David Archuleta – A Little Too Not Over You Music Video

December 18, 2008

I’ve finally accepted that A Little Too Not Over You was selected as the second single from David Archuleta’s music video, and the song grew on me a lot as well. Now I’m glad it was chosen. Here is the music video that premiered on Yahoo!.

I like this music video. I think it’s nice, not really great, but nice. Archie looks so much older and matured here, it shows how much he’s grown up since we first saw him in the AI auditions. The song is basically about a person who regrets mistreating his girlfriend, resulting in a breakup, and now the girl belongs to someone else, so the boy is regretting for all his actions. The video potrayed that clearly, with Archie going through the photos he took with the girl and reliving the memories. In the end, he has to decide whether to delete all the pictures, and that remains a mystery. I think he deletes them and get over her in the end. This video clearly is the better one over Crush.

What do you think of the music video? Did he delete the photos? Leave your comments!


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