America’s Next Top Model: McKey

November 21, 2008

And so… Another cycle has ended and we have another winner.


McKey Sullivan beat 13 other girls in Cycle 11 to emerge as the winner.

She is no doubt the best winner in ANTM history, tall, stunning, great personality, constantly taking amazing high fashion shots, consistently staying in the top 5 call out every single week and has never been in the bottom two.

She is the obvious winner ever since the top 6 when the girls arrived in Amsterdam. From there she emerged as a power player and peaked at the exact right time, stunned the judges week after week with stellar photos, and surprisingly, delivered a rather good commercial and photo for CoverGirl.

I ought to be happy and all… But I’m not.

McKey winning was already stamped in my mind ever since the top 6, she was the already the clear winner then. But while she might be one of my favourites, I was thoroughly disappointed my ultimate favourite didn’t win…


Analeigh Tipton.

Analeigh was my favourite this cycle, I’ve been rooting for her throughout the competition. She landed in the bottom 2 in the third week and then rebounded to be in the top 3 for seven amazing, consecutive weeks, producing fantastic photos with crazy poses. She was the dark horse in the competition and was definitely one to look out for. Besides being photogenic, she has hands down the best runway walk in the bunch and has a cute bubbly personality and a huge heart. Analeigh might not be America’s Next Top Model, but she is America’s Next Top Best Friend. [quoting Jade]

It was devastating to see Analeigh struggle in her CoverGirl commercial where everyone expected her to excel, since her previous commercial in the top 7 was without a doubt the best. It was painful to watch her forgetting the lines and stumbling through. Even with a great photo, the judges sent her home anyway, which I think is an idiotic decision. They sent her home for not having a great face? Like come on. Her face is to die for. It’s totally stupid to send her home like that, knowing that she has the best runway walk and could kill at that final runway show. And all those comments about her going into the commercial/acting stream? Hello? Did you see her Windmill photo last week? That pic was stellar. She has high fashion potential too you know. You hypocritical judges said it yourself.

After Analeigh was sent home I couldn’t even concentrate on the rest of the show, it was all a blur, I didn’t had any interest in it anymore, I knew who was winning anyways (thanks to 888770 for spoiling it for a lot of people, you suck). All I know is that Samantha shouldn’t be in the top 2 at all. McKey deserved to be there, but Analeigh should be stomping on that catwalk, not Samantha.

final runwayIn fact the finale was a total disaster in my opinion. The runway might be creative and fun and all, but that hill that you have to run up to reach the top? That’s insane. What if a model ran up the hill and slipped and fell and injured herself? That’s not good is it? Plus the girls looked foolish running up, clutching their dresses and humping for breath at the top while posing for the camera. Huh. McKey and Samantha totally steamrolled that runway… In a bad way. McKey had a better walk, but her body was so stiff and she was so masculine it was like she was going to punch someone in the face (Paulina please). Samantha meanwhile was so jittery she looked like she was going to cry. I don’t see a [quote Tyra] ‘butterfly’ at all, I see a caterpillar afraid to fly. Both were so awfully painful to watch I cringed the whole way through. If only Analeigh were there, she would ‘ve stomped all the other models off the catwalk.

At final judging it was crystal clear all four judges were already rooting for McKey while giving Samantha some kind comments. When they reviewed their runway walks I almost laughed, it was obvious they weren’t that impressed as they said they were, their eyes were totally giving them away. Ha. Regretting now that you sent Analeigh home? I think so!

Portfolio wise I dont think Samantha stood a chance against McKey at all. McKey has hands down one of the best portfolios this cycle. Samantha produced a few good shots here and there but McKey was thoroughly consistent. The judges were even totally bias. *cough Paulina cough* Tyra might be neutral and defend both of her ‘babies’, but it was clear who the others were rooting for.Β  Nigel was team Analeigh, but in this case he sided McKey. Miss J, the runway diva he or she (who knows)Β  is, was rooting for McKey for her height, photogenic-ness and ability to be a high fashion model. And Paulina, the ultimate big mouth and the most bias judge this cycle, wanted McKey to win like mad. I mean hello, she pimped this girl the whole way through the competition. All was well for McKey, and expectantly, she won. Duh. What an obvious cycle.

