American Idol 8 – Top 4 – Results [review]

May 7, 2009

Unfortunately, The Scream prevailed. Awww man.

One of the best of the night, Allison Iraheta was the lowest vote getter this week and was sent packing. What a shame, if she stayed another week she would’ve gotten her own hometown parade. The results were definitely not justified, The Scream should’ve went home after his horrible performance last night.

allison iraheta

However, Allison being sent home wasn’t really surprising. What really shocked me was the fact that Kris Allen was safe, and was the first to be sent to the stools. I was literally gaping at my TV screen. It’s not that I don’t like the guy, on the other hand, he’s one of my favourites. But him being in the top 3 just shows how strong his fanbase is becoming. It’s growing larger. Watch your back, frontrunners. The underdog is coming to grab your title. Kris Allen FTW, yo.

And now to the not-so-serious stuff! Slash performed the group number with the contestants. Ummm, still a disaster. You can barely hear Kris over the drone, and I bet he can’t hear himself either. Slash’s hair is creepy. It’s eating his face up.

Paula Abdul graced the Idol stage! Paula was a star. Her choreography was amazing. Forget the lip-synching and the song that is totally out of date, Paula can move. Best non-Idol performance after Lady GaGa, in my opinion.

No Doubt was… No Doubt. Hehe. Usual crazy stuff from Gwen Stefani, I wasn’t a fan of the song and all that running around. But props to Gwen for not lip-synching though. *cough cough*

Chris Daughtry performed his new and totally HOT single “No Surprise”. It’s a really really really good song, it’s getting heavy spins on my music player now. Chris is one of those aritsts who sound better in the studio than playing live. His guitar was HUGE. Hehe. Chris was awarded a 5x Platinum plaque by Idol for his debut album. He’s a perfect example of a contestant  who didn’t win but still manages to be insanely successful. Well deserved!

Allison Iraheta, I’ll be expecting great things for you. As for Kris Allen, I think that it’s his last week next week. Top 2: Danny and Adam.

Have you made The Scream’s Scream your ringtone yet?

What do you think of the results? Leave comments!

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  1. i hate the results omg.. guess danny got lots of help with his fans hehe..still adam is in it to win weee gudluck adam…….

  2. Danny’s screech was loud enough to wake the dead, even his own wife, to vote for him to the top three.

    The elimination was so shocking it’s next to the shock I’ve felt after Melinda Doolittle’s elimination last Season 6.

    Saaad. 😥

  3. “Have you made The Scream’s Scream your ringtone yet?”

    I LOVE that. Lol. But no I haven’t, and I really don’t plan to. Unless I want to get a minor heart attack each time someone calls me.

    I kinda like Danny since he’s incredibly likeable and a great singer, but I was still hoping Allison would get in instead of Danny. I was pretty sure she’d go though, when it came down to the 2 of them, since Danny’s the only one who has never been in the bottom.

    Kris getting in though, was incredibly surprising. I honestly thought he would go home tonight. But when Ryan said that he was the first to be safe, my first thought was of course, “Oh no. Adam.” But he’s back for one more so all’s good.

    We’ll miss you, Allison!

  4. And, yeah, srsly, Danny’s screech is my ringtone now. >:D

    • It’s taking over the world. XD

      • yes it is. just look here in case you haven’t. 😀

        • Ive seen it. XD

  5. awww allison should have stayed.. you can really tell that she wanted to sing more cause she’s crying while watching her journey video.. when she was eliminated i remember syesha mercado from season 7.. well both of them have something in common.. they can really REALLY sing but their fan base is not strong enough to push them through..

    best of luck allison! hope to hear a lot from you soon!:))

  6. The scream was SO painful to hear. 😛 I agree with the one who said it could give us heart attacks, just to hear it.

    I was pretty bummed about the results, I wanted Allison to stay over the Scream. 😦

  7. I am so hating the results.

    I want Allison to be at least in the top 3. She deserves it! Much much more than Kris personally. But I can see how strong Kris’s fanbase is. I mean… the guy does have a cute smile… LOL.

    And yeah, what’s with Kris being called first? I’m guessing the only reason is so that kris can give Chris that platinum award thing.

    Allison, we’ll miss u!

    Now to the Gokey V Lambert finale.

  8. This is so not fair! The Scream should go home!!! Now I hope Kris will go to the finals. It will not be something fair, but at leat he’s way more creative than Danny, No Doubt. Whatever, we all know Allyson is going to record something and I want another duet from Adam and Allyson! They definetly should record something.

  9. This is so not fair! The Scream should go home!!! Now I hope Kris will go to the finals. It will not be something fair, but at least he’s way more creative than Danny, No Doubt. Whatever, we all know Allyson is going to record something and I want another duet from Adam and Allyson! They definetly should record something.

  10. Paula may have been lip-syncing, but i doubt you’ll hear any complaints from the male half of the population about that

  11. i think danny’ll be going home next week. his fanbase is starting to decline after that effing scream. and he’s votefortheworst.com’s vote. surely, he won’t make it to the finals.

    ADAM winning? We’re still not sure about that. Remember Season 2? CLAY AIKEN vs RUBEN STUDDARD (or whatever his last name is), everyone thought Clay was going win. But he didn’t.

    Because in this show…

    ANYTHING can happen. [:


    oh, KRIS FTW, indeed Raph! [: hahahaha.

  12. i don’t think Kris was that bad. i think he did a great job considering rock isn’t his forte. and paula was right when she said he was able to imprint himself onto the song. as for Allison we should have seen this one coming when she responded to Simon. it seems when the contestants have a load to say they are voted off “just saying”…

    this blog rawks \m/

    • Thanks, that meant a lot. 🙂

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