David Cook’s Official Site: Launched!

September 13, 2008

David Cook has launched his official website!

cook official

Cook’s wish to connect with his fans through his site came through – the official site allows fans to sign up and create their own profile and meet with other fans all over the world. So in short it’s like a MySpace in a fansite. Hehe!

Check out the site and sign up!


Cook’s Official Site: here
David’s YouTube page: here
David’s Official MySpace: here

What do you think of the site? Leave comments!



  1. I think there are some technical problems with many of us receiving our passwords to log in. Unless you have a common email address like yahoo or gmail, many of us are not receiving the passwords via email AND there is no link to let anyone know. So, if anyone knows some way we could let someone know that would be great. Thanks.

  2. I love him .he is offical on my American idol list

  3. I keep trying to get a password and just can’t get one emailed to me. any suggestions?

  4. From what I’ve heard from most people who can’t get the passwords, they don’t use major email sites such as Gmail and Yahoo! or Hotmail, like Vivian pointed out. So I guess you have to sign up with these websites to obtain your password!

  5. Just wanted to say sorry to hear about your brothers passing…I didn’t know any other way to reach you hope this does… God Bless your family in this sad time
    Shirley Wilson

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