at how strong the contestants this year are garnering those votes (and putting more money in Idol’s pockets). Ryan announced that there were only 1 MILLION VOTES separating the top 2 tonight. WOW. That’s closer than the Davids’ 11% last year.

I really really think that Kris can win this whole thing. He’s quickly gaining momentum and is really defining himself as an artist. Pardon me, but I think that people are kind of getting tired of Adam’s usual screaming in his performances. Kris on the other hand brings something new to the table every single week. Most importantly, he’s a FIGHTER. He’s gotten way less pimpage than Adam or Danny for the whole season, and still manages to stay in the game week after week with only ONE week in the bottom 3. That’s pretty impressive!

It was fun watching the hometown welcoming. Adam Lambert’s was nice and funny, with the nudist and the theater kids asking Adam questions. Awww. Danny Gokey got a massive crowd waiting for him. It was nice to see him and Jamar Rogers united again, that was really sweet! Best of the all, was of course, Kris Allen’s. Judging from what Idol showed to us, Kris had the biggest crowd of them all. I loved the scene where Kris arrived home and hugged his emotional dad. That was the breaking point for me. Tears! ❤

To the not so important stuff… Jordin Sparks performed her AWESOME single, “Battlefield”. I’m obsessed with the song, can’t stop listening to it. Jordin looked stunning in her dress and fierce hair. Her dance moves were so powerful. And Ryan Tedder! Anyone should know by now that most songs penend by Ryan Tedder goes straight up the charts. Here’s hoping Jordin’s will too!

Katy Perry performed “Waking Up In Vegas”. I love Katy Perry, but the fact that her cape said “Adam Lambert” was kind of a turn off for me. I mean it’s cool to like a contestant, but parading it like that is not cool. Her performance was good though. Umm Lady GaGa, I think Katy Perry went through your wardrobe…

It was also nice to see the top 13 in the crowd again. Familiar faces makes the atmosphere better. Awww Matt looked crushed when his BFF Danny was voted off.

Anyways, the finale is next week! WE CAN DO THIS. KRIS ALLEN FOR AMERICAN IDOL 2009. It will be the biggest upset in Idol history. The underdog takes it all!

Take this sinking boat and turn me home…

What do you think of the results? Leave comments!

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  1. I like Adam Lambert so I hope he will win over Kris.

  2. I could listen to Kris’ songs over and over again cause I honestly, absolutely love them all. However, I still say Adam should be the next AI. Weird, ei?

    Lady Gaga and Katy Perry should be BFFL. lol

  3. I almost boycotted Idol 8 because it was so damn skewed to one side with all that pimping on Adamadamadam. -_- It got awfully tiring.

    But! That all changed since the Top 7 when I heard Kris’ version of Falling Slowly. Ohmygod, was all I could think/say. Any thoughts of ditching Idol went out the window right then.

    I’m very surprised he made it through to the finals, considering all that Gokey pimping from the Judges.. but I couldn’t be happier. I’m with you on the voting – COME ON AMERICA. VOTE FOR KRIS. LET THE DARK HORSE WIN.


    • yeah let the underdog win this! he’s too good just to be an underdog! go kris!


  5. SO happy for Kris, he totally deserves to be in the final two after doing what he did with “Heartless”! 😀 I did feel a bit bad for Danny, though. I thought he looked kind of defeated even during performance night. I dunno if Kris can beat Adam, but it’s looking to be a more exciting finale than I thought!

    Thanks for the downloads. 🙂

  6. hey raph! ralph here. i’m not logged in. (i still have crappy internet connection).

    yay for Kris! hehe. he’ll win. i’m sure of that. [: everyone IS tired of adam’s screaming bonanza.

    KRIS FTW! ♥ yahoo!

  7. I totally agree with everything you just wrote. And now that Danny’s gone I think most of his voters are going to vote for Kris instead now.

    Wow, this is probably my favorite F2… ever? Maybe, if Allison was there instead of Adam. I liked her a lot more.

    I pointed out Adam as the winner the moment I saw him, even before he sang. I got a “winner’s vibe” from him. Now I’m hoping I was wrong, but I’ll be happy either way.

  8. I’m glad Kris won out over Danny.
    Having said that, I think that some people should re-evaluate their definition of “screaming”. Adam SINGS in a very high register; Danny SCREAMED the final note on “Dream On”. There’s a difference, people.

    • absolutely agreed! you guys repeat the word “screaming” for Adam all the time but do u know what it really means? “Dream on” and “Crying” are miles different. Many hate Adam cuz he’s praised by the judges nearly all the time and of course u dislike his “screamy” singing. He’s talented. No one can deny that. If the judges did the reverse, maybe Adam could have gained more favor. all in all, one word: jealousy! (excuse me for my aggressive words)

  9. I AM SO FREKING HAPPY!!! Oh my God it felt so good hearing that Kris is going to the finals. Man I’m happy! And Even though we all know Adam sings way better than Kris I think Kris should win the whole thing, but I still think Adam’s gonna win, I don’t know, let’s hope I’m wrong! Kris for American Idol 2009!!!

  10. Kris should win? I like Kris, too and even think he deserves what he has now but plz be fair, Adam is much better. He’s waited too long to be here on AI stage. Adam deserves the spot more than Kris (even if Kris has showed us his magic power). Adam or Kris wins? Either way they still have my “bravo”. Vote for Adam!

  11. If you seriously think that Kris has a shot against Adam, then you are drunk. Adam’s fingernail clippings have more talent that Kris. It’s not a competition; it’s a slaughter. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Kris will be completely forgotten 2 weeks from now. By this time next year, Adam will be the #1 artist in the world.

  12. kris damn hot!! heartless really brought him to the top…
    crazy arrangement he did with heartless….
    really better than the original……..
    he should do something like that again if he wants to beat adam….

    i think both of them have their chance to win.
    “only 1 MILLION VOTES separating the top 2” right?

  13. yup!! adam’s gonna win!!!!!! ’nuff said!!

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