American Idol 8 – Top 7 v2 – Results [review]

April 23, 2009


Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai were eliminated. Good riddance. About time, I say. Their performances overall were definitely weaker than the other contestants’. Lil was the first called, and was axed in an instant. She exited with an optimistic attitude, it was really nice to see her warming smile, even though she knew she was eliminated. All the best in the future, Lil! Meanwhile, Anoop wasn’t too happy. I think it’s the beard, it cursed him and brought bad luck or something. Oh well.   

lil rounds

Matt Giraud was safe! I’m so relieved. America has finally gotten their facts right and their ear waxes sucked out and their brains in the right places. Allison Iraheta landed in the bottom three for the third time. Not surprising really, her fanbase situation is like Matt’s, sometime they’re strong, something they disappear. Kris Allen still managed to evade the bottom group, he’s bound to land in there sometime. He, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert are the only people who have not landed in the bottom three. YET.

anoop desai

Major LOL-worthy group number choreographed by Miss Paula Abdul! I’ve got to say, I enjoyed it immensely. With the horrible lip-synching aside, the dancing was pure entertainment. How odd that Adam didn’t wear any sunglasses; all the other guys were. Kris looked ridiculous in his silver glitter shirt. Matt was the best dancer of the group in my opinion, his moves come off as natural, rather than rehearsed. Adam is in close second for best dancer. I loved watching the dancing rehearsal. Everyone was so into it. And Matt downloading his own song for his ringtone was super adorable! 

Ummm, some people performed a disco medley. Didn’t really concentrate on that part, I could only remember Paula dancing her butt off. David Archuleta performed “Touch My Hand”! That’s really great, I love that song. Hopefully, it will be released as the third single. His advice for the bottom two was really mature and thoughtful. Good for you, Archie.

The REAL final five is now complete. Now, the competition begins.

Jazz Week for the top 5! I expect you to shine, Matty G! Don’t let us down now! 

What do you think of the results? Leave comments!

[Pic from Yahoo!]



  1. I think AND hope next week’s theme will be an advantage for Matt.


    Honestly, I liked Lil Rounds a lot during the top 36 (when she did Mary J. Bilge), but like you said in your previous posts, she didn’t do as good every week ): I was a bit sad to see Anoop go; seriously, other than Kris and Matt, I like everyone equally.

    I look forward to Jazz Week (; Hope Matt will shine!

  3. LOL at the dance! I disagree though, Adam was the best dancer there.:-) Matt is 2nd (LOL, sorry, but I am observant and saw him lag on the first steps when they were on the big stage).

    Archie was so adorable, and so nice when talking to Anoop and Allison when they were on that chair…

    Anoop’s elimination made me really sad. Why is it that they always pick on him, anyway (yes Seacrest, I am looking at you!)… 😦

  4. I don’t like MattG all that much, but I can be fair and objective enough to see how much better he’s been performing than Anoop and Lil over the course of the whole show. In that regard it’s good to see him for another week at least but if it had been a decision solely based on this week’s performance, I wouldn’t have minded seeing him go home.

    Allison in the bottom 3 again is a little bit worrying, because I want this girl to be in the finals. I suppose there’s too much competition from strong boys like Danny, Adam and Kris though 😦

  5. yay! lil and anoop got eliminated! finally.

  6. yay! lil and anoop got eliminated! finally. hehe.

  7. They’re dance actually reminded me of High School Musical 😀 And I don’t think they were lip-syncing since they had microphones.

    Finally, the competition can start. Now there’s really no telling who’s going. Though I’d prefer Danny to be gone cause he’s getting boring – yeah, he’s got a great tone to his voice but that’s it. Though that’s probably impossible because of his fanbase (which he has mostly because of the judges early praise and too-much screentime on the start of the show).

  8. I was a fan of both of them from preliminaries but after weeks and weeks of performances my love for them vanished. Until they end up being eliminated.:)

    Lil definitely can sing, but she lacks stage presence. I feel that whenever she performs, it’s always choreographed and I can’t figure out why she keeps on choosing poor song choices when she has great vocals.

    Anoop has the talent, no doubt. I don’t think that America is being racist but I think they were able to see his “True Colors”. Sometime in the earlier shows I noticed that his cockiness is showing up. The “spoiled-brat-I’m-an-only-kid-with-rich-parents” attitude is coming out and since then my likeness in him completely fades. I hate those kind of people. No offense to anyone who’re reading.

    By that, I conclude that they deserve to be eliminated this week. But, I guess that we will be seeing more of them in the coming months.

  9. One thing: About time!!

  10. I think the voting was pretty fair. I don’t think Allison should’ve been in the bottom!!!

    I’m glad Anoop and Lil are out. Finally xDD

  11. I agree completely. This is exactly my top five from the Top 13 days. My favorite to win would have to be Matt (vocals/studio recording) OR Kris (originality/studio recording too).

    Having that in mind, I still see Danny vs. Adam at the finale because of their fanbase. In fairness to Danny however, some guy said that he has “milked his wife’s death enough for fan support”, a comment which I really consider as unfair, uncalled for and st*pid. Danny is a great singer, but for me, he has exhausted his creativity.

    Adam, on the other hand, is creative and theatrical. But sorry for all of Adam’s fans out there, but he would have been “killed” early on if he was at Season 7. I think he would have been at the top 12, but the first one to go.

    Looking forward to Jazz week and hoping to see Matt and Kris raise the bar on this one.

    • You pretty much summed up everything that is bogged up in my head. 🙂


  12. Anoop and Lil leaving Idol was really no big surprise. I thought Matt should have been in the bottom instead of Allison but I have to say that even if Allison did leave, it wouldn’t be such an enormous loss. I was a fan of hers at the start but I’m getting a bit bored of her voice already. Danny should go too, he is completely predictable. I’m hoping for an Adam and Kris finale! And Matt too, just ’cause I like him.

  13. I was thinking of you again when Matt G used his own song as ringtone. HILARIOUS!!

    • Awww, seriously? 🙂

      *hugs you*

      • *hugs back*

        Hehehe yeah yeah! I’ve never met anyone who likes Matt G! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I associate you as the Matt G fan. I hate to say he doesn’t have a chance to win *hides* but seriously, America does not only groom the winners so it won’t be the last we hear of him I am sure! 😉

      • Ooops! I actually logged in as a wrong account to post the above comment. Can you not approve it? I’ll type another. Sorry sorry!

  14. *hugs back*

    Hehehe yeah yeah! I’ve never met anyone who likes Matt G! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I associate you as the Matt G fan. I hate to say he doesn’t have a chance to win *hides* but seriously, America does not only groom the winners so it won’t be the last we hear of him I am sure! 😉

    • Nah dont mind the wrong comment, its cool. 🙂

      I agree, its so sad that Matt doesnt have that many fans out there, he’s amazing. But so often overshadowed by people who are just overrated. I know he cant win either, but hey! If he loses he’ll always be a winner in our hearts. 🙂

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