American Idol 8 – Top 5 [review]

April 29, 2009

I love this week. Jazz week just redeemed every one. Disco week was a nightmare, this week was a miracle. Everyone outsang their previous performances. It was just a brilliant night. Anyone else feeling jazzy? I am! So get that dusty old jazz CD and start spinning it right now!

Kris Allen – Wait, is it ‘bring your kids to work’ day? Kris wore a suit that looked exactly the same like Ryan’s. Hehe! When they stood together they looked just like father and son. Creepy I know. Anyway, Kris did well tonight. I really enjoyed it when he switched his keys and notes, it’s just beautiful.

Allison Iraheta – Allison looked stunning in her dress. Best look we’ve ever seen from her, no? She sang great too. I initially thought that her rock voice wouldn’t suit this week’s theme, but she proved me wrong. Her voice was tender and spot on.

Matt Giraud – I love the hat! He keeps wearing it every week. Matt owns the hat, people. I love that he was sitting on the stool and not behind the piano, it made the performance more intimate. “My Funny Valentine” is a freaking big song, and I’m proud to say that he did it amazingly. Suck it haters, Simon speaks the truth. His riffs and vocals were soooooo good. I cannot wait to hear the studio version. Matt totally paled the first two in comparison. That being said, I think that Matt sounds better in a recording studio, his live performances doesn’t sound as good.

Danny Gokey – EFFING AMAZING VOCALS. That’s all I have to say. His vocals are top notch. He reminded me so much of Elliott Yamin tonight, and Elliott was DA BOMB. However, Danny was so (in Simon’s words) self-indulgent in his performance. Seriously. He can’t get enough of himself. But attitude aside, his vocals were really really good.

Adam Lambert – Lambert gets triple pimping, people! See the injustice yet? So far, Adam has THREE pimp spots while the others only have one each. Idol is no doubt pimping him to win. I actually liked Adam’s performance surprisingly, there wasn’t that much screaming and yelling. Kara pretty much sums up what I think about Adam. Every time he performs, he injects some hypnotic serum or something and makes everyone flabbergasted and confused. Hehe. Kudos to Adam tonight, he owned the stairs too. Then again, I’ve always hated the stairs.

Kara speaks nonsense sometimes. I don’t get her and her “swagger”. She comes off as fake and over-enthusiastic. And she drools over all the guys and have multiple orgasms every week. She needs to go. Fourth judge isn’t really working, I miss the chemistry between the original three.

It’s safe to say that Adam is going to be in the finals. Right now, everyone is expecting Danny to be up there with him, but I still think it’s  everyone’s game at this point. A dark horse to upset Adam would be epic!


Since there are only five left…
My Top 3: Matt & Adam & Danny.
My Bottom 2: Kris & Allison.
Who Should Go Home: NO ONE! They all deserve to stay. :_( Can they all win please?
Who Will Go Home: Matt.

It’s pretty much set in stone that Matt is going home tonight, and I’m very content with that. I’ve already accepted the fact that he doesn’t have that big of a fanbase and can be going home anytime soon. Matt can leave with his head up and a big smile on his face, his performance this week did him full justice. GO MATT.

Then again… Miracles happen. *winks*

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. I’m hoping Matt stays. But in case he will be eliminated, I’m fine with that as everybody deserves to still be in the competition.

    Also, I agree with Simon. Jamie did a great job as mentor this week.

  2. I loved Matt’s performance. Yes, he can go home tomorrow with his head held up high. =)

    I still think Adam will win this competition.

  3. Oh, and I forgot… yes at first I liked Kara because her comments made sense (compared to Paula’s), but now she keeps saying the same things. She keeps saying things in a slow exaggerated manner… It’s cute the first time, but not if you do it every week!

  4. Kara messes up all her comments and comes off very fake… She actually makes Paula sound smarter! Sigh. And if it weren’t for her, we probably would have had 2 performances… 😦

    • Thats very true. Ive never thought of that. More airtime = more performances. Kara needs to go.

  5. I agree, I think if they only had three judges, we couldve had two performances each. Wouldn’t that be fun.
    I do kinda think Matt’s in danger, as much as I hate to say it.
    I’m really nervous already. Don’t actually want anyone to go anymore. 😐

  6. i cant let matt go

    i hope kris or danny will go

  7. Man I’m so freaking nervous! I don’t want anyone to leave either, but I’m kinda afray that Kris may go home tonight. I don’t know, I really really like him, he’s my favorite (and Danny), but I think he was the weakest…
    Can they all win please? [2]

  8. I’m still kinda confused why people think Matt would go or why he doesn’t have a strong fanbase. Hmm.. (and since I don’t live in the US, I can’t really contribute) He’s my favourite this season which is why I’m kinda hoping he doesn’t get to the finals because.. IMO usually the ones who made record deals outside Idol produce better albums. Elliott’s first album was awesome. And let’s not forget Daughtry. And, Idol totally butchered my favourite Idol ever: Bo Bice. His album with Idol was pure crap.

  9. So I guess there would no victory screech part four.

    Matt has had an amazing journey on Idol. Here’s hoping he be successful in his career. I’m pretty sure Kara will help him. Haha.

    Go Matt!

  10. My best of the night are Danny and Allison.
    My bottom are Adam and Matt.

    I think Matt goes home and Allison will go unscathed.

  11. I say fanbase-wise, Allison or Matt will go home today. And I’m fine with that. I think Adam’s completely deserving of winning even if they do give him “the pimp spot” more times than the rest. They give it to him for a reason! 😀

    I think he’s had more “wow” performances than everyone else, if you know what I mean. Kind of like David Cook last year, when each week people would look forward to his performance. And let’s face it, Adam’s vocals are in a whole league of his own, better than anyone who’s ever been in Idol.

  12. Ok, i’m making this comment based on the fact tt i still do not know the results yet, cos of where i stay…. Matt’ll go home, IMO. but yet, Allison might be in serious danger of going home. I think what simon was trying to say about Allison is tt she doesn’t have to X-factor to win the competition, not her not believing in herself n whatnot… lOVE U ALLIsON N KRIs!!!

  13. they all deserve to win this competition. they were all great last night. wow!:) surprisingly, that’s all i can say! :))

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