American Idol 8 – Top 36 – Group 2 – Top 3 [review]

February 27, 2009

Anyone else feels that having four judges is so… packed? It’s so claustrophobic over at the judges’ table. I used to like Kara, but now I see her as a useless extra to the panel. I cringe every time she gives a comment, its like she’s trying too hard to fit in. Kara, go back to producing music please. Leave the judging to the real judges.

So, group 2 is over! What a frustrating an interesting pile up of contestants. I mean, it’s so obvious that the producers want a select few to make it through that they had to compile almost all the best singers in one group to battle it out for what, 3 spots? Insanity! I really hate the new format. You cut 9 people off and let 3 people through. How fair is that? I really miss the old format where the lowest 2 contestants get eliminated and the rest can breathe for another week. Besides, it’s the only way you can watch each performer grow and monitor his or her progression. Duh.

And the highest male getter was…

matt g

Matt Giraud!

… I wish. Matt was my pre-show and current favourite to win it. He’s an awesome singer and performer no doubt, no one can deny that. But it came down to bad song choice. *facepalm* I didn’t think his rendition of Viva La Vida was that bad to be honest. However harsh the judges were, they still know that deep down, Matt is the one to beat. His Hollywood week performance, “Georgia” was hands down the best performance that day. I hope the judges has the brains to put him through to the WildCard round, and hopefully Matt will have the brains too to  choose the right song and blow Kara out of her seat and hopefully so far away that she’ll never return.


Obviously, the highest male getter was Adam Lambert. Duh. He’s like, the second most pimped contestant after Danny Gokey. Though I really think that Adam deserved this spot, he worked, or rather, sang hard (and high) to get into the top 12. I have nothing personal against Adam, but it was weird watching him perform with all the self touching and drag-ness. Nevertheless, congrats Adam, you deserved it! Those high notes are impossible. It’s interesting to see how well he’ll do in the future.


Allison Iraheta got the spot for the top female in the bunch. It was well deserved too, her performance of Alone was original and full of passion and confidence. I like Allison, she’s incredibly unique. Although the Kelly Clarkson comment is inevitable, sadly. She does resemble Kelly, if you look hard enough… Whatever. Allison rocks. Literally.


And the person who was lucky enough to sail through was… Kris Allen. I’m starting to think that America casted their votes based on looks, rather than vocals. Hehe. If you asked me about Kris Allen before this group performed, I’ll tell you I have no idea. If you asked me what song he performed after the show, I’ll tell you I have no idea. Weird, how is it that this forgettable guy got a spot in the top 12? Hmmm. Kris refreshed my memory with his encore performance of Man In The Mirror (which I thought he’d be dead with, cause Michael Jackson songs are always a no-no). But, if you ask me who Kris Allen is now, I’d definitely tell you he’s the guy who deserved the top 12 spot.

So who should’ve went through as well? MATT GIRAUD. He needs the WildCard round to save him now, and I’m pretty confident he’ll get another chance. Mishavonna Henson. She’s a cute one. I really really like her. Megan Cockrey. I’d love to see how far she can go with her soul, Brooke White-ish vibe.

Speaking of Brooke White, she was stunning tonight. Loved her new single.

There’s number 4, 5 and 6 of your top 12! Happy with the results?  What do you think? Leave your comments!

*still pissed with the producers* Get them, Normund.

[Pics from Yahoo!]



  1. Hey Raph!!

    It’s been a long time, but that long time feels like it was only yesterday. haha I hope you still remember me. :)Anyways, I really loved Megan’s performance she feels like she was having fun and she was able to show that through her performance. Even though there are few bad notes here and there it was still a nice performance worthy for the top 3 spots. And it was really sad when it was Kris who took the spot and not her. It’s not that Kris doesn’t know how to sing because he knows how to sing it’s just his song choice sucks big time! You see, my bets according to their song choices + performances were originally her, Adam and Allison. So I was right about the 2 and not about Megan.

    Anyways, enough about my ranting, you are very right that it is unfair that they group good people together and then let America decide. I absolutely agreed on what you said about that! It’s really unfair. Hope Megan, Matt and Anoop gets the wild card!:)

  2. good info…

  3. no prob~

    i think he will be in the wildcard group…

    the next 3rd group will be tough too!


  4. Haha! Hey Randy! Glad youre back! Thanks for visiting! *hi-fives*

    Thanks too, Milan!

  5. Unlike Danny Gokey, I really wanted Adam to go to the next round.

  6. Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

  7. Hi do you have the itunes studio mp3 of the top 36? Its available on itunes alrdy but sadly, the country i’m in does not allow me to make a purchase in itunes for the songs.

  8. Hi Raph.

    Well I’m back =P

    I think that this time AI will have better contestants in Top 12 than others seasons. I’m sad that they didn’t pick Matt Giraud 😦

    This group… my favorites are Adam Lambert *.*, Allison Iaheta and Matt.


    PD: Can you post the next time the interpretations? Thanks!

  9. Phi – I do have the itunes version, but they’re the same as live version, if not in better quality. There arent studio versions, those only come out during the top 12. I will be posting the studio versions starting from the top 12. But right now, since the songs arent studio versions, I wont be posting them up. Sorry I cant help you there, but Im sure you can find the links somewhere else if you still want them!

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