American Idol 8 – Top 8 [review]

April 8, 2009

Tonight’s show was full of mixed reviews. The contestants performed songs from the year they were born.

Danny Gokey – Or should we call him, Daddy Oldey? As the oldest of the group, he went first, which I thought was pretty fair. Danny gave a solid good performance, but for me, it felt rather karaoke-ish. He’s not going anywhere though. Again, this week, he’s just predictable.

Kris Allen – Another mosh pit performer? Copy catting, Kris? Nah. But the consequences were the same: BAD REVIEWS. The moral of the story: DON’T PERFORM IN THE MOSH PIT. I don’t see the point of using the guitar though, you cant hear it over the noise. Kris is in trouble. But please don’t depart, Allen Cab.

Lil Rounds – Ummm, Lil? Where are you? Where is Mrs Lil “Call My Name” Rounds? I dont see her. Do you? I think she disappeared. Seriously. If Lil is a graph, she’s going downnnnnnnn to zero. The only thing I liked was the story of her little name.

Anoop Desai – I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time: Anoop’s fashion sense is terrible.  What an ironic song choice: “True Colours”. Ryan deliberately brought up the subject of Anoop being rude  to the Kara last week. True colours indeed. Teehee. His performance this week was nice. That being said, Anoop is just a one side performer. He can only pull off the softer ballads. A rocking performance? Not a chance.

Scott MacIntyre – I remember seeing Scott and the guitar on stage, and I was literally doing this. *facepalm* It would just give another reason for the judges to further credit him. Fortunately, he sucked. The end. Who’s going aboard the Scott train? I’m not. I’m afraid Scott will have to stick to playing scary scores on his piano. Easy equation:  Scott + Electric guitar = electric shock.

Allison Iraheta – LOL at Allison’s baby pictures. She hasn’t changed much. Her performance was very nice and smooth. I don’t think Allison has trouble conveying her personality, she gives us a lot of that every week.

Matt Giraud – When Ryan announced that Matt was singing “Part Time Lover”, I cringed so hard while screaming, “You are singing to your deathbed with that song!!!” to my TV screen. I was definitely fearing the worst. But then Paula stood up! Then Kara stood up! And hey! He could actually pull this one off! It was pure brilliance. His vocals were amazing, and we get the groovy Matt back. Paula and Kara got high after that. HOOT! Best. of. the night. And I loved the school play. Super adorable.

Adam Lambert – Adam really knows how to deliver, and that’s a huge plus. With only spotlights shining on his back, we couldn’t really see his face, while singing an eerie and haunting song, I guess that’s a smart move. His song choice was weird for me, its like he’s singing for the soundtrack of Twilight or something. However, he controlled his vocals exceptionally well, and look at that washed, clean face! Major plus. Simon standing up just sealed this fact: Adam Lambert is going to win.

Althought Adam Lambert is winning this year, I just cannot see him doing commercial cookie pop stuff that’s meant for the radio. Allison, Matt and Kris are the only ‘current’ ones in this bunch. So here’s to one of them winning. Sorry Adam.


My Top 3: Matt, Allison, Adam
My Bottom 3:  Lil, Scott, Danny
Who Should Go Home: Scott
Who Will Go Home: Scott

I think we can all agree on this: Scott, your choo-choo train has just departed.


What do you think? Who do you think did the best? Leave comments!



  1. I’ll feel bad if Scott will go home. *Awaiting for the studio performances. 😀

  2. I pretty much agree with you on everything. Although I can’t decide who my favourite of the night was, Adam or Matt (leaning towards Adam).

    And I’m definitely ready for Scott to go home. Next to go (if they continue doing what they’re doing) would probably be either Anoop or Lil.

    I’m also pretty confident of Adam’s chances of winning, and I do agree that I can’t see him doing commercial stuff either, but I’m not thinking that far ahead right now. 😀

  3. seems that you don’t like Adam. i think he’s the best! at first, i didn’t like him (his style and his voice) but week after week he really drives me mad and i’m truly in love with him now. he’s just incredible!

  4. I agree with you that Scott should go home. That performance was hands down the worst. Even worse than watching Danny-Karaoke on that stage.

