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American Idol 8 – Top 13 – Results [review]

March 12, 2009

What a clumsy result show. Anyone else felt that? Everything was disorganized, Ryan was singing, the cameras were inattentive, the contestants were not well informed, Ryan was talking funny, and Jorge sounded horrible. Tsk. What has the show came to.

Anyways! The new twist was revealed. The judges will have one and ONLY ONE chance to saveĀ  a contestant that they think is worthy of staying for another week. Consequently, two contestants will be eliminated in the next week. The whole purpose of this is to avoid another “shocker elimination”. I think that’s just silly. Shocker goners = fun. It’s they try to twist the show so much the whole thing is now twisted. As if it wasn’t confusing enough already.

jasmine murray

We got introduced to the new mansion that the top 13 are staying in. It looks cool and swanky, with a bowling alley and huge bathtubs and a swimming pool, but its nowhere near as great as the houses from ANTM. The contestants are of course psyched to be staying there. Who wouldn’t be?

The “bottom four” (Ryan didn’t really say who were at the bottom) were Anoop Desai, Megan Corkrey, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez. No surprises, the four of them did the worst. I’m glad the results were justified. Jasmine and Jorge were sent packing. Goodbye Jsquared. We wont miss you. Seriously. Jasmine is a fine girl, but she just doesn’t connect with the audience, and her performances are so… off. Jorge on the other hand had a horrible night. He was atrocious. With his ridiculously accented “NO, NO, NO” at the ending of his song, it was painful. Judges didn’t even bother to save them. I would’ve sent Anoop home though, his performance was second to last worst. Alas, he’s got a huge fanbase…

jorge nunez

Contestant blunders! Ryan’s on crack tonight. Wassup with the last names, Seacrest? He made the contestants all jumpy and nervous. First, Matt Giraud was heading to the centre of the stage already before he was stopped by Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver. Next, Kris Allen volunteered to walk to the centre of the stage as well, before realizing Megan was the one who should be taking the walk. It was definitely funny to watch them mess up. Best part of the whole one hour show, in my opinion.

Kelly Clarkson performed! Love her. It’s like Idol is trying their best to keep refreshing our minds (as if we need it) every single week that they own Kelly and that she is ‘the original Idol’. Fail. Kanye West performed. Whatever. He was jumping all over.

New goodbye song! It’s Carrie Underwood’s “Home Sweet Home”. I would prefer David Cook’s “A Daily AntheM” though.

We say goodbye to Jasmine and Jorge. Now the real competition begins!


What do you think? Satisfied with the results? Who did the best? Who was the worst?

I miss Season 7.

[Pics from Yahoo!]