Half Blood Prince Screening Movie Leak!

September 7, 2008

Warner Bros did a movie screening for a few lucky audiences who got to watch the unfinished movie yesterday. The lucky person kindly leaked some details out online!

This is from the Leaky Cauldron:


Today I got to see the test screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It took place in Chicago at the AMC River East. It was a secret screening, no one in the audience was supposed to know before hand what they were seeing. I was one of only a small handful who already knew what we would be seeing, but I was sworn to secrecy. It was truly the hardest secret I ever had to keep.

It was not entirely complete, however aside from a few blue screens in the background, and one or two special effects missing, it was barely noticeable.

I am a huge fan of Ginny and Harry so I will start with them. There is a lot more Ginny than ever before. She nearly equaled Ron for screen time. We first see her at the Burrow when Harry arrives outside and the first thing he sees is her reading through the window. Harry Just stands there for a moment, gazing up at her. Although she is dating Dean Thomas she never looks happy with him, except when she is snogging him at The Three Broomsticks. She was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. But the only game we saw was from the Felix Felicis chapter when Ron believes Harry has slipped him the potion. During Christmas at the Burrow, Ginny and Harry wind up on the stairs alone and start to lean into each other to kiss, when the attack on the Burrow interrupts them.

The Burrow does not burn down, but it is surrounded by a ring of fire conjured by Bellatrix. Harry, seeing Bellatrix, runs after her, and Ginny runs after him, right into Greyback. But Harry comes to the rescue and the two of them stand in a very high growing cornfield fending off attacks from the deatheaters. Lupin and Tonks come to the rescue, but that is I believe the last we see of them. There is no Tonks and Lupin relationship and although Tonks’ hair is brown there is no notice taken or any explanation given.

Tom Felton did a fantastic job in this film. Draco character remains true to the book, he even stamps on Harry’s nose. But, sadly, we never get the pleasure of seeing Crabb and Goyle disguised as girls. In fact, they are hardly in this movie. The Sectum Sempra scene was really good, even without moaning Myrtle. As Harry and Draco throw spells at each other poor Nigel sits frozen on one of the toilets. Snape runs in shortly and McGonagall is in the doorway after Harry cast the spell (Draco never yells Crucio) and he does do a cure his wounds with a spell that sounds almost like song. But he does not use legillimency on Harry, who runs straight out of the bathroom to McGonagall. In the next scene Hermione and Ginny band together and tell Harry to hide the potions book so not even Harry can find it. Ginny takes Harry to the room of Requirement, and makes him close his eyes while she hides the book. Then she kisses him briefly. By the time he opens his eyes she has vanished.

There was definitely tension between Ron and Hermione. In the very beginning at the Burrow, Ron cleans off a bit of toothpaste from Hermione’s cheek. Later in Slughorn’s class she describes what she smells in the love potion and trails off with “spearmint toothpaste…” Lavender is quite nauseating and although she never gives Ron a necklace she does something equally as vomit worthy, steaming up a window on the Hogwarts Express with her breath and drawing a heart with “R + L” inside it. His relationship ends when he is unconscious and moaning Hermione’s name after being poisoned. He remains confused about why it ended but very relieved.

The kid who played young Tom Riddle was Brilliant. His voice and demeanor raised the hairs on the back of my neck. There is no mention of the Gaunts, but the scene in Slughorn’s office is there. Dumbledore however is truly surprised to learn that Riddle made 7 Horcruxes. It is in that scene that he realizes the ring is a Horcrux. He realizes what it was because when harry handles it briefly he moved his head like Voldemort.

We do get to hear Hagrid and Slughorn singing about Odo the Hero, and Harry is funny and a few lines where true to the book while under the influence of Felix Felicis. There is no Professor Trelawney, or the Dursleys. No Kreacher (no mention of inheriting Grimmauld Place whatsoever) or Dobby, or Bill and Fleur. There are no scenes with the Minister of Magic, and I don’t believe they even mentioned Fudge was sacked (though I may have missed it).

Oh and most sadly of all, no description from Luna about the dangers of the Rotfang Conspiracy. Nor does she commentate the Quidditch match. Luna’s role was very small, but she does have the lion hat and she is the one to find Harry on the train under the invisibility cloak with the help of her spectrespecs.

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was awesome!!! I only wish it were a real store. Unfortunately no U-No-Poo sign, but it was still a sight to see.

The scene with Harry and Snape at the end was the least finished of the movie; the background was mostly screens and lights and occasionally a sound persons head. It was very close to the book, though I thought Snape could have been stronger and angrier, when Harry called him a coward. His some of his last words to Harry are “You may have your mother’s eyes but you are as dim as your father!”

