David Cook Slams Charts At #3

November 27, 2008

c1Idol winner David Cook’s eponymous debut album has proved itself worthy, landing at #3 on the Billboard charts for its debut week of release. The self titled album sold 280,000 copies, behind Beyonce’s and Nickelback’s albums, which were both released on the same day.

However, in the case of digital sales, the album landed at the #1 spot.

While Cook came in third to Beyonce’s debut at No. 1 with “I Am…Sasha Fierce” (Music World/Columbia) and Nickelback’s “Dark Horse” (Roadrunner), his album debuts at No. 1 on Top Digital Albums, giving the “American Idol” its 210th No. 1 on a Billboard chart.

Cook’s album sold more than Idol winners Jordin Sparks and Fantasia Barrino in its first week, but is behind other winners, namely Ruben Studdard, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Kelly Clarkson who are first, second, third and fourth respectively.

Here are the debut week sales of all Idol winners:

1. Ruben – “Soulful” (Dec 9, 2003) – 416,569 (# 1)
2. Carrie – “Some Hearts” (November 15, 2005) – 314,549 (# 2)
3. Taylor – “Taylor Hicks” (Dec 12, 2006) – 298,199 (# 2)
4. Kelly – “Thankful” (April 15, 2003) – 297,000 (# 1)
5. David – “David Cook” (Nov 18, 2008) – 280,000 (#3)
6. Fantasia – “Free Yourself” (November 23, 2004) – 239,389 (#8)
7. Jordin – “Jordin Sparks” (November 20, 2007) – 119,119 (#10)

Cook’s first single, “The Time Of My Life” also mirrors the albums position on the charts, for it also debuted at #3, and is still going strong. Besides hitting the platinum status, the song has also smashed another record:

David Cook’s reign on the Adult Contemporary chart with “The Time of My Life” (19/RCA) has gone into double digits, making him one of 15 solo male artists to rule this survey for 10 weeks or more since the chart began in 1961. Cook is the only male artist to have a song advance to No. 1 on the AC chart in 2008.

Meanwhile, runner up David Archuleta’s new single will be “A Little Too Not Over You”, not “Touch My Hand” as planned. Bummer.

Let’s hope Cook’s album will continue to do well in the long run, and here’s hoping that they choose a great second single to propel the album sales!

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[News Source: Billboard]
[News Source: FansOfDavid]
[News Source: MjsBigBlog]
[Photo Credit: David-Cook.com]



  1. wow! congrats DC!

    actually, I would like A Little Too Not Over You to be the next single for David A…:)

  2. BB!!What happen to realitytvgames?? Am I the only one that can’t go to the site?? I’ve not been there for 3 days!!

    Do you have the problem too? Or is it just me??

  3. Hey Fiqary! Its up now – go check it! 🙂

  4. Hey…Go Cook!!!

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