American Idol 8 – Top 7 [review]

April 15, 2009

Wow. Tonight’s performance can be summarized in one single word: trainwreck. Every single contestant fell short tonight. There was absolutely no standouts. And what was with all the duo comments? I mean, if you can cut the crap at the beginning of the show (all the ‘Your Highness, Simon Cowell!!’ nonsense), we would have more airtime for the contestants and the judges! Ridiculous.

Allison Iraheta – I thought she did decent, not too bad, not great either. It felt kinda old watching Allison perform this song, it reminded me so much of David Cook’s performance last year. Allison did her rock thing, and the judges are definitely starting to pimp her towards the end, ala Jordin Sparks in Season 6.

Anoop Desai – I really really hate to say this, but I thought that Anoop was the best of the night. It was smart of Idol to place Anoop in the second spot, this way he won’t make as much impact as those performing somewhere near the end. Anoop sang the tender moments on spot. Like Kara said, he’s definitely found his niche. But its getting boring, frankly. Enough ballads.

Adam Lambert – Idol just don’t have the guts to let Adam sing first do they? Another screaming performance from Adam. Like Simon said, there will be a group who love it and a group who hate it. I’m in the latter group. Amazing vocals no doubt, but all that screaming is just getting old.

Matt Giraud – I hate to say this too, but Matt was rather weak this week. He started off well with just the piano, but when the band came in it all just went downhill. Bummer. He could’ve killed it with just the piano. And more of the artistry bull from Kara. You can’t force the contestants into a box. They need to show variety. Hopefully he’ll live another week!

Danny Gokey – Danny tried to spice it up without his glasses. And it failed. He sang nicely, but just like Adam and Anoop, it’s getting old. Enough of Mr Emotion. The judges seem to be tired of it too. Simon hates harps. Hehe.

Kris Allen – Ouch, Kris. He started off good but then it just fell flat. I couldn’t feel the connection that Kris usually projects. It was definitely switched off this week. His voice didn’t suit the song at all.

Lil Rounds – This was soooo painful to watch. I wonder what Idol was thinking, giving Lil the pimp spot? She ruined it, I guess. “The Rose” is a beautiful song and Lil didn’t do it justice at all. It was so flat and toneless because she can’t sing those low, slow, soft notes cause Lil is a powerhouse. Her performance just went on and on. It was dreadful. And the Simon-Lil battle was immensely cringe worthy. I was hoping Lil would just burst into tears on stage, but instead she held them back and challenged Simon. I think that just sealed her fate that she’s going to be eliminated. Please just send her home already, I don’t think I can bear another week of them fighting. That’ll solve all the drama. And Paula wasn’t giving her props at all, she was telling Lil goodbye.

Simon was whacky tonight. He had so many facial expressions. From the vomiting to the eye-rolling, it’s like he’s tired of this whole competition, which is sad. There are some news flying around that Simon is going to quit Idol after this season. I really hope that doesn’t happen; Simon is the glue that sticks the judges together. And probably the one that makes the most sense.

What a horrible night.


My Top 3 2: Anoop & Allison.
My Bottom 3: Lil, Kris, Adam.
Who Should Go Home: Lil.
Who Will Go Home: Lil.

I’m betting on a Adam vs Allison final two. Danny will fall short and land in the top 3.

What do you think? Please leave comments!



  1. Funny. We’re majorly in contrast this week (except for Lil of course). Actually, i found the show pretty great. Maybe because, i know most of the songs they sang, but also, it wsn’t THAT bad.

    What happened to you? Did Anoop’s indian charm finally get to you? Hahaha. You’re getting swooned to the dark side, man. Hehe.

    And Kris’ was terrific. You agree with Randy. I agree with Kara.

    But, yeah, what’s up with Matt?

    But Adam, c’mon, his die hard fans would hate you. Hehe. He put on a great show, now you’re putting him in your bottom 3? Haha. But we both agree on him getting pretty predictable.

    Well, that’s that. See ya! Oh, and i finished my David Cook album review as you requested. (Where can i find zero gravity and the other Archie bonus track?)

    Thanks for the comment. [:

  2. […] Original post by Raph […]

  3. I think Adam rocks the most this week.

    I’m always rooting for Danny Gokey but it fell down a little bit. No matter what, I still like Danny and VFTW for him πŸ™‚

    • Umm, I dont think you’d want to use VFTW in your context next time. XD

  4. hey, i know this is nothing about this post.
    but, can you tell me how to make a cookie on your blog?
    because i’ve been searching for it, and until the last letter in this comment, i couldn’t find it.

    please, i need your help.
    thanks before. πŸ™‚

    • What do you mean, making a cookie on my blog? Please explain farther!