As a huge fan of the books I have found myself getting more and more disappointed by all the changes in the movies and especially in Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Dumbledore who is my favorite character. That being said I was really pleasantly surprised by this movie. Many of the changes were actually entertaining and Gambon has improved enough to be tolerable. It was so much better than Order of the Phoenix. Overall I really enjoyed this movie and can not wait to see it again.


Now everyone is going to be more pissed cause Warner Bros did the screening so much earlier than the postponed date. Ha, rub it in.

What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  2. To like me this post…

  3. ahhh im such a huge fan and i was super dissapointed to hear the delay of the actual opening…

    but im glad the movie was good. i always seemed to enjoy the movies since i love the book. but i have some friends who don’t understand the movie at all just because they haven’t read a single book. which is dissapointing

  4. awesome!
    thankyou for the detailed info.
    i really hope you said to keep all the ron and hermione scenes in on the form you had to fill out!!

  5. I thought OOtP was fantastic (easily rivalling PoA), so I have no doubt I’ll like the next one when it opens. I only hope it leaks early so I can at least watch it sometime this year. . . Blasted Dark Knight met WB’s earning projections so they didn’t have to release Half-Blood Prince at a reasonable time.

  6. Thanks for the detailed summary!
    The Ron and Hermione scenes sound adorable (the toothpaste part, at least), and of course, the overall movie sounds excellent. I can’t wait to watch it in July (but, there’s still SIX months left, ahh).

    Thanks again!
    God bless you & your family!!

  7. WHAT?! Omg, where do I start…
    Harry and Ginny don’t have an “about to kiss” moment at all until they actually DO kiss after the quidditch match. Tonks is the one to find harry on the train, not luna, why doesn’t luna commentate the game? That’s part was hilarious! Crabbe and Goyle disguised as girls is important, AND WHY did they not put harry inheriting grimmauld place? I’m so frustrated already!
    And I may be wrong…but I can’t recall a time when the burrow was attacked until book 7 after the wedding when harry ron and hermione have to apparate away from the party. wtf? lame city.

    • Ugh, I felt the exact same way.
      I went and got the book to double check everything, because I knew pretty much all of this never happened. Honestly, I feel that they spent way to much time on the effects, rather than following the story line. Sounds like a completely crappy movie.

  8. ^^^Its called time restraints. A movie can only be so long, it would make watches very bored. I bet that you are one of the ones complaining about Harry Potter 7 being in 2 movies.

  9. It sounds lame to me too. What I was most looking forward too was flashbacks…isn’t that what the whole book was about anyhow? How could they take away from the ‘movie/book 7 set-ups?’ like Lupin/Tonks, Bill/Fluer, ect?! And WTF about the burrow being attacked?! That makes NO sense to the story, in fact, think about it…it screws it up? If Bella, Voldemort’s 2nd in command so-to-speak, attacked the Burrow then how in hell would Voldemort be so oblivious to Ron, Ginny & Hermione’s existances? You think a villian would want to yank the support system (friends) of the Hero right out from under him. *Eyeroll* But back to the lack of set up for 7. Soooo will there be no marriage scene in 7? Or are they gonna be like “Hey look, remember Fluer from movie 4? She’s marrying Bill (oldest weasley brother, in whom just movie goers would have no clue existed.) And oh yeah Tonks and Lupin got together, she likes him and now she’s pregnant and they have a kid and then they die?! How’s that for annoying last minute information crammed down one’s throat?

    WB needs to get back with the program. Not play with the characters to make their own little stories. New things (that FIT the story) are cute, but they did not need to expand 15% of the book in 70% of the movie (refering to Ginny/Harry.)

    The movie’s key points should be—

    Narcissa/Snape’s vow. All the hints Harry finds towards Draco’s being a Death Eater (& Harry watching him on spare time.) The Burrow in which Fluer has ‘taken over’ in a way. (Convo leading up to the wedding going to happen next movie.) Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny tension then is fine ^.^ then the train scene, in which TONKS should find him so we can maybe (cheat?) and see her wolf patronus. GOOD mentions of Grimauld place becoming Harry’s, the locket, some Lupin/Tonks. Then MASS focus on Harry’s learning with Dumbledore, the flashbacks / Voldemort’s history (ORPHANAGE, GUANTS, OLD LADY, JOB AT BORGINS!) Then obviously the middle ground of the movie should be tensions/drama of Ron/Lavender/Hermione, Harry/Ginny/Dean complete with Romilda problems for Harry *LOL* They should have kept Luna commenting the Quidditch, focused on Ginny and Ron making the team + the Weasley is our King and Felix Felicius bits. The locket for Katie, the poisoning of Ron, the funny X-Mas party of Slughorns. Retrieving the memory from Slughorn, the bathroom scene, ect ect. Then lead up to climax of the cave, astronomy tower battle, Dumbledore’s death, the fight between Snape and Harry and wind it all the way back down to Dumbledore’s funeral.

