Elliott Yamin – Fight For Love Music Video Premiere [watch]

May 3, 2009

Elliott Yamin is back with a vengeance! His music video for his first single – “Fight For Love” premiered a few days ago. And it’s brilliant.

The video is just all kinds of awesome. The female character is stunning; Elliott always manages to find drop dead gorgeous ladies for his videos. I like all the checkpoints on the way to the theater and the little message cards, those are just uber romantic. Elliott’s cheesy dance moves, sheepish grin and superb vocals just remind me why I supported him in the first place. The only that needs to go – his mullet. Hehe!

I really hope his single makes it big, so far it hasn’t made any impact yet on the radio and charts. Elliott’s sophomore album – “Fight For Love” is hitting the stores May 5th! Make sure you purchase your copy! I know I will.


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  1. I love your review and I loved the video. I love Elliott’s cheesy dance moves and sheepish grin. He is by far the best singer to come out of American Idol in my opinion. I know I plan to buy his album.

  2. David Cook, after completing a 5K in the Race for Hope in Washington D.C., announced today that his brother succumbed to cancer.My heart and prayers go out to the Cook family. I hope that time will help to ease their pain.

    A video of his announcement follows:

    You can still donate to the Race for Hope in David’s name here. Let’s eradicate this horrible disease in our lifetime.

    • I head the news too. ♥
      My heart goes out to Cook and his family.

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