American Idol 8 – Top 9 – Results [review]

April 2, 2009

So! The results show was better than I expected. Seriously.

Megan Joy Corkrey
was sent home this week. That was predictable. No shockers or people-who-shouldnt-be-in-the-bottom-three-but-they-appeared-there-for-no-reason. Thank you, Idol. Megan was a good sport from the start, I loved her quirky personality and bright outlook on everything. Even while hitting the bottom three she still managed to smile and wave at the camera every single time, its like she’s completely oblivious to the fact that she’s going home. And when she retorted that she didn’t care about Simon’s opinion, that sealed her fate on the show. Nevertheless, she’s a good person, the kind of person you’d wanna hang out with. Goodbye Megan! CAW CAW!

megan corkrey

Allison Iraheta landed in the bottom three along with Anoop Desai. Anoop’s there because he had a bad week. Allison is there simply because she do not have enough fans. Which is a pity cause this girl can rock. I think out of the remaining contestants, the ones with the biggest and most solid fanbases are Adam and Danny’s. Duh. Lil seems to have quite a big following as well. While for people like Matt, Kris and Allison, it depends on how well they do each week. They’ll receive votes from their comparatively smaller fanbases, and some boost from non-fans as well for their good performance.

I’m putting my bets on now. Either Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey will be in the finals. I don’t think there’ll be room for two of them, one of them will do. They can’t not win by the rate of their votes every week. It’s too high. Hopefully a dark horse will gallop around soon. So far, its fair game for everyone.

Other than the usual stuff, I think its totally great that Idol decided to show some behind-the-scenes stuff. Like the scenes from the mansion, studio recordings and just the daily routine of being on the show. We get to see what the Idols do and connect with them more. Matt being the impersonator totally cracked me up. His carbon copy of Danny’s “Hero” was totally spot on. Even Scott and his quadruple chocolate cake was funny. So was Anoop’s impersonation of Kris. Allison and Danny’s weren’t that good though. Hehe.

All in all, I think the highlights of the night would have to be the performances. David Cook totally rocked it with is new single. Hope that’ll boost sales! GO COOK! It’s nice to see him grace the stage again with his AC guitar. Who cares if its pre-taped. It’s DAVID COOK!! And congrats to Cook for his new frame for achieving platinum sales for his debut album. He can hang it next to his shiny “The Time of My Life” one.

However, Lady Gaga totally stole the show. She was AMAZING. I love the acoustic version of “Poker Face”, which then evolved into the main version. Genius. If Lady Gaga were to be an Idol contestant, the others can kiss the title goodbye. Lady Gaga was on fire!! Crazy dance moves + great singing = ZOMG performance. I hate the zipper thing around her eye though, that was creepy.

Allison’s “Hello familiar chair!” is stuck in my head. Something tells me she’s going to get along with those chairs more than she thinks.

Next week’s theme, “Songs From the Year You Were Born”. I’ll be looking forward to that. Here’s to Anoop or Scott leaving next week.

What do you think of the results? Leave comments!

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  1. I absolutely agree that Lady Gaga stole the show. Phenomenal!

    Why is it that Lady Gaga can do all that dancing and still sing live, but the Idols can’t do a couple spins during the group song without lip syncing to a track? Isn’t this a singing competition?!

  2. […] Original post by Raph […]

  3. I still say Lambert for the win but just you wait, Kris allen’s gonna be that dark horse that could take danny’s spot, just like Jordin Sparks just crept up in the last few rounds last year.

  4. love megan too much to be objective here, i’m sorry. 😦 but c’mon, scott and anoop?! why couldn’t they go first! ugh.
    if allison goes out next week, just because of poor fanbase
    i am so gonna flip and die.

  5. i’ll miss her sooooo much!!:( she landed in the ninth place, same place as ramiele who was my favorite last season.. why does my favorites land on the ninth position? it’s kinda coincidental!:)

  6. Megan’s studio recordings are so much better than her live performances. She needs to record. GO MEGAN ❤

    Scott being exceptionally good this evening pretty much sealed her faith.

  7. Scott was my fave of the night but Adam is still my fave of the season and Kris put in a solid performance. I didn’t get Lil, Alison or Megan this week and I can’t even remember what Anoop sang. Matt was OK but he looked nervous out there in the crowd and I think it hurt his performance. Danny was well, Danny.

  8. Will you be able to get the studio versions of this week’s songs?


    • Yup. Im currently uploading them. So sorry for the hold up.

  9. Huhu 😦 Megan is out and I missed the show yesterday. Double sad! I really liked her very much some might think her performances are week but for me it’s a breath of fresh air. Away from all the usual music genres we here in our radios over and over and over and over again. I seriously think, that the judges will save her but I guessed wrong.:( Now, I’m rooting for Matt or Kris because Danny and Adam are so overrated. Danny is the 2nd David Cook for me. Where’s the variety in that? And I agree with you when you say that both Adam and Danny are predictable. It’s so true!

  10. you are so right! Lady Gaga stole the show! I love the piano part on her Poker Face.

    • There is an all acoustic version of Poker Face floating around the internet that sounds like a live version from a concert she’s done. It’s awesome, plus you can understand all the words when its slowed down and see that she is actually a great pop songwriter.

  11. I so love Kris’ performance. The performance of Adam and Danny will always be solid, when will they let a person with the smooth RNB feel win? I’m routing for Matt or Kris. 😀

  12. Anoop is nxt to go. really. he acts like a spoilt child. adam,kris and danny..way to go!!

  13. These are my thoughts… I’d say the final will be between Lil Rounds and Adam Lambert; at least if the selection will be on talent. Danny will end 4th, after Kris. Kris is a good performer but he will end higher based upon his looks rather than his talent. Danny is a good artist too and he will have his commercial succes. However he also ends up higher based on his sad history that features a bit too much instead of his talent.

    PS: Can someone please take Scott Wonder from the stage? He’s far not talented enough to stay in the race (not to begin with from the top 36).

    • We all want him off the stage. 🙂 Hopefully he’ll fall soon.

      • well he do fall this week!:) i just hope that he falled earlier than megan!:(

        • i completely agree with you, jhonny. he should’ve went home last week rather than megan.. 😦

  14. I want Allison, Danny, and Adam in the Top 3! xD

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