American Idol 8 – Top 7 v2 [review]

April 22, 2009

Disco week was a disaster. What an energy draining night. What is Idol thinking? Disco week? Seriously?

Lil Rounds – Easily the worst of the night. The original Lil is just gone. ‘Nuff said. The artistry bull was back too. 

Kris Allen – Kris was brilliant, the best of the night in my opinion. He totally switched a disco dance song into something that suited him very well. The arrangements were great, so were the instruments he included into the performance. And his interpretation of the meaning of the song was hilarious. A song about a woman who has no money. Way to go, Captain Obvious! Hehe.

Danny Gokey – I had deja vu. It’s like watching “P.Y.T” all over again. Danny is so… standardized. Everything he does isn’t fresh anymore. The vocals were undeniably good, but everything was just so old. It was very forgettable.

Allison Iraheta – Nice outfit! When Allison appereared on the stairs and I was getting ready for an amazing performance. But she was kind of off this week, her rock vibe doesn’t incorporate with the disco theme very well. It was a bit awkward, but her vocals made up in the end.

Adam Lambert – Oh Adam. How I wish you’d get the first spot for once, it’s really unfair. Adam pulled it off again (duh) this week. It was like Mad World Part Deux. Adam should do more songs like this with his incredibly controlled vocals rather than screamy corny up-tempo songs. Oh yeah, he wins the most stylish award. Hands down. Very very classy.

Matt Giraud – Why oh why oh why… It’s frustrating that Matt didn’t nail it this week, when it was supposed to be his redeeming week to prove everyone wrong. Totally wrong song choice, no one should ever touch that song. That being said, I thought his vocals were amazing, the falsetto was brillaint and the dance moves were very smooth. It was definitely NOT desperate.

Anoop Desai – Failed pimped spot II. The beard needs to go, Anoop! You can keep the pink shirt though. Anoop started off steady, but when the tempo picked up everything crashed and burned. The end.

I’m having some issues with the judges’ comments. For some contestants, they congratulate them for showing variety, portraying different sides of them and singing different genres. While for others, the judges simply want them to perform certain genres which do not allow the contestants to expand, explore and show more variety, and that really frustrates me. 

Tonight just proves everyone right that Lil, Anoop and Matt are definitely ones on the chopping block. I’m crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that Matt stays over Lil and Anoop. It’s about time that those two leaves, Matt deserves another week more than they do. But I’ve already admitted defeat, if Matt leaves, then I’m prepared for it.  😦 

Danny is losing steam. I’m still predicting a Adam, Allison and Kris final three.


My Top 3 2: Kris & Adam.
My Bottom 3: Everyone else.
Who Should Go Home: Lil & Anoop.
Who Will Go Home: Lil & Anoop/Matt

Whatever Randy is trying to prove, I still think that Season 7 is the best season ever. No contest. At all.

What do you think? Leave comments!

Happy Earth Day!



  1. i really didn’t feel any disco vibe while watching the show.. last week after hearing it’s going to be disco week i’m so excited but after watching the show, i’m so disappointed and i think that it’s much better to be called trainwreck week..

    only kris did a good job, for me.. allison showed of her great vocals but the song was SOOOO not for her.. slow version doesn’t work.. danny and adam are too predictable, nothing new.. and lil, matt and anoop are just so boring.. they’re falling apart..

    I TOTALLY agree with you for saying season 7 is the best season ever.. i loved every single finalist there.. popularity-wise and talent-wise, SEASON 7 is the BOMB!!:) speaking of season 7, i miss them so sooo much!:(

  2. There will be some sort of issue, I think, if Lil and Anoop were voted off at the same time. If it happens, AI may be called racist or something. But I’m not saying, though, that THAT elimination pair is impossible.

  3. “I still think that Season 7 is the best season ever.”

    I agree that it is one of the best. But I do think IMHO that Season 5 was the best/has the most talented contestants. Just opinions. It’ll be unfair if I’m flamed for just opinions. T-T

    • Hehe, no one is flaming you. 🙂 S7 and S5 seems to be the best season of all. I think we can all agree on that! Its so unfortunate that S5 produced a bad winner though.

      I like your opinion on the racist comments, thats really insightful.

  4. I’m sorry but I actually liked Matt’s performance. Lil, Anoop, and Gokey were worse, IMO.

    In my opinion, season 5 was the best season, with the exception of the winner.

    Here’s hoping Matt will be saved tomorrow.

  5. Everyone is predictable cuz they sing in their own ways. Part deux, part trois,… part cent of Mad World, they are still Adam!

  6. I never really follow any season …
    I started watching season 7 when both davids were left, LOL.
    My first impression was David Archuleta … since everyone was talking about him .. but after watching .. I immediately preferred Cook 😀

    It seems like Adam is taking the lead … while the 2nd best might be miles away.

    But honestly, I don’t really like Adam =/ no offense.

