David Cook Vlogs: Declaration Tour

February 7, 2009

Not much this time, but David Cook makes sure that he’s still alive by posting another vlog.

Cook talks about his upcoming tour: The Declaration Tour (hopefully, hinting that “Declaration” will be the second single) and continues to thank his fans for the overwhelming support towards the tour. Yay!

Other Cook news (this is rather late), his debut self titled album is now platinum! Double yay! Double platinum, here we come!

Meanwhile, Matt Giraud has became my current fav on American Idol 8. Best part of it, he’s rumoured to be in the top 36! Goodbye to Emily Wynne-Hughes, who left during the brutal group rounds.

Go Cook!
Go Matt Giraud!

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  1. I was a HUGE David Cook fan this year.

    I said that this year I would just sit back, enjoy, and not get involved. I’m having to eat some crow.
    MATT GIRAUD. Something about this guy. He’s definitely my early-on favorite.

  2. Just wanted to say also that MATT GIRAUD is my favorite too.
    There really is something special about this guy.
    I hope he goes far. He can’t use his piano during the semis, but I still hope he can make it.
    Let’s just hope the judges are in his corner.

  3. I too am a big David Cook fan, and I, too, figured I wouldn’t get “involved” so much in AI this time… I was wrong! haha But, I’m not happy that Matt Giraud didn’t make it. I am so hoping the judges pick him for the wild card. There’s just something about him that I like; he has a cool vibe that is not forced, it’s just him; and his voice! He has so much talent. And yes, I wish he hadn’t picked the Coldplay song but he needs to be in the top 12 just for the way he sang Georgia in Hollywood; he’s a true artist and he’s my favorite and has been my favorite since the auditions. I want to like Adam Lambert but I don’t know, the hair is scaring me and when he hits the high notes it’s kind of shrill and his toungue sticks way out–I dunno, just not feeling him. I love Megan, hope she gets picked for wildcard too, something different, quirky and refreshing about her. Anyway, just praying that Matt Giraud makes it… I want to hear him sing ALOT more!!!

  4. We all do too, Blee. 🙂
    Matt FTW!

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