David Cook – David Cook [download] [UPDATED]

November 15, 2008

David Cook has come a long way since winning American Idol 7, and now he has a new album dished out for millions of fans waiting in anticipation. The wait has finally paid off, this album is packed with numerous radio friendly songs, from pop/rock ballads to heartbreaking emotional tracks. First single “Light On” is already making an impact on the radios worldwide. One of the many reasons why this album is so special is because Cook definitely pours his heart and soul into it, the lyrics are powerful and the whole album is an emotional rollercoaster, in a good way; from the sweet taste of fame to the sadness of watching a sibling struck down by cancer. “A Daily AntheM” even spells  Cook’s brother’s name, that just shows how awesome this person is. Standout tracks include “Declaration”, “Heroes”, “Life On The Moon”, “Permanent” and “Avalanche”. || Two bonus tracks were released via iTunes and Walmart and are absolutely worth listening to. Overall its a very solid album that is definitely recommended to anyone at all.

Download: HERE
[Link Updated: Includes Bonus Tracks!]

Track List: [ETA!]

  1. Declaration
  2. Heroes
  3. Light On
  4. Come Back To Me
  5. Life On The Moon
  6. Bar-ba-sol
  7. Mr Sensitive
  8. Lie
  9. I Did It For You
  10. Avalanche
  11. Permanent
  12. A Daily AntheM/Kiss On The Neck
  13. Time Of My Life (Bonus Track)
  14. Breathe Tonight (Walmart Bonus Track)
  15. My Last Request (iTunes Bonus Track)

Let’s hope a better second single will be chosen to propel the album sales towards the highest level possible, cause it definitely deserves it. Get your copy in stores November 18th! Can’t wait to purchase mine.

[PS: “Kiss On The Neck” is a hidden track, it’s around 8 minutes behind “A Daily AntheM”.]

What do you think of the album? Please leave comments! Enjoy!



  1. thanks!

  2. this is so cool! Daughtry might be in danger! hehe

  3. i bought the cd today. oh man permanent is my favourite. but raph, the link doesnt include the bonus tracks. do you mean checking them again? thank youu!

  4. There are NO BONUS TRACKS in the file.

  5. Declaration is awesome! Permanent has been my LSS for days…:)

    Thanks for the bonus tracks…been waiting hehe

  6. hi raph, the two bonus tracks you said was included in the updated version of your link are not present. please update link? thanks 🙂

  7. Guys, fixed the link! Sorry for the error. 🙂
    Bonus tracks are up now!

  8. Nope, Raph. The file is still the same size, which leads me to believe that the bonus tracks still aren’t there.

  9. FIXED. Try again.

  10. Thanks very much for the upload!! been looking all over when i finally found it in this site:) Thanks Again!!

  11. I thought that this was a very solid album! I can definitely see him doing well in the future. Thanks for sharing this! 😀

  12. I think the CD is awesome!!!! I think David Cook is the best ever….im addicted to him and his music, its all i listin to…I love the song Kiss on the neck!! i cant wait for another Cd!!!!

  13. I don’t live in the USA, so I’ve had to look EVERYWHERE for this song. You have no idea how happy I am that I found this! Thank you soooo much!! *gives you a virtual cupcake* 😛

  14. omg i’ve been searching for this the whole web and the links out there are all dead. thank god yours working perfectly.

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