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American Idol 8 – Top 11 – Studio Recordings [download]

March 19, 2009

Thanks for the support guys. Keep ’em comin’! I’m going with Mediafire for the whole season, since you guys have no objections with that. This week, the Idols tackle country music.


– American Idol 8 – Top 11 Studio Recordings –
Grand Ole Opry Week

Track List:

  1. Michael Sarver – “Ain’t Goin’ Down (Till the Sun Comes Up)”
  2. Allison Iraheta – “Blame It On Your Heart”
  3. Kris Allen – “To Make You Feel My Love”
  4. Lil Rounds – “Independence Day”
  5. Adam Lambert – “Ring Of Fire”
  6. Scott MacIntyre – “Wild Angels”
  7. Alexis Grace – “Jolene”
  8. Danny Gokey – “Jesus Take the Wheel”
  9. Anoop Desai – “Always On My Mind”
  10. Megan Joy Corkrey – “Walkin’ After Midnight”
  11. Matt Giraud – “So Small”

Most of the tracks are decent, I love a lot of them. Turns out they can sing country afterall. Standouts tracks are Matt Giraud and Kris Allen’s. These two totally own the others this week. Amazing tracks with amazing vocals. Must have.

A tribute to the unjustful elimination of Alexis Grace.

Enjoy! Please leave comments!


American Idol 8 – Top 11 – Results [review]

March 19, 2009

I still feel that the show is getting clumsier and messier each week.  This show is, unfortunately, going down the drain.

Stupid judges save. Alexis Grace got the boot this week. And that just shows how cruel America can be. One bad performance and you’re axed. The judges didn’t even bother to save her. I was desperately hoping that they’ll use the save on Alexis and dispose of it once and for all. It’s an evil thing, I tell ya!

alexis grace

Of course, despite singing her heart and soul out and choking on lyrics and already on the verge of tears, the judges thought “it wasn’t good enough.” Well, DUH! She’s obviously nervous and sad that she’s going home! How can a person who’s just received bad news sing well? Poor Alexis.

Although Alexis’ elimination wasn’t shocking (but unjust), Michael Sarver being in the bottom 3 was. Michael was one of the best yesterday, I felt that him being in the bottom 3 was just unfair. Allison Iraheta did decent too. These two shouldn’t be sitting on the stools at all. Fans, that’s what they’re lacking… Well, at least they’re going on tour!

Carrie Underwood came out. WTF is she wearing? Her dresser/stylist should be fired. Hehe. She sang beautifully though, while Randy Travis only sang like, what, 5 lines?

Motown week next week! Imagine how Alexis could’ve shine doing them bluezy songs.


AI8 – Alexis = good or bad? Please leave commens!

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