David Archuleta’s Self Titled Album Cover!

September 24, 2008

Today’s has been a great day! First we heard David Cook’s single, and now David Archuleta’s album cover has been revealed! Archie’s album is self titled, and will be released on November 11th, a week before Cook’s. I LOVE the album cover, it’s one of the best covers I’ve ever seen this year.  This is fantastic compared to his crappy single cover for “Crush”. The font is nicely placed under his face, and the simple creativity of the prolonged letters “I” and “T” is just great. Archie looks young mature, he’s not smiling, but he’s smiling with his eyes, and they pierce straight through yours. I love everything about it.

david archuleta album

What do you think of the album cover? Please leave comments!



  1. actually he looks older…early 21 or 22, and he looks a grown man. hehe

    but yes, he smiles through his eyes.

    i think i have a good idea of what the album would be like.

  2. Hmmm,I’m still trying to get used to his new look. Whatever, I’m still buying his album. I even pre-ordered it at Amazon. His Basque heritage is evident in this pic.

  3. Love it, shows the serious side of David, like when he is singing in his zone. He puts ALL of himself into anything he sings and makes us love every second of every performance.

  4. I love this cover and love this article! I am fan of Cook’s too. Now let’s not get crazy. I am a complete fangirl when it comes to David Archuleta, but Cook is a nice guy and he does have a great voice. And he genuinely cares about David.

  5. Oh, how I like your description of David Archuleta’s “IT” album cover. I see what you mean about his eyes smiling instead. Don’t you think this will also please male listeners, instead of the smiley approach? Ha! Love your thoughts of how Archie looks more mature. It’s great that he’s young and starting out in the music business, but on the other hand, to be taken seriously, he needs that older look. I’m with you , there. I think it’s a perfect cover. Thanks for your adding these comments!!!!!

  6. Archuleta fan here..but LOVE the very talented David Cook,too! David A’s album cover a surprise to most! I think he may just surprise alot of people with his album as well! Here’s wishing BOTH Davids the best of luck! Great blog!

  7. Love Archie’s album cover! Thanks for your positive comments!

    I remember a while back when a serious photo was posted of him someone made the comment…”This photograph was taken 5 years from now, right?”… That pretty much sums this one up too! He looks so mature!

  8. I’m glad you mentioned those eyes! They really do look like he means business and I feel like he can see right into my heart. Hope the album pierces my heart, too!

  9. The cover is growing on me. It’s a different look for David Archuleta-more edgey. I’m so used to seeing him smile but because he is not smiling the photo draws you to his eyes!!!! 🙂 🙂 I really like the graphics though and the cover looks very professional!!! Well done!!!

    It has been a big week for David C!!!!!! It’s exciting that he has released another single. I like it and plan to buy it when available.

    I am happy for both David’s!!!!!! They now are free of AI and can each go in the direction they’re wanting to with their music. I hope the media will now stop making it a competition between the two!!!!! They each have different styles but they’re both talented and GREAT human beings!!!! Good luck to both!!!!

  10. I think the album cover shows a sophisticated, more mature David, and likely reflects the type of music inside the cover. You are totally correct that the Crush cover made him look very young – this is a vast improvement. Definitely smiling eyes. Great observations.

  11. WOW, just WOW..

    I love smiley, happy David, but THIS is a very smart move. You can’t look at this picure and pass it on. It draws you back to look again and again and again. Those eyes my goodness!!

  12. Archuleta fan here too but I also like David Cook. I think he’s really talented and I hope the media stops bringing up competition between the two of them. Light on is great! I found the chorus really catchy. 🙂

    Anyway, back to the cover. Yes, his green eyes look lovely and he seems very mature. I hope they make the cover a bit like Jordin Sparks’, front cover serious while the back cover is kinda smiley. 😀 Can’t wait for both their cds, especially, this [s]boy’s[/s] man’s.

  13. I think this cover is gorgeous, you can’t help but stare back into those amazing eyes.

  14. David is first and foremost a serious musician, and a stellar vocalist. This picture is helping him make the transition from cute Idol kid into a more mature, handsome pop star. It grabs your attention from the get go, and I love it!

  15. […] *hyperventilates* How cruel. Hehe. Judging by the cover, Cook’s album will be self titled, similar to David Archuleta’s. I’m sorry Archie, but Cook’s album cover beats yours by miles and miles. It’s […]

  16. ahoj

  17. čau davide ja jsem z Czech repubic zpíváš docela dobře
    tak dyštak odepiš na mail dik a pozdravuj doma

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