American Idol 8 – Top 3 [review]

May 13, 2009

It’s between the guys as they battle it out for the top spot. Who will prevail? Who will go home? THIS IS… AMERICAN IDOL MDOC!

Call me crazy, but I’m not that enthusiastic about this year’s top 3. I still do not think that this year’s are up to par as Season 7’s. Don’t get me wrong, this year’s top 3 are an awesome bunch. But they’re just too good that it gets a little boring sometimes. Anyway, enough of my useless rant!


Danny Gokey – I thought he did decent with his song. Paula definitely chose the right song for him, since the song suits his voice perfectly. Wasn’t a fan of the horrible dance moves, never was. Then again, like Danny said, you have to let it all out through movements. Paula said there was  magic in his performance. I don’t think so. It was another typical, average performance which the judges are trying to suck up to. That being said, Danny is an amazing vocalist.

Kris Allen – Kris was singing “Apologize”, chosen by Randy and Kara. The two worst judges chose the worst song. No surprises. This song will either make you or break you, and it made Kris tonight. I got the chills watching him play the piano. But he’s a guitar person, his image doesn’t really suit the piano well. But when he does play the piano, sparks fly. The judges were harsh on Kris, and Simon made the point clear that it was a wrong song choice. I agree with him, but since it was chosen, I kind of wished that Kris should’ve changed the song more and stamp “PROPERTY OF KRIS ALLEN” on it, as he usually does with his other performances.

Adam Lambert – Lo and behold. Adam got the pimp spot! How surprising. Not. Adam Lambert, is officially, by far, the MOST PIMPED CONTESTANT EVER on the show. He gets massive pimping week after week by the producers and the judges. He gets the pimp spot for what, five or six times already? Anyway, his performance of “One” tonight, chosen by Simon was like “Mad World the Sequel”. Even the lightings were similar. But I prefer the latter performance though, Adam’s performance tonight was good, but it wasn’t spectacular.


Danny Gokey – Ooooh. The magical song choice that everyone swoons over. Danny tonight kind of reminded me of Taylor Hicks singing this exact same song three seasons back. Winner overshadowing moment? Hmmm. Danny was extremely out of breath while he was performing, it was kind of hard to catch  up with him. He was also a little bit behind the melody. Simon called it a “vocal masterclass”. Barely, Simon. The last one who got the same comment was, I think, Elliott Yamin back in Season 5. Now THAT is a vocal masterclass. This is a trainwreck. So many Season 5 preferences.

Kris Allen – Wow, I’m seriously impressed. Kris chose to do not one, but TWO contemporary songs in one night. Kudos. He chose to sing “Heartless” with only an acoustic guitar. One word: Brilliant. Seriously, he really knows how to rearrange the songs to suit himself. It was hands down, the freshest and the best performance of the night. I initially thought that Idol was going to throw Kris under the bus this week, but he just redeemed himself right there.

Adam Lambert – Aerosmith again? Really. It’s another one of Adam’s screamy performances, but this time not so much. I’m not a fan of Adam’s glam rock side, his silent ballads shine more than his screaming rock performances. Of course, he got good reviews all around. Simon is encouraging everyone to vote for Adam. Listen to Simon and VOTE, people.


Who Should Be In The Finale: Adam & Kris.
Who Needs to Go: Danny.

It’s that simple. America, Danny needs to go. Everyone is expecting a Adam vs Danny showdown, even Simon is. But I really want the underdog to swipe it away from the top players and win it all.

On other news, Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks is performing her new single,  “Battlefield” tomorrow. Can’t. wait. The song is simply amazing. ♥

Kris Allen for American Idol 2009! A CURRENT artist needs to win this.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. i agree with you fully. watching idol, i can say that kris killed it with his version of heartless. it was utterly amazing. i really hope he stays. the judges are way too harsh on him. he deserves to be in the final 2. hell he deserves to win!

  2. Adam Has my vote…. i still remember his song if i cant have u was amazing!!!!

  3. if krsis and adam both sail through the finale next week, the underdog may probably win. that’s my bet! anyway, love adam the best!

