David Cook – Light On Music Video Premiere! [watch]

November 4, 2008

Thousand of fans have been waiting like crazy last night for the premiere of David Cook’s new music video at midnight. “Light On” is the first single released from his self titled album, slated to be released on November 18th. And now we finally have the video! Whooohoooo!

Link: Here

Here’s what the video is about in my opinion. It starts with a girl and her boyfriend who visits a diner to have dinner. Instead of accompanying the girl to her seat, the boyfriend goes over to chat with his buddies and other girls. So, the girl is left alone at her table, waiting for her food. The waiter catches her eye and she smiles. Meanwhile, the girl’s friends coincidentally arrives and chats with her, while her boyfriend is still busy with his friends. Naturally, the girl gets jealous and feels that he isn’t putting much attention on her. They left after an heartless meal, the waiter looking on. In the car, the girl and her boyfriend argues and that made the girl mad, so she decides not to follow his ride home and walk home instead. Expectedly, her “light” arrives, thus the line “try to leave a light on when I’m gone, something I rely on to get home”. The waiter with his bicycle cycles up to the girl and offers a ride home. She agrees and sits on the front of his bike and they cycle away together, happily ever after.

I really really like the music video, I like videos that shows a story behind a song. Cook looks amazing in the video, I love the background highlights shining on their backs, creating silhouttes and shadows. Very very cool. And I also love this part “when the wires cross in my brain, you’ll start my heart again” and Cook points to his head. Hehe! That was adorable. Plus, the band and their interaction with everything was incredible.

Overall this is a great video and hopefully it’ll help relauch single sales for Cook. But what do YOU think of the video? Cheers or jeers?

Watch out world, Cook is here!

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. Gosh the video is awesome though i don’t really into this song. hehe. Nice work and i believe Cook will a bright future with this track.

  2. No Way!!!
    Cookie looks so Cute!!!
    Missed Him!!!=D
    it’s better than Archie’s…hehehe

    Love it!

  3. Oh God!!!
    I love the header raph!!!
    damn!! it’s so great!!!
    what a great artwork!!!

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