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American Idol 8 – Top 3 [review]

May 13, 2009

It’s between the guys as they battle it out for the top spot. Who will prevail? Who will go home? THIS IS… AMERICAN IDOL MDOC!

Call me crazy, but I’m not that enthusiastic about this year’s top 3. I still do not think that this year’s are up to par as Season 7’s. Don’t get me wrong, this year’s top 3 are an awesome bunch. But they’re just too good that it gets a little boring sometimes. Anyway, enough of my useless rant!


Danny Gokey – I thought he did decent with his song. Paula definitely chose the right song for him, since the song suits his voice perfectly. Wasn’t a fan of the horrible dance moves, never was. Then again, like Danny said, you have to let it all out through movements. Paula said there was  magic in his performance. I don’t think so. It was another typical, average performance which the judges are trying to suck up to. That being said, Danny is an amazing vocalist.

Kris Allen – Kris was singing “Apologize”, chosen by Randy and Kara. The two worst judges chose the worst song. No surprises. This song will either make you or break you, and it made Kris tonight. I got the chills watching him play the piano. But he’s a guitar person, his image doesn’t really suit the piano well. But when he does play the piano, sparks fly. The judges were harsh on Kris, and Simon made the point clear that it was a wrong song choice. I agree with him, but since it was chosen, I kind of wished that Kris should’ve changed the song more and stamp “PROPERTY OF KRIS ALLEN” on it, as he usually does with his other performances.

Adam Lambert – Lo and behold. Adam got the pimp spot! How surprising. Not. Adam Lambert, is officially, by far, the MOST PIMPED CONTESTANT EVER on the show. He gets massive pimping week after week by the producers and the judges. He gets the pimp spot for what, five or six times already? Anyway, his performance of “One” tonight, chosen by Simon was like “Mad World the Sequel”. Even the lightings were similar. But I prefer the latter performance though, Adam’s performance tonight was good, but it wasn’t spectacular.


Danny Gokey – Ooooh. The magical song choice that everyone swoons over. Danny tonight kind of reminded me of Taylor Hicks singing this exact same song three seasons back. Winner overshadowing moment? Hmmm. Danny was extremely out of breath while he was performing, it was kind of hard to catch  up with him. He was also a little bit behind the melody. Simon called it a “vocal masterclass”. Barely, Simon. The last one who got the same comment was, I think, Elliott Yamin back in Season 5. Now THAT is a vocal masterclass. This is a trainwreck. So many Season 5 preferences.

Kris Allen – Wow, I’m seriously impressed. Kris chose to do not one, but TWO contemporary songs in one night. Kudos. He chose to sing “Heartless” with only an acoustic guitar. One word: Brilliant. Seriously, he really knows how to rearrange the songs to suit himself. It was hands down, the freshest and the best performance of the night. I initially thought that Idol was going to throw Kris under the bus this week, but he just redeemed himself right there.

Adam Lambert – Aerosmith again? Really. It’s another one of Adam’s screamy performances, but this time not so much. I’m not a fan of Adam’s glam rock side, his silent ballads shine more than his screaming rock performances. Of course, he got good reviews all around. Simon is encouraging everyone to vote for Adam. Listen to Simon and VOTE, people.


Who Should Be In The Finale: Adam & Kris.
Who Needs to Go: Danny.

It’s that simple. America, Danny needs to go. Everyone is expecting a Adam vs Danny showdown, even Simon is. But I really want the underdog to swipe it away from the top players and win it all.

On other news, Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks is performing her new single,  “Battlefield” tomorrow. Can’t. wait. The song is simply amazing. ♥

Kris Allen for American Idol 2009! A CURRENT artist needs to win this.

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