analeighAhhh… So there goes another cycle. Good winner, good cycle, could’ve done better. I originally dubbed Cycle 11 as “the best cycle ever”, since every elimination was going as I have wanted it… Until now. Sorry but Analeigh should’ve totally been in the final 2 with McKey and stand an equal chance of winning. Other than that, I’m very content with the final five girls. They were my targeted top five, my ‘dream team’ since the beginning, namely Analeigh, McKey, Elina, Samantha and Marjorie, glad they all made it to the top.

My thoughts on post-ANTM, the girls that will be successful (with the exception of the winner) are Analeigh and Marjorie. They are the only truly promising girls in my eye. I sincerely hope that Analeigh gets signed by Elite, even though she didn’t win. Elite has done wonders in the past, signing Katarzyna and Anya (who were, by the way, ROBBED, and should’ve been the final 2), even though they didn’t win, but Elite saw model quality in them, and are now booking jobs like crazy. Hopefully Elite will see the light in Analeigh and sign her up ASAP. Then she’ll start booking jobs and do ads and print work and show the judges who’s the boss. Ha.

It sucks that your favourite doesn’t win. Somehow my favs are always jinxed. C6 Joanie landed second; C9 Heather landed fifth; C10 Katarzyna landed fifth; and now Analeigh finished third. Ah well.

Unfortunately there’s another jinx… Winners often aren’t as successful as those who didn’t win. Hehe. Now thats an evil thought.

Congrats to McKey for winning. Duh.

Analeigh, you’re always a winner in my heart.


What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. I completely agree with you about Analeigh, as soon as she was sent home,i lost all interest and the show suddenly became boring. I mean come on, are the judges blind or are the 4 of them high on something? how can they suddenly term Analeigh as commercial when it is pretty clear she has been high fashion material from like the 3rd episode, oh dear, i am glad Elite always sees the same thing i see which those hypocritical judges never see

    Mckey was definitely the best of the bunch and deserves to win but i cannot wait to see Marjorie in an ad campaign (minus her nerves), i love her, fingers crossed for my 2 favourites(Analeigh & Marjorie), Elite get to work!!!

  2. Hi!

    Well, I’m agree with you but, at the same time, i’m not agree with you.
    I love Analeigh and she is the real runner-up for me. And she walk in the runway with a pink dress, with Sam and McKey. She wasn’t take by the camera but (in a forum), she said:

    “I walk in the runway in this pink dress..”

    McKey is the best winner ever. Finally one of my favorites wins (C1 Elyse, C3 Amanda, C5 Nik, C6 Joanie, C9 Heather, C10 Anya) and I’m happy with that.

    Marjorie wa my other favorite. She did a campain for Abercrombie & Flitch after ANTM. Elite is planing sign Analeigh

    Sorry if my english is not soo good, I’m from Venezuela ^_^u


  3. Lipschitz – Thanks for your views and opinions! πŸ™‚ Your english is perfectly fine.

  4. I know it’s wayyyyy too late but i still want to give my insights about this one.

    Like you, I really think Analeigh deserves the title more than McKey. Yes, she did a terrible mistake, but her over all performance is definitely better than McKey’s and Sam’s. She will always be my cycle 11 winner. :]

  5. Nhil – I couldnt have said it better. πŸ™‚

  6. your smart
    I feel like u just read me=y mind lol
    analeigh shouldve won
    I feel like marjerie shouldve been eliminated like the 4th cuz of her bad walk her bad shoulders and her nerves
    and analeigh was out cuz she forgot the lines???I hate those judges
    especially the gay guy

  7. So when are you going to post anything about cycle 12? I’ve been waiting for it. πŸ™‚

    • Nah. Im not doing any cycle 12 reviews. πŸ™‚
      C12 isnt really going the way I wanted anyway. Hehe.

  8. I totally agree with you. Analeigh was my favourite through the hole program, samantha didnt deserve a spot in the final. GO ANALEIGH!

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