      • No no. I mean, how to make a cookie for the blog. I have a wordpress blog, too, and i wanna make a cookie for it.

        • Pardon me, but I dont exactly understand what you mean. What is a cookie?

          • Khh. That little thing on your blog. On the left corner of the tab. You changed the usual WordPress cookie to David Cook cookie.
            How to do that?

            • Ah. THAT Cookie. XD It isnt called a cookie, its called a blog picture. πŸ™‚ I call it a cookie, well cause there’s Cook!

              All you need to do is go to your dashboard -> settings -> blog picture and upload your picture there! Then you crop the picture to a fixed size and save.

              And there you have it! πŸ™‚

              Hope I helped out!

  5. Adam Lambert for sure will win american idol, thanx 4 the uploaded songs thanx a bunch….. ADAM i will win……

  6. Adam Lambert for sure will win american idol, thanx 4 the uploaded songs thanx a bunch….. ADAM will win……

  7. I thought this week everyone was pretty bad. I don’t know why the judges were going on and on about Alison, she wasn’t that great. Even last year, I didn’t think David Cook did that great a job. And come on, HE’S DAVID COOK. Anyway, if I had to pick a best of the night, I’d go with Adam. Partly ’cause I’m slightly biased towards him, and secondly, he was the only one that livened up the show! He was the only one that did an upbeat song, and I have to say, I was entertained.

  8. I don’t understand the praises for Alison either … I thought she sounded horrible with her croaky voice. I thought Adam did great; although I’m not a fan of that song, I thought he did sang it well. The rest of the contestants are a snooze last night.

  9. allison, i don’t also see why they’re all praises for her. may be they want to influence the audience so that a female will be in the top 3.

    anoop, his performance was okay but i really hate his dress sense.

    adam, great as expected and a great performance can’t be boring. i can see that adam really enjoyed performing tonight. i think he really mastered the song, his dance on the stage, and choreographed it even with the band and backup singers.

    matt, i think he’s trying to hard to be stellar that’s why he’s trying out different genre (rock, r&b), but he just fails miserably. he started off really well, but i guess he couldnt stand the pressure of performing after adam.

    danny, i slept through his performance. really! hahaha… but he was cute without the glasses. =)

    kris, nice performance but not that great to be in the top 3.

    lil, i feel sorry for her. she’s trying so hard but she needs a good coach/adviser on what to sing, how to arrange it, etc. a good voice is all she has.

    my bottom 3: matt, lil, kris
    who should go home: lil (but matt is in danger)

    thanks for the uploads!!!

    • That’s strange, I don’t think Adam does all his performances totally planned. I think he mentioned in an interview or something that when he rewatches himself he’s shocked at the stuff he did (so he probably did not choreograph it… Maybe he just had a basic plan on what to do, and then he just winged it out from there. The biggest evidence: Play That Funk Music, where he had to turned around – seemed to me like he was signalling the band, and where he danced around onstage. That seemed like a winging-it!Adam..)

      Ahhh here’s the link to that interview…

      • I think he conceptualizes and plans his performance every week. In every performance, he knows when to look at the camera, he has the best lighting because he directs that also (mad world, spotlight from the back, very effective!), he has the best dress sense which adapts to whatever song he’s singing but is still distinctively adam. he knows what dance to do and when to do it. there is no clumsy moment with adam.

        and the one you’re telling about turning around during play that funky music, he turned several times and it seemed to me that it was part of his choreography.

        go, go adam!

        btw, finally they used the save! (i really don’t agree with this new rule.) can’t wait for next week!! they’ll be eliminating 2 performers next week.

  10. Adam, Anoop, Allison
    The Triple A’s were the best in my opinion.

    Adam – You’ve got to hand it to this kid, he’s there to perform. He totally rocked out that stage! (I love seeing the band go crazy with him, even the headbanging thing with the organ-guy and backup singers). Can’t wait to see what he’s do if he had his own concert… (I’d buy his cd too, just to see what it would sound like…)

    Anoop – Wow. That was real good ‘noop-dawg. Love the smooth vocals. He may need to do something faster next week (if he survives this week), just so we can see some variety. The only problem with him is that he’s slightly lacking in stage presence (his fast songs came out awkward to me). But this guy could do well. (He should survive the week!!!)