    Adam’s performance really reached out to me. There’s a lot of emotion on that one, I actually ended up crying when he reached the verse:

    Went to school and I was very nervous
    No one knew me, no one knew me
    Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson
    Look right through me, look right through me

    …I dunno. Matt was good, but Adam’s…was just BEAUTIFUL. I cannot imagine this season without him. If he wins, and gets a cd out, I’m definitely buying it. Concert? I’m there too. He totally won me over this week.

  5. i like adam, too. but i don’t like him THAT much. he creeps me out sometimes. plus, he’s gay. i’m not a racist or anything. but i don’t get along with gay people that well.

    hey raph, because of you, i’ve started my own blog here on wordpress. and this IDOL 8 stuff, we’re kinda on the same page. i hate ANOOP, LIL, and SCOTT like you do. i think DANNY is just too damn predictable. and i think MATT and KRIS are awesome. but you’re voting for MATT, i’m for KRIS. haha.

    ralphgregor.wordpress.com >> visit me sometime. i review on their performances like you do. but i download their studios from you’re blog. i won’t post them, with respect to your copyright. see ya!

  6. Hi Raph.

    I think that you don’t like Adam .w. Can I ask why?

    He’s amazing O.O

    Danny: He’s performance was a copy cat of Tylor Hicks.

    Kris: I’m starting to like him, but I think he is in troubles this week.

    Lil: I like Lil a lot but she is in troubles too

    Anoop: Another Anoop-Dawg disaster. What you said about the ironic song was funny =P

    Scott: Another one who is in troubles. Well, it was nice see him without the piano…

    Allison: Solid performance, maybe she is save.

    Matt: I think the same thing… At the begining, “What a Bad Choice!”, at the final “Good job…”

    Adam: After seeing Simon standing up I can say only one thing: Adam will win! And I’m happy about that =P

    Bttm 3: Anoop, Scott, Lil
    Eliminated: Anoop/Scott


    • I do like Adam, its just that he’s not one of my favs. I like his performances, I think he’s totally original and super innovative. It’s just that Adam doesnt appeal to me much, so he isnt really one of my favs. I do like him though.

  7. confession: i am a adam-convert. he rocked this week. nobody did as well as him- far from it. it’s like a sequel, a follow-up to his “Track of my Tears”. sequels and follows-up usually suck, but gosh, who knew, he OWNED this song.

    and another confession: i LOVE this website. HAHAHA

    yes, kris is definitely in trouble this week. thing is, americans might not realize it, and his fans might get a little sloppy. so you never know. after weeks of rather predictable departures and eliminations (except for alexis grace of course) maybe the bomb will drop and we might see kris exiting. I SURELY HOPE NOT, THOUGH! 🙂

    thanks for this amazing site, mate!

    • Thank YOU for visiting frequently. Im nothing without you guys. 🙂

      I agree, Adam is on a roll. But here’s the all important questions: has he peaked too soon?

      I cant stand another shocker elimination. That’ll be harsh.

  8. raph you’re prediction is true! Scott went home!

    and i find it pretty funny that anoop was in the bottom two again.. two consecutive weeks.. he reminds me of kristy lee last season!

  9. is is just me or you deleted my comment? (is that even possible?) awwww.

  10. whoah, i guess i’ve been absent for quite a while hehe..

    scott really SUCKED this week. he always get the pity votes, he should’ve went home last week instead of megan. there is seriously something wrong with his vocals, i just can’t figure out what. maybe its his vibrato or maybe it was his hideous falsetto, it’s not polished. after i hear him yesterday, i said to myself he is going down. who knew i was right! just like you. we almost always have the same point of views here hehe.:D

    adam, was amazing last night. i’m not a big fan of his because of his being overrated and all, but yesterday was a different story. he MIGHT be the next american idol because of simon’s standing ovation. i guess we have to wait and see.:D

    anoop, i liked his rendition of true colors yesterday. before i liked him so much because he has the r&b vibes but his arrogance level is growing and growing every week which makes me dislike him. i hate arrogant people.

    matt, was also amazing last night. kris, did poor. but i am still routing for the both of them. i liked the solid performance of allison she’s definitely one of my favorites. lil, was at a 50/50 condition, she’s losing her touch. i wasn’t able to watch danny’s so i can’t comment.:D

  11. I just heard the studio versions for this week.
    I have to say the best 2 by a mile were Danny and Matt. Either could both be number 1 in the charts if they were released today. They blow the rest away this week in my opinion.

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