American Idol 8 – Top 4 [review]

May 6, 2009

Get your popcorn ready, guys. Wait, leave the popcorn and rock your air guitar! It’s Rock n Roll Week!

I thought we’d be up for an awesome show, cause it’s rock week. Duh.  Unfortunately, Rock Week + Slash + Top 4 = disaster. What’s with the broken Idol tower and the shattering glass and all the mishap? Probably because Matt Giraud was voted off last week. Yeah, that’s it, he came back to haunt the show. BOO! Nah, kidding. It was probably the loud amps or something that smashed the glass. Hehe. Anyway, back to the contestants!

Adam Lambert – OMG! How shocking! Adam’s in the bottom 3 last week!! Yeah, we’re over that already. But wait! OMG! How surprising! Adam is performing FIRST! That’s a FIRST! *flailing* Adam set the bar so high that no one could even touch it tonight. No surprises on THAT. He was in the zone, very comfortable on stage. I liked his interaction with the band. Pardon me for saying this though, he looked so… drag. o.O OMG.

Allison Iraheta – I can’t get the pigtails out of my mind. Allison looked soooo adorable in pigtails. She should wear it more often. Her look was great, I loved the purple highlights! I thought Allison performed amazingly, the judges didn’t felt it though. Whatevs. The Allison vs Simon showdown was very entertaining. And THIS, Lil Rounds, is how you battle with Simon and still be able to win people’s hearts over.

Kris Allen & Danny Gokey – What an unlikely pairing. They looked as though they wanted to chew each other’s heads off. Like Kara said, they sounded great together, it was very harmonious. But when they sang individually, it was a trainwreck. Danny totally outsang Kris. However, Kris totally outperformed Danny. Danny just stood there holding the mic stand. At least Kris bobbled around the stage.

Kris Allen – When Kris announced that he’s singing “Come Together”, my mouth went into an “O”. Could he pull it off? I thought he did a decent job, it was very Kris Allen-ish. Way to go. Kris handles an acoustic guitar better. He should never touch an electric one ever again. Kris’ vocals were very weak tonight. Like he said last week, his vocals aren’t as great as the rest of the top 5. But, his charisma on stage makes up for it. One more thing, is it just me, or did Kris looked incredibly PISSED tonight? Hmmm.

Danny Gokey – “Dream On”? What were you thinking, Danny? The judges wanted to cover up his horrible performance by stamping him an A+ for trying. Like, what? The front part of his performance was okay, but just when you thought it wouldn’t get any worse, he screamed. Yes, he screamed. He and Adam should go into a screaming competition. I think Danny will win, hands down.  Hehe. That last high note he did was painful. The following picture probably sums up Danny’s performance: 1. Danny’s scream. 2. We’re covering our ears. Hear no evil.


Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta – What much can anyone say? Best performance of the night. Bow down to the “God” and “Goddess” of Rock. ‘Nuff said.


My Top 2: Adam & Allison.
My Bottom 2: Kris & Danny.
Who Should Go Home: Danny.
Who Will Go Home: Kris.

It’s everyone’s game right now, the top 4 are really strong. Adam and Danny won’t go home because of their massive fanbases. Allison might land in the bottom 2, albeit giving solid performances. Kris I think, is a lock in the bottom 2. He might go home, but I think Allison might be in trouble as well.

Then again, we’re all still waiting for that shocker boot. *grins*

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. danny was like singing metal =/ screamo D:

  2. “What’s with the broken Idol tower and the shattering glass and all the mishap? Probably because Matt Giraud was voted off last week. Yeah, that’s it, he came back to haunt the show.”

