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Kristy Lee Cook – Why Wait [download]

September 13, 2008

American Idol Season 7 seventh place finisher, Kristy Lee Cook is the first Idol in the Top 10 to release an album, entitled “Why Wait”. Her country album will be released on September 16th. The first single, “15 Minutes Of Shame” is really catchy, and it is pleasantly different from the single version. Tracks like “Like My Mother Does” really show off Kristy’s big, amazing vocals. Standout tracks include “Baby Believe” and “Plant The Seed”. The album also include a lovely re-recorded version of “God Bless The USA”, which Kristy sang during American Idol and got great reviews from the judges. It definitely ends the album nicely!

why wait

Download: HERE

Track List:

  1. 15 Minutes of Shame
  2. Why Wait
  3. Like My Mother Does
  4. Hoping to Find
  5. Baby Believe
  6. Not Tonight
  7. Plant the Seed
  8. I Think Too Much
  9. Homesick
  10. God Bless the USA

Best of luck to Miss Kristy Lee, I think she has a great voice and really has potential to be a star, lets hope this will take her on a successful path in country music!

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David Cook’s Official Site: Launched!

September 13, 2008

David Cook has launched his official website!

cook official

Cook’s wish to connect with his fans through his site came through – the official site allows fans to sign up and create their own profile and meet with other fans all over the world. So in short it’s like a MySpace in a fansite. Hehe!

Check out the site and sign up!


Cook’s Official Site: here
David’s YouTube page: here
David’s Official MySpace: here

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