American Idol 8 – Top 9 [review]

April 1, 2009

My thoughts on this week’s top 9:

Anoop Desai – Oh boy. What a disaster. It was like “Beat It” all over again. Not good at all. I think Anoop has had his rounds, his time is up. He’s the only one who I kept forgetting week after week. He needs to go.

Megan Joy – Oh Megan… I love her a lot, but she was just boring. I think Megan will go home this week. I really hope not, but I guess she will. ‘Trainwreck’ is how I’d describe her this week.

Danny Gokey – Danny might have performed good tonight, but he’s just so… predictable. Every week he only performs well known songs. He doesn’t take risks. He’s just bland and boring. And predictable. If it weren’t for his ’emotional connection’ tonight, he’d be at the bottom.  However, I didn’t feel him at all tonight.

Allison Iraheta – Allison did rather well with her song. Her voice suited the rock edge of the song perfectly. Its sad that the judges only commented on her wardrobe, its a singing competition for goodness sake. Not a fashion show. As if Simon knows much about fashion anyways. Blah. I loved that Allison whipped out her guitar tonight. Wardrobe aside, I liked it.

Scott MacIntyre – I really really hate to admit it, but i think that Scott was great tonight. The new hairstyle, the new look, the new confidence, I thought it was brilliant. I was seriously prepared to watch him go home this week. Alas. Good Scott.

Matt Giraud – Matt was the only person in during the whole one hour and a half show that I really thought was a star. I don’t know about the judges, but from my point of view, I felt like I was watching a live concert. He was amazing. Like com’on! Give him points for taking the stage, off the stage! Literally! Like, who performs in the mosh pit! That’s one of a kind! And his falsetto in the middle of the song, that was superb. The way the lights hit him and the power of his performance was amazing. He seriously deserves more credit than what the judges gave.

Lil Rounds – Lil, the new Sanjaya? Why the constant hair-do switch? I hated her hairstyle tonight. It’s so… old. And it exactly reflects her song choice. She sang it amazingly though, the vocals were great. But the judges ain’t fans of huge songs, unfortunately. Lil seems to be sticking around for a while now… Hmmm.

Adam Lambert – Only an insane person would choose the song he picked tonight. That being said, Adam did fairly well. But just like Danny, my problem is that it was so predictable. You know he’s going to dance. You know he’s going to give a LOT of those crazy high notes. Its so expected, it just gets boring.

Kris Allen – Pimp spot well deserved. Kris was hands down, the best of the night. No contest at all. Amazing. I think that this week is the first time we get to see Kris as a real power player. Watch your back, guys!

I hate it when the judges contradict themselves, one moment there are trying to push you to give variety, and another moment they’re forcing you to stay in your box which are full of their visions of you. We can’t  bear seeing the same side of a contestant for 12 weeks straight! Seriously.

In my point of view, up till now, none of the contestants have delivered a superb performance yet. The Davids set the bar really high last year with consistent terrific performances. There isn’t a performance like “Hello”, “Always Be My Baby” or “Imagine” yet. We need a performance that people are going to remember forever. I guess Adam almost reached there with “The Tracks of My Tears” last week, but it hasn’t got to that ‘wow’ level yet. I’m still looking forward to that moment where we’ll all say ‘ZOMG!!!!’ And that performance will most certainly guarantee a win in the competition.


My Top 3: Kris, Matt, Scott
My Bottom 3: Anoop, Megan, Lil
Who Should Go Home: Anoop
Who Will Go Home: Megan

I am crossing my fingers for Matt now. He’s worth saving. I hope he doesn’t fall into the dreaded bottom three again. He doesn’t deserve it. Judges, please be reasonable to save him if he’s eliminated.
Honestly, the only thing I’m looking forward to tomorrow is David Cook performing. The results show would send me to the edge of my seat. Eeek.


What do you think? Who do you think did the best? Leave comments!



  1. […] Original post by Raph […]

  2. I have to agree that most of the live performances are getting boring, dragging at times, too. but it would also be extra nice to listen to the studio recordings as well, (thanks to -MDOC- for those, keep ’em comming!). the boys are really rulling the show, especially now that Megan just sucked again and is about to pack her bags and go tomorrow.
    See you around Corkrey.
    Can’t wait dor DC.

  3. No “wow”-moment? Adam’s “The Tracks Of My Tears” was a-ma-zing! He is a phenomenon already. The wow factor is invented for this guy…

    Cheers from Europe!

  4. i love kris..i think he was great with a guitar, i didnt know he also played the piano he was great last night!

  5. I’m so glad that someone actually agrees with me that Matt’s performance was Great!!! The judges tore him down, but in my eyes, he was one ofthe best of the night. He did something different with his song and performance and deserved a lot more credit than the judges gave him. Thanks for the post!!! Long Live Matt Giraud

  6. I love you and all you do for idoldom with this site… but seriously, Matt? I agree he’s taleneted… even great; but his top-9 performance was an absolute disaster. And Lil did not sing her song great; she didn’t even manage in-tune! Adam’s been ZOMGing us since his first note of the season. This is not a competition, it’s 13 chances to watch Adam sing.

  7. I pretty much agree with you 100%. Adam’s still my favourite, because I feel like he’s the only one with true star quality and he also started the competition ahead of everyone else, but who knows, the others might start catching up to him soon. His performance tonight was definitely predictable, and my favourite, like everyone else’s, was Kris’.
    I’m thinking Anoop will go home since Megan seems to have more fans than he does.

  8. the best was definitely Kris
    i liked megan though 😦
    i am in quite a distraught now that there’s only 2 girls left in the competition. UGH

  9. not a “wow” after “Tracks of my tears”? the song is just so amazing thanks to Adam. Ok, he’s predictable, but predictable in such a way that we can’t predict. Like what Kara said, people cannot wait to see what he’s gonna do next. though i love david archie, still think adam so far is the best singer.
    sorry i don’t like Matt though. He’s good, he’s talented but he just cannot touch me.
    Megan and Anoop: they both deserve a home sweet home journey

  10. i’ll miss megan:(

  11. Hi Raph.

    Well, I have to admit that most of the live performances are becoming bored this season. But thanks to Matt, Adam, Danny and Allison, I don’t get sleep =P

    I’m totally desagreed with you about Adam. He is not that predictable. Last week when he sang “The Tracks of My Tears” I was suprised about Adam’s look and performance. He and Matt (and maybe Danny) are the only ones who really are stars.

    I will miss Megan. =(


  12. you know what, im also support for matt giraud
    i think he done so well when he sang the fray
    but i agree with judges that he should do apologize

    go matt G

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