David Cook’s Second Single – Come Back To Me/Bar-Ba-Sol

February 20, 2009

David Cook has kept us waiting for a looooong time. Finally, the decision has been made! Come Back To Me will serve as the second single off his post-Idol, self-titled debut album.

david cook

Honestly, I’m disappointed, but not surprised at all. Come Back To Me has been one of the front-running candidates to be the second single, other than Declaration, Lie and Life On The Moon. Frankly, I think that Declaration, the first track of the album, would do wonders as the second single (it should’ve been released as first single!!). It has single potential written all over it. Besides, Cook has been performing the song in almost every one of his live shows.

Lie might even do well too, it’s one of the most popular songs on the album. Although it isn’t very upbeat and catchy, the slow rhythm and the beautiful lyrics might catch the hearts of many. Life On The Moon is one of those songs which will do great in mainstream music. Even Bar-ba-sol, one of the most talked about track on the album, might even generate success on the rock charts.

I don’t hate Come Back To Me, in fact, I love it, but it just isn’t right as a single. Of all the amazing songs on the amazing album, they HAD to choose the only TWO songs (other than TOML) that are NOT written by David Cook himself, to be released as singles. Its madness I tell you. No David = No success. Correct?

CBTM sounds similar to Light On, and I think it’s safe to say that the first single was kind of a flop, albeit reaching gold status, while the Magic Rainbow, The Time Of My Life is still enjoying huge success. Maybe we need more cheesy lyrics…?

That being said, the label should just release ALL his songs as singles. Everyone would be happy then. Hehe. I hope I’m proven wrong. Time will tell.

UPDATE!! Bar-Ba-Sol will be released alongside Come Back To Me! That made me a lot happier. This dual release will promise more success. BBS will be impacting the rock charts while CBTM will stay on mainstream music.

Support BAR-BA-SOL!!

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  1. They should DEFINITELY release all the tracks as singles. I think some of his songs will appeal to some audiences, and some to others, given all his “sides”, and they will all do well. My personal favorite is Avalanche.

    I’m also annoyed that the first two singles are the ones that aren’t by David Cook. What’s up with that?

    Anyway, I’m safe – I have the CD and can listen to them all whenever I want, and I have tickets to see him in New York in March. 🙂 But I’d like to see him have great success – he’s one of the best Idol’s ever.

  2. no matter what single he’ll be releasing,i’ll support it all the way!

    hooray for dc!!

  3. wow. i like declaration, lie and life on the moon much more than others as well! apparently bar-ba-sol seems to be one of the ‘favourites’ … wonder why.

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