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American Idol 8 – Top 36 – Wildcards + Results [review]

March 7, 2009

The Wildcard show in quick words.

Jesse Langseth. Nice girl. Like her personality. Hate her choice of songs.
Matt Giraud. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Haters to the left. (that includes Simon too)
Megan Corkrey. Cute. LOVE her song choice. Sang along. Windmill moves!
Von Smith. Dull. Someone had just died. No chance at all. Dunno why he’s there.
Jasmine Murray. Like her. Good. Her voice is so strained though.
Ricky Braddy. Glad he’s back. Nice moves! Nice. Could’ve done better.
Tatiana Del Toro. Was on the floor laughing my ass off.  In hysterics. Same song AGAIN? Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Tatiana rocks.
Anoop Desai. Sucks. Bad song. Bad performance. Humph. Overrated.

And the judges picked….

Jasmine Murray! Yay! She won’t go far though.
Megan Corkrey! Love love love her.
Matt Giraud! Duh. He’s destined to be in the top 12.
And… Anoop Dawg. Boo. Fail.

Tatiana Del Toro should’ve been in there.
Ricky Braddy was robbed.

Top 12 13 starts next week!! Who will rise? Who will fall? Double elimination coming up?

What do you think of the top 13? Leave comments!
Sheesh. Saying top 13 is such a mouthful.


American Idol 8 – Top 36 – Group 3 – Top 3 + Wildcards [review]

March 5, 2009

So! Who else was feeling super duper hyper-actively ecstatic after today’s results show? I DID!!!


Lil Rounds was, expectantly, the top female of the bunch. Her happy-go-lucky attitude plus her powerhouse (and creative) singing won her the top spot. Hooray for Lil!


Scott MacIntyre was too, expectantly, the top male of Group 3. All it takes is a little blindness and some passion to put you through to the next round. I’m not really convinced about Scott, I think he just got it there because of his sob story.


Jorge Nunez received the third highest number of votes with his Latino flavour, Spanish blubbering and tears. Honestly, if he didn’t broke down at the end of his performance, I doubt he’ll even sail through.

Okay, so whatever about the top 3 from Group 3. The real fun part was when Ryan announced that there will be 8 Wildcards chosen by the judges performing tomorrow. All the contestants that didn’t made it via votes had another chance of rounding up the top 12. This was where all the adrenalin began. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat clutching a pillow and shouting “MATT GIRAUD!!!!” to my TV screen.

Lo and behold, Kara announced that Matt Giraud was getting another chance. I seriously cheered so loud I’m surprised anyone within a one mile radius didn’t hear me. Hehe. Maybe not that far, but you get the idea. I could almost kiss Kara for announcing it, though I will not take back all the bad stuff I said about her. Oops.

Who else was in the Wildcard Eight? Almost all my favourites, to sum it up. Jasmine Murray, Megan Corkrey and  Ricky Braddy were among my favourites.  I jumped in joy when they made it. And of course, the one that I cheered for the most (besides Matt) was Tatiana Del Toro. I was super excited that Tatiana was chosen to be in the Elite Eight. Tatiana seriously rocks.

I don’t really care much for Von Smith, Jesse Langseth and Anoop Desai at this point. I don’t understand why the judges chose Von, he has zero chance of making it to the top 12. And IF he really makes it, I’ll promise not to curse Kara again. As for Anoop, I think he’s really overrated.

Who SHOULD have been in the Elite Eight? Felicia Barton, in my opinion. I thought she did great yesterday. They definitely should’ve picked her over Von.

SO! Tomorrow the Eight will battle it out for the last three spots! I really hope it’s a two-guy-one-girl thing again. That way the top 12 will be comprised of 8 males and 4 females. The males really own the females this year.


What do you think? Ecstatic or just plain bummed? Leave comments!

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