  4. heartless was AMAZING.
    it was similar to the fray’s, but even better!

    adam;’s first was alright, nothing compared to mad world or even any of his other performances.
    the arrangement wasn’t great and it was forgettable.
    the second song was pretty good.

    for me the best of the night would probably be kris allen 🙂

  5. kris has got to win this thing!

  6. “Kris Allen for American Idol 2009! A CURRENT artist needs to win this.”

    Man he needs to win!! But everybody knows that Adam will probaly win the whole thing.

    Who needs to go tonight? Danny.

  7. if Danny and Adam are the final two, it would be a repetition of Ruben Clay, Taylor Kathy, Jordin and THAT GUY season (i forgot his name). People go gaga over them just for a couple of months.

    I dont think danny has that great voice, his husky tone is 70% screaming tone – especially when he’s in the high note.

    Adam, gosh, why on earth people vote for this faggot? not idol at all, but more to a doll.

    kris, idol season 8 🙂

    • because that “faggot” you’re talking about is THE american idol.

  8. I thought Kris was the best this week. “Heartless” was amazing. I really hope he’ll win this, and I actually think he does have a chance now.

    And yeah, Danny needs to go.

  9. You said “…TWO temporary songs…” and I think you meant “contemporary”. I hope so anyway!
    But you nailed the review anyway. Thanks for sharing!

    • GOOOO…… Kris!!!
      Danny should really go…

    • Oh my. Unforgivable mistake. Prolly was too rushed! Thanks for pointing that out!

  10. yes KRIS ALLEN! <33

    by the way, this is random but do you remember there was this season of AI, i think it was the last season or the last last season or something..
    the contestants did a group performance of How Great Thou Art which was really nice.
    i’ve been looking everywhere for the mp3 but nothing is turning up.
    any idea where i can locate that? (:


    • Are you sure it was How Great Thou Art? Or Shout To The Lord? 🙂

  11. it’s been a while raph hehe.. i totally agree with your review and I LOVED kris’s performances last night specially the acoustic heartless! it was SPLENDID! hope he bags this one.. i think that’s what we’re waiting for, a song that can be remembered. david archuleta’s in the Philippines right now he’s amazing and very polite!:)

    • Oh wow! Have you met him? What about Cook? Theyre both performing right?

      • i met him because i went to a morning show just to watch his interview. the interview lasted for about an hour or so.:) fanatic am i not? hahahaha he’s a very very polite kid.:) it was a riot just to get to that show though! and Yes! both of them are performing this coming saturday.. david cook wasn’t with him because he went on a mall tour instead of tv guestings… unfortunately enough, i didn’t know which mall he’s been at..

  12. I thought the last slot is determined by coin toss?

    • Nope, the coin toss is for the finale, in this case, Adam vs Kris. The corn toss took place after Danny went home, and Kris won. Meaning that Adam will be performing first next week.


  14. Well, I guess I’m the only Danny fan on this site D:
    Since Kris and Adam is all there is right now … go Kris!

    • Danny has a great voice it’s a shame he didn’t make it to the finals but at this point it don’t matter who wins the title, everyone’s a winner don’t you agree?

      • agreed! vote for Adam!

  15. im satisfied with the final 2.. but i always go for the underdog.. Go KRIS.. FTW..

    thanks for sharing..nice review anyway… congrats!

  16. downloads please

  17. I admit, Adam wasn’t too great last night, and Kris did a better job. But I think Adam’s a much more deserving winner. He’s had far more spectacular performances than Kris throughout the season. So I think even if he messes up the finals, he should still win.

    Just let David Cook last season, even though he didn’t do as well as David Archuleta during the finals, he’d still done a far better job throughout the season, ensuring his win.

    Oh, don’t forget star quality too! Adam has lots and lots of that. I don’t know, Kris is just too ordinary for me.

  18. Paula Abdul finally been give the timmy tack, excellent.

  19. Simon Cowell is soooo bad, still funny to watch him take people down though

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