  7. hey raph!
    racist. yeah. maybe. no more black guy/girl. but lil an anoop really suck, don’t they?

    anyway. yes! kris was the best. hehe. i think my idol’s got a chance in winning this thing.

    matt’s was awesome, too. he’s sick that’s why he didn’t have that much energy, man.

    well. bye bye lil and anoop.

    my best season: 7. hands down. i didn’t like season 5 that much. i think carrie’s was better. but the davids were on the roll last year. well, IMO.

    anyway, happy earth day everyone!


  8. mmm here’s the thing with saying “ever”. season 4 had GREAT contestants. carrie underwood, bo bice, anthony federov, scott savol, antwon robinson, vonzol…. THEY could riff. i mean they could sing, ANYTHING. loved that season. esp bo bice’s acapella in the finale. just mindblowing…

    i will admit that since david cook, this is the first season where we’ve seen so many artists reallly really really stand out to be more original and that makes it exciting but do they have the same vocal talent as season 4? some sure… but like you said, danny is standarized,, lil is gone, anoop can’t sing. and adam’s been the clear winner by a LONG shot. season 4 you didn’t know cuz they were all THAT good.

  9. yup~ as for me Season 7 is the Best!!! 😀

  10. Season 7 is *the* best season by far. I mean, I enjoyed seasons 4-6 a lot (more than earlier ones), but in terms of the actual season and the post-Idol talent, 7 wins hands down. I already own records from both Davids, Kristy and Amanda, and I can’t wait to get Brooke, Carly and Michael. Heck, maybe even Jason.

    Season 4 produced Carrie and Bo who I both love, but no one else really. The top 6 were mostly average (Vonzell was OK).
    Season 5 produced Daughtry, who I also love, but the final was a snoozefest…I didn’t want either of them to win. And come on – Kellie Pickler?
    Season 6 I really enjoyed – it’s probably my second favourite. But there was Haley ‘legs’ Scarnato…

    Of course, I agree that tastes are personal and can appreciate everyone’s different preferences.

    Anyway, this season…if it’s not an Adam/Allison/Kris final 3, it will suck.

  11. Season 7 IS the best season! David Cook forever!! haha.

    The disco week was pretty rough. Only Kris and Adam really did awesome. Allison was alright. I’m rooting for them to be in the Top 3 😀

    The others are just getting really boring. Lil and Anoop should go home this week D:


  12. Danny, what ever happened to the once “humbled” Danny that admitted that he sucked at dancing. He sings well but each passing week its predictable that he would be safe and he probably knows it too and has anyone noticed that he is a getting more and more “ego” now.

    Bottom 3 – Lil, Matt and i hate to say it Anoop. Matt was worth the judges save but i reckon Lil’ should have been out ages ago.

    Final 3 – Adam, Kris & Allison but with Danny’s fan base around anything could happen.

    ps. David Archuleta was over here in Malaysia some 2wks ago and i was there for his showcase. IT WAS AWESOME to watch him perform live.

    • Glad to know that there are a few of us around this part of the world. 🙂 I couldnt watch him live unfortunately, but my friend went, and she said he was awesome too. I dont doubt it one bit, I saw the videos some users uploaded on Youtube, and he was mind blowing.

      • he’s coming to the philippines too! may 16. with cook aww, how i wish i could watch them. but the tickets are immensely expensive (for my wallet). huhuhu

        • Lol yeah. I heard about the epic Davids concert. Lucky!! You pinoys always get all the fun!

  13. it’s a trainwreck. i just wonder, how could you call disco a disco if the songs aren’t upbeat/uptempo??? i feel that there were only a few of them who grasp the meaning of this week’s theme. but nonetheless, some of the songs i really liked. i loved kris’s. for the first time in idol season 8 i want to download a song and it’s his. i also liked adam, those kinds of songs suits him better, in my opinion anyways. allison, was also amazing. lil, she’s lost. anoop did a good with the vocals but the song choice? i’m not sure. danny, the super predictable guy. he sang a song that his bestfriend sang in the early auditions, if i remember correctly..

    and you’re right the best idol seasons were 5 and 7. but they could’ve picked katharine mcphee as the winner in s5 though. in season 7 i downloaded all the songs that you uploaded here for all the top12 contestants. but this year, i have no recordings at all until you upload kris’s “she works hard for the money”.

    • I feel you man, I agree with everything you said. Some songs don’t embody the disco mood at all.

      She Works Hard for the Money will be on soon! 😀

      You’re amazing, Randy.

  14. p.s. matt’s performance was a bit disappointing and to think that this week should’ve been his redeeming week..

  15. I think season 5 and 7 are better than this season, but no one’s better than ADAM! Hehehehe… I’m in love!

  16. lol i’ll agree with that… Adam Lambert by far is the best contestant AI’s had. though a very close second is David Cook.

  17. Kelly Clarkson is the Idol’s best contestant ever.

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