American Idol – Top 5 – Results [review]

April 30, 2009

Matt Giraud was eliminated tonight.

matt giraud

Ummm, how do I start this? I’m speechless right now. I’m just so effing proud of Matty G. Matt has been the one to beat since the beginning, giving stellar performances from Hollywood week till the current top 5. Matt’s journey was a roller coaster, getting rave reviews on this week to not so good ones on the next. And being saved by the judges not once, but twice, certainly proved that Matt is worth keeping on the show. Reaching the top 5  in  a heap on talented people is a great feat. Matt can leave the show with his head held high, he has certainly done his best and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning.

Freakin proud of Matty G.

Matt Giraud ♥♥♥


What do you think of the results? Adam in the bottom two? Kara almost spilling the beans on some conspiracy? Please leave comments!

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  1. couldn’t believe my eyes n my ears when ryan said adam was in bottom 2! Did they try to make the show more dramatic? Whatever, still speechless. America, what the hell are u doing? Who the hell are u voting for?

  2. Maybe Lambert fans were being too complacent?

    I was not able to watch the show. Can anybody tell what Kara said?

  3. No kidding– I was flabbergasted when Adam was in the bottom two. My heart was beating so fast throughout the whole show! Thank goodness he was safe. Then again, Matty G. being eliminated is just really sad. I don’t know whether I should be happy that Adam’s safe, or sad because of Matt. Mixed emotions. 😐
    And my picks for the Top three ended up being the Bottom three! Ugh.

    Anyway, I’m still really proud of Matt, since he made it so far in the competition, and he survived all his “trials”.
    Go Matty! 😀

  4. i am a true fan of Matt G as well, and i truly agree with what you said that he can leave with his head held up high – he was part of American Idol history. Being the first contender saved from eliminations, reached the top 5 and a wild card at that. I am saddened by seeing Matt leave. By the way Im from the Philippines. And yet I always watch the show and I always visit your site every now and then and read your reviews. I also download the songs you post and save it on my phone. My bosses are based in Salt Lake and I am even asking them to cast their votes for Matt but the fans were just not that strong and enough to beat the other 4. Anyways, everyone was terrific and I cant wait to see their careers after Idol. I am in the office right now and because Matt G left – I am wearing a black veil today to somehow feel the sadness of Matt G’s fans. Iloveyou Matt…

  5. Good job to Matt, he’ll be missed ):

    And yeah, was totally speechless when I saw that Adam was not only in the bottom three, but in the bottom two. I may not be a fan of his (I’m a part of the ‘some might hate it’, though I do love some of his performances), but he definitely did not deserve bottom three.

  6. i love the look on the faces of allison and danny when they found out the were safe! seems like they can’t believe it.. but i for one can’t believe it also!

    but thanks anyway for saving allison and kris america!:))

  7. I wish they all can be winners!! They’re all so good this week, it bows down to popularity. Seriously, Adam has no supporters? I think everyone started voting for Allison after what Simon said. !!! I sooooo wanted Kris, Adam and Danny to go to the top 3 without being bottom 3 though. 😦

  8. damn, im really sad

    matt is way better than kris allen
    why every RnB contestant got cut out, remember chris richardson ??

    i hope you will post every song that hw will work out latter

  9. Wow, my jaw literally dropped when I found out Adam was in the bottom 3. And it dropped even further when I found out he was in the bottom 2. I don’t really know what changed, but I guess his fanbase isn’t as strong as I initially thought. Hopefully his fans step up next week.

    I was really sad to see Matt go, even though it’s definitely his time to go. He looked so sad when his tribute video was playing! And I totally went, “Awwww!” when he wiped the corner of his eye. But at the same time, I was so completely relieved that Adam was safe. Still can’t believe he was this close to leaving yesterday!

  10. He will surely be missed. Surely he’ll have an album soon and I will definitely buy it.

    Matt Giraud ♥

    It would be a real twist if Adam got eliminated. 😀

    • A riot would probably ensue XD

  11. 😦 for matt.

    🙂 for adam.

    that simple.
    what did kara say?

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