Kristy Lee Cook – Why Wait [download]

September 13, 2008

American Idol Season 7 seventh place finisher, Kristy Lee Cook is the first Idol in the Top 10 to release an album, entitled “Why Wait”. Her country album will be released on September 16th. The first single, “15 Minutes Of Shame” is really catchy, and it is pleasantly different from the single version. Tracks like “Like My Mother Does” really show off Kristy’s big, amazing vocals. Standout tracks include “Baby Believe” and “Plant The Seed”. The album also include a lovely re-recorded version of “God Bless The USA”, which Kristy sang during American Idol and got great reviews from the judges. It definitely ends the album nicely!

why wait

Download: HERE

Track List:

  1. 15 Minutes of Shame
  2. Why Wait
  3. Like My Mother Does
  4. Hoping to Find
  5. Baby Believe
  6. Not Tonight
  7. Plant the Seed
  8. I Think Too Much
  9. Homesick
  10. God Bless the USA

Best of luck to Miss Kristy Lee, I think she has a great voice and really has potential to be a star, lets hope this will take her on a successful path in country music!

What do you think? Leave comments! Enjoy!



  1. I actually purchased the album today, someone set them on the shelves at a local Wal Mart, people were grabbing them up when a clerk noticed and said they can’t be sold until the 16th. Well to late, I got mine (2), and OMG it is super. I can’t believe the songs are so good. Like My Momma Did and Baby Believe are definately top hits. The others are only GREAT!!!
    I cried when I heard Like My Mother Did, this album is so cool. Good Luck Kristy, Great Job, Already looking for the next album. And seriously, you should get video. You are great.

  2. I also have an album, I got it on Friday in Grants Pass Oregon. Kristy lives just outside of town and I have actually seen her on many occasions. She put on a cowboy rodeo and she can ride. It was fun, anyway, back to the album, I agree, Like my momma did and baby believe are so hot, what a set of pipes. Also love homesick and not tonight, and of course Proud to be an American. Great album. I know I will be calling in to hear a few of these on the radio.

  3. Kristy lee cook is the best! Will you please send me the link to the songs? Thank you so much! (:

  4. good

  5. She’s the best! Please send the link to the download. thanks!

  6. i love her! please send me the download link thanks (:

  7. She is fantastic! Beautiful and a great singer…

  8. i only liked her on idol because of her beauty but now, i like her because of her voice too.. good to know kristy lee is doing better! way to go KRISTY!

  9. may i ask for the link please? i wanna hear all of her songs!~^^

  10. Thanks!

  11. Been looking for her songs. I like her songs. Thanks!!!

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