    I LOL at this, but Tatiana haunts the show WAY back then: When Jasmine was thrown out of the Top 13 (she doesn’t deserve to be there, anyway) and when Alexis got the boot (they’re both Semi-Final Group 1, yes?) and all the wildcard passers were haunted: Megan, Anoop, and Matt.

    and right after Danny sang, I was rushed to the hospital. My ears bled and my eardrums are now being replaced by gongs. 🙂

  3. Danny screaming was SO NOT RIGHT. Several of my dormmates laughed. Now that was a SCREECH (in a bad way). And to make things worse he did it THREE TIMES (with Slash, in performance, and in recap). I think my ears bled so much after that…

    I think Danny was trying to copy Adam there…*rolls over laughing* No Danny. Adam does it better and he hits the RIGHT NOTES.

    I agree: Adam + Allison top two. Thank you LORD for this ROCK week. They deserve it.

    Kris did not deserve the Simon-hate. Seriously, Simon? Danny, the better singer? (Yeah, Simon. And look at how Danny brought his dead wife back to life with that ear-grating screech from hell.)

  4. Hey! I agreed with you on every level! How great Adam sang, how decent Allison and Kris sounded to me, and how Danny shouldnt have screamed at the last part of the song.

    I also agrees that Kris will be going home tomorrow but I certainly don’t think that Danny deserve to go home. Rock and Roll is REALLY not Danny’s type. He’s not even soft rock like Kris. While Rock is in Adam and Allison’s blood.

    So yeah, Danny doesn’t deserve to go home. 😀

  5. This week was weird. Danny seems to be getting more self-absorbed every day.
    Kris did look a little mad after his duet performance when Danny was chatting too freely, in my opinion, with the judges. Oh, God, and they of course had to put the screaming part in the recap at the end 😀
    Adam completely redefines the meaning of being first to perform. I laughed every time Simon mentioned Adam’s performance when judging others. LOL.

  6. Ah yes, Kris looked so sad and grumpy. I enjoy watching his performances and I think he will sound much better in the studio recordings.

    I hope we get Adam X Allison finale, they sounded so good with each other I want to hear more!

  7. Usually I just come by to read your review, others comments and of course download the studio recordings :p

    But today I just wanna share my “common sense” based on the top 4 showdown…

    Of course my number 1 vote goes to Adam… all the way since the first time he sang I can’t get no (he just got an unbelievable voice)…

    And hope Allison still stay put (since her fanbased is not great) because her performance is so stable and always pick a right songs (except not so much at this week)

    I just thought Kris didn’t get the right song either.. When he performed… I just kept comparing his performance with Carly Smithson from Season 7… And boy Carly is clearly sang the better version of that beatles song… so sorry Kris you’re my number 3

    And lastly… the biggest error in picking song was Danny… Okay I know some of you think Rock was not his thing… but that’s not what it is about right? You pick the wrong choice then you’ll get the punishment!! I really think Danny should be out this week… I really really do… he screamed like a desperate man, trying to get level with Adam… what was he thinking? Gezzz… And of course when he performed the song, I kept comparing him with Michael Johns version from season 7… And you know who’s better 😉 …

    Sadly thought… I kinda agree with Raph… that Danny will not go home this week… But I hope a lot of americans who vote will get my “common sense” and send Danny a “Home Sweet Home” ^^

    But I think bottom 2 will be Allison and Kris… sob…

  8. hey! 🙂
    i agree with pretty much everything in this post.
    and danny should go home, IMO. kris was pissed, yes. but with the judges? not sure.

    the adam and allison duet…duh.

    BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂

  9. I love your review… You always manage to write whatever I was thinking… (well, minus the Matt Giraud part actually, lol. No hard feelings here!)

    Anyway, I adore Alison and Adam duet and YES, she is so adorably darn cute in pig tails!!!

    Btw, what you write about danny totally cracks me up.


  10. Oh, by the way…

    Kris does look like he is pissed.

    Wonder why.

  11. I totally, absolutely, definitely, whatever-ly agree with u guys :)). Danny was a nightmare though he wasnt aware of that =)).

    Adam n Kris are my favorite and they are safe :X! Thank God!

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