    Allison – Yes, it was sung in a low tone and I kept expecting the high notes (I don’t think she reached them), but IMO, she was really cool tonight. I want her to continue to next week and see what she could do.

    In my heart I wish for a triple A top 3…Sigh. But since the most overrated Gokey has a lot of fans (I had no idea there were so many boring people buying this guy’s boring shit every week, blegh..!), this wish may be just that: something to hope for.

    (Let’s face it, you fell asleep after Adam’s performance. I mean, 5 slow paced songs CONTINUOUSLY? With Matt and Mole, Danny sans 37pairs of Glasses, Kris–I want to like him, but I keep forgetting him sometimes–, and Inconsistent But Consistently Boring Lil… Gawd, I fell asleep and woke up in time for Lil’s comments at the judges.)

    • why do you people love anoop?

      • Now now, respect people’s opinions. πŸ™‚

        • sorry sorry. being a good boy. 0:-)

      • LOL. πŸ˜€ Why do you like Matt? People re entitled to their opinion.

  11. I should say so – Kris Allen did the best performance amongst the 7. It so happened that he chose an obscure song which is definitely not familiar for the very pop cultured people out there. With songs like Falling Slowly, it is very difficult even for seasoned singers to interpret it their way. That would mean butchering the whole essence of the song. Kris interpreted the song as it should be with a nice buildup towards the middle of it and a quiet ending. And that’s justice! Yet, it is still very Kris Allen! Heard the comment of Kara, a singer-songwriter? That’s about it. Randy’s comment was definitely off and inconsistent as he has always been.

  12. I thought Adam and Kris were both spectacular and Anoop gets an honorable mention. For Kris, I love the movie and the song and thought he did a wonderful job. It was very heartfelt and warm, he didn’t oversing it staying right in the pocket where he belonged.

    Adam is well, Adam. I loved it and got teary eyed. If you love this kind of Soprano out of a male singer then you won’t mind the constant high notes. He reminds me of one of my favorite bands “Dream Theater”. The lead singer is James LaBrie.

    If you listen to this track around 3:40 you will see the resemblance.

    Lastly Lil…sad, so sad.

    • teary-eyed? he sang “born to be wild”…WILD…c’mon.

      *sorry raph for the comments. hehe. i have nothing better to do.

      • big thaaaaaaaaaaaanks, ralph. πŸ™‚

  13. You don’t acknowledge Adam’s brilliance the way it deserves. He’s spectacular. Not only will he win Idol this year, but they may just wrap up the whole show forever because he makes everyone else who’s ever been on it look silly and inept. Any future seasons would just be people commenting that “(Whoever) sure sucks compared to Adam.”

    Aside from that rant… Danny sucks cheese and simply bores me to death. He’s the most utterly devoid-of-personality contestant to ever make it this far. And Lil is painful to watch/listen to. No artistry, zero actual talent, and hasn’t been in tune since the auditions. I shan’t miss her when she’s gone… which will be tonight!

  14. hey. thanks! hehe.
    awww. no idol gives back this year? darn.
    i really love the audience last night, BOO ANOOP BOO ANOOP. hahahaha.

    i can’t find zero gravity anywhere! help me.. hehe

    anyway, you’re the man raph!
    love your blog, too.

  15. i have one more thing to tell you. check your header thingy (the edited david cook cd track list). it spells “ctaziness”. just so you know. hehe.

    • Sshhhhh, it was meant to be like that. πŸ™‚

      • oh. haha. i thought i finally got an eye defect. hehe

  16. Allison/Adam finale FTW! Can’t wait for the studio recordings.

  17. there. i found zero gravity. save the day? anyone?

  18. I personally think that Kris did an amazing job last night. Even though Anoop could only sing Ballads well, at least he can sing his ass off so I don’t think it’s right of you to say that. He clearly does NOT suck! Everyone that night was great except for Lil. That bitch definitely needs to go. Thanks so much for the downloads though. I’ll a comment soon…

  19. Correction: ‘ll leave a comment soon”

  20. Allison and Adam should be in the top 2!!

    Though I really like Matt and Kris too πŸ˜€

  21. i really hope matt make it to finale
    huge fans of him
    he really sounds like chris richardson

    maybe the ‘save’ will boost the fans
    but if he just make it to the top 3 is okay
    he will be huge like elliott yamin

    • I love that you refer to both Chris and Elliott, those two were my super favs from S6&5.

      Matt reminds me so much of them too.

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