Top 5 Studio Recordings Album Cover (Now Revised!) and Other Oddities

May 2, 2009

What a long post title. Hehe! So! Many of you guys weren’t too happy with this week’s studio recordings album art for the top 5. Due to popular demand, I’ve created a new album art using the group picture as requested! Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, it only makes the blog better! I’ll always be happy to oblige to any suggestions that are practical.

Anyway, here it is! I have to agree, the group photo does look better as a whole. Although I still hate that picture, it does look better as the album cover. Nice eyes, guys.

top 05.2

So, copy, paste, and change that album art in your music player! Unless of course, you prefer the previous one! (Anyone? Hehe.)

Other than that, I’d like to ask you guys a favour! Weeks just fly by, don’t they? Currently, we have nine album arts from all the weeks since the top 13. So I’d like you guys to VOTE for your favourite album cover! That way, I can create future album arts that are based on/similar to the most popular cover. The poll has multiple choices, by the way.

In case you need references, here are the album arts from all the weeks! Click on them to enlarge, they’ll link you to the original size. [450×450]

top 13 top 11 top 10 top 09 top 08 top 07 top 07v2 top 05 top 05v2

Oh yeah, there are also some peeps saying that some of the tracks uploaded are missing/invalid/slow/broken. In fact, they are perfectly fine. What you have there  is probably a lag from the hosting website. It happens when you download too many tracks at once/keep visiting the hosting site/open too many tabs of the hosting site at once. Server problems will occur and you’ll find that you can’t download the file or even access the page. So what you can do is, one, try refreshing the page. Or two, leave the site for a few minutes, then check back the site again to download the file. I hope that’s cleared up! It’s a common niche, so don’t worry. It certainly doesn’t mean that I’m biased towards some of the contestants! Hehe.

Any more suggestions are most welcome! VOTE! Please leave comments!



  1. i love the fact that you make your own album art like that but i REALLY REALLY dislike the orange bg! omg it’s so bright! i’d prefer like a nice calming turquoise blue or somethin. the top 10 and before seemed to be a bit more fun in their poses and etc and the colors were just fine.

    thanks a lot though!

  2. … btw is it me or does EVERYONE (esp matt) look like they’re wearing red lipstick…?

    • Wahahaaha! I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe I’ll change things a little for next week’s! Well the colour scheme really depends on the original picture, since the group picture is usually red, the only colour that I can go with is something similar to red (orange, yellow etc). As for the poses, I’ll find the one with the most fun then. 😀

      As for the lipstick part… Well that’s cause I highlighted the red in the picture. So if lips are red… 😉

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. hrmmm assuming you use ps, can’t you lasso just the bg, copy and paste layer, then play with the gamma settings to make it blueish or somethin? yes? no?

    • Time consuming, no? 🙂

  4. I guess it’s too much to ask for a cover without Danny in it, eh? (LOL)

  5. Too bad you didn’t at least Photoshop-fix Adam’s loose toupee in the revised Top05! Keep up the great work!

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