American Idol Season 8 – Top 36 – Group 1 – Top 3 [review]

February 20, 2009

I’m a bit slow on the AI8 updates, been really busy lately. So, as everyone saw on the Wednesday results show (or Thursday if you live ahead of the US time zone), the top 3 from Group 1 are: Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver. Duh. How obvious.

First rounds of votings are always the most crucial, since first impression often burn into someone’s mind forever. So even if you improve ever so slightly in the next few weeks but did horribly on the first week, you’d still be categorized in the ‘bad’ title.


So, Alexis Grace emerged as the top female out of the females present in Group 1. Hallelujah. Alexis was amazing. She was soulful, confident and most importantly, sexy. I really hate the ‘Kelly Clarkson’ title dubbed by Simon almost every season, its getting old, but it’s good that Simon sees something in her that reminds him of his favourite winner ever. But, being called the dark horse, that is something. David Cook was given the dark horse title last year, and he won over original frontrunner David Archuleta. Simon always speaks the truth.


The top male was of course, obviously, Danny Gokey. DUH. Anyone who doesn’t realize this ever since Hollywood week is wrong in the head. Danny has been pimped by the producers every single week. Some (most) fall for his charm, looks, voice and his sad story. Others dislike his charm, looks and sad story. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category. Danny seems rather… fake, over the top and overly confident. That’s just my opinion, of course I have no idea how he’s like. I don’t like the vibe I’m getting from him. Of course, with all the hype generating around Danny, my opinion doesn’t really matter. Danny will be in the finals. DUH. It’s David Archuleta all over again (but at least I liked David).

michael s

Now the third lucky contestant with the third high number of votes was Michael Sarver. I think I can say this: everyone fell in love with Michael ever since he was shown in his auditions. Even Simon can’t deny his charm. In fact, I think its his charm alone that brought him into the top 12. For sure. I don’t have much to say about Michael, but if he sings consistently and ooze his charm every week, there is no doubt he’ll advance easily.

So who did I think should’ve been in the the top 12 as well? Ricky Braddy. Ricky reminded me a lot of Elliott Yamin with his rendition of A Song To You. It was soothing. Unfortunately, Elliott > Ricky by a mile, so. Brent Keith. Brent’s chances were badly hurt by lack of screentime, I though he did project who he was as an artist, so he should’ve advance as well. Tatiana Del Toro. YES. TATIANA. I love Tatiana. She was awesome, even better than most of the contestants!! I think Tatiana deserves another chance. Plus, she makes good TV. I hope she makes it past the Wildcard round.

So who sucked? REAL BAD? Stevie Wright. Casey Carlson. Stephen Fowler. Urgh I cant stand Fowler. He is sooooo annoyingly abysmal. He sucks, in other words. At least Stevie and Casey tried.

Support Alexis!
Go Tatiana!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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  1. what you said about Tatiana: totally true!
    And I think Jackie should’ve gone through… she was awesome, though she didn’t have the best vocals and apparently that was important here…

  2. You speak the truth. Gokey sucks, Ricky should have been in, and yes Tatiana was great, I will miss her.

    The only one I don’t agree with is Brent Keith. He was on Nashville Star and got in 6th place!!!!!!!! He’s already been on tv and doesn’t deserve another spot in my opinion. He deserved to be cut more than Joanna did.

  3. I agree, Gokey is over rated and I think they are pushing him to make people sick of him to acheive a shock Elimination, ala Laura White from X-Factor. She was majorly popular but people were put off by the constant praise, pushing and airtime she got to the point people were just sick of her.

  4. […] Stephen Fowler . Urgh I cant stand Fowler . He is sooooo annoyingly abysmal. He sucks, in other words. At least Stevie and Casey tried. Support Alexis! Go Tatiana! What do you think? Leave comments! [Pics from Yahoo!] …More […]

  5. Hi Raph.

    I miss the old format but this is not so bad. I think I love that they pick this 3. But Duh. How obvious [quoting you]. Michael Sarver is there because of his charm, but he has a good voice, not for a CD or something, but he has a good voice.

    Alexis Grace, love her! Over her sobstory she is amazing. Her interpretation was good and better than the others on Hollywood week.

    Danny Gokey, my friends and I call him “Cook 2.0”. He has asegured a spot on the Top 2. I don’t like the song that he sang but I love his performance.

    Amazing group.


  6. Hey Lipschitz! 🙂

    Cook 2.0? Barely in my opinion. Then again, everyone has their own views!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. My fav this year gotta be Danny Gokey! I just love his performances. Especialy on hero. Gave me goosebumps.

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