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American Idol 8 – Top 11 [review]

March 18, 2009

Quick sprints!

Michael Sarver – The tongue-tying Norwegian! No idea what he sang, but loved his energy and his jokes. The quotes that came out of his mouth were more golden than Simon’s tonight. “If we were all perfect, we wouldn’t need this show.” WORD.

Allison Iraheta – Loved her. Loved her energy. She kept doing twos with her fingers. You know what? placed her second to last tonight. Foreshadowing much? Hmmm…

Kris Allen – He shaved. Hehe! Very nice performance. Very heartwarming and sincere. Simon loved it and hinted that Kris could win this thing. He’s having a boycrush.

Lil Rounds – Painful. Painful whole way through. So awkward during judging. Poor Little. Hope you do better next time.

Adam Lambert – One expression:  0.O Ummm… What? Was is supposed to be satanic? Demotic? Hypnotic? Emo? Goth? Rock? EROTIC? Oh wait, its country week… Super weird. I could only glance at my TV screen in horror.

Scott MacIntyre – *yawn* Here comes the ballads! It was boring, but I must admit, Scott sure can crack jokes. I’m on Paula’s side, no more piano driven inspirational angel loving songs,  please. Simon vs Paula was hilarious.

Alexis Grace – I blame it on you, Ryan Seacrest. The whole way through Alexis’ performance I was thinking how much she looks like Dolly Parton. Whoa. Why “Jolene”? I didn’t really like it. Brooke White last season nailed the song though.

Danny Gokey – thinks he is an angel. *pukes* What’s up with the white overcoat with the popped up collar? He looks like a chubby polar bear with glasses. No offense, Danny. Besides dressing as an angel, he butchered Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel”. Butchered as in ruined it. I preferred his first half of his song rather than his screechy second half, to be honest. Paula doesn’t want to admit that she’s wrong about Danny.

Anoop Desai – Anoop? You’re still there? I barely noticed. I walked away to grab some food during his performance. I heard that he ressurected from the dead. Oooh. He can join Danny the angel.

Megan Corkrey – I refuse to say Megan Joy. Poor Megan was sick with the flu. She did decent though despite the bad coughing. She looked absolutely stunning, singing aside. STUNNING.

Matt Giraud – I was right about him getting the pimp spot this week. Matt did “So Small”. T’was AMAZING. Seriously. AMAZING. I cannot wait for the studio version of this. Matt got compared to Michael Buble today. Let’s see… He’s got Elliott Yamin, Taylor Hicks, Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble under his belt. Wonder what he’ll get next week. Again, Matt was AMAZING. Paula almost burst into tears. Go figure!


DialIdol hates Megan, Allison and Alexis. NOOOOOO…

My Top 3: Matt, Kris, Michael.
My Bottom 3: Lil, Adam, Alexis/Scott.
Who Should Go Home: Lil,  Scott.
Who Will Go Home: Alexis/Megan.
I Want Him/Her to Go Home ASAP: Anoop.

I hate the judges’ save. Its so bias.

What do you think? Who did the best? Who sucked? Leave your comments!