    TADA! Better than what she saw. XD

    • I agree 100%

  10. who cares, thanks for tthe spoilers, NOt, read the book

  11. “And I may be wrong…but I can’t recall a time when the burrow was attacked until book 7 after the wedding when harry ron and hermione have to apparate away from the party. wtf?” by Disappointed

    On mugglenet.com they have Deathly Hallows picks already up. THERE IS a party scene at the beginning cuz they’re all dressed up. They filmed the scenes of the three of them running in the chaos and then apparating to muggle London.

    Bill IS in the 7th movies…so is Dobby…if you want to know go to mugglenet.com THEY HAVE ALOT of good info on movie 6 and upcoming movie 7 part 1. i think i know when they’re going to end it..the first part i mean..if you’ve read the book..you’ll know too if you see the scenes they were currently filming 🙂

  12. the way i see it with all the harry potter movies is they are deffinately way too short… i mean yes alot of people dont have much of an attention span these day, but think about it we have spent hours and hour reading each book, the audio book does not leave anything out or muddle the ordering of event, so why should you expect anything less that the best quality for a movie, including actors portrayal of characters, overall length of the movie, evnts that take placplace .. important and unimportant.(its all important in my opinion) i mean we all know that we have rerad the books a million times already… personally i wouldnt mind sitting in a theater for 10 hours watching a movie, just because i would want it to be as acurate to the story as possible, because i want to actually see the events take place, i mean yes i know i have an immagination, but, yah know sometimes i just dont want to use it.

    • The way I see it the producers should actually WANT to make the movies longer maybe split them up into 2 or 3 parts that way they can charge admission for each part and make 2-3 times the money from theatre ticket sales. For example, the new StarCraft2 video game originally intended to be a single game was announced to be split into a trilogy. As a result the fans are happy to have more to play and the producers are happy to sell triple the merchandise.
      1,2,3 are fine as single movies. 4,5,6,7 should each be split into 2 parts one released at Christmas and the next in summer. I mean that would totally be cool because it would sort of give fans the feel of the school year. This would reflect the timeline of the books which always start in the summer vacation, have a Christmas break and go through the end of the school year.
      So imagine that the trailers start in July of whatever year and starts the anticipation for the first half of Goblet of Fire to be released that Christmas. So you wait and wait for Christmas to come and finally you go see the movie and this time they show the awesome World Cup scene all of us expected to see not to mention the Dursleys, the Ton Tongue Toffee and the scenes at the Burrow. The first half of the movie will climax with the completion of the first task and the Yule Ball and will end with Ron and Hermione fighting and Cedric’s mysterious hint about the second clue. Can you say cliffhanger?
      So you leave the theatre still on a high and ‘wondering’ how it will end though we have all read the books. You can’t wait for June when the next movie comes out. Once it finally gets here you have spent 6 months waiting for the end of the story and this meshes well with the flow of the book as there is always an interlude feeling around Christmas time in the book. The movie starts with going to Hagrid’s class but Hagrid’s not there cuz of Rita Skeeter’s article. We see some more classes and Ludo Bagman again and that night Harry takes the egg to the bath and reveals the clue. Moody sees through harry cloak and finds the Marauder’s Map. Dobby brings Harry the gilly weed and then the Second Task. The Maze will include all the features from the book including the Blast-ended Skrewts and the movie climaxes with the fight with Voldemort and the revealing of Barty’s true identity.
      Sure it will pain us to have to wait six months to finish the movie, but most readers are used to having to wait years between books. Plus this will give us more chances to see Harry on the big screen. And don’t forget that Theatres will sell twice as many tickets (one for each part of the movie). They could even re-release the first part when the second part comes out. I know I would pay to watch the first half again before seeing the second half, just to refresh my memory. Now the year is over both in the Harry universe and in the real world. The current movies are released about every 18 months, thought this last one was pushed back and additional 6 months. If the current movies take about 18 months to polish then I’d say and additional 6 months would be plenty to split the movies into two parts. Note that most directors film 100’s of hours of scenes that don’t make it to the final cut including multiple takes and multiple versions and often they shoot scenes that were perfectly good but were cut due to time constraints. This way the movies could be released every 2 years. Considering Danielle Radcliffe was about 11 for the first movie he would be 14 playing a 13 year old for the third movie, and then 16, 18, 20, and finally a 22 year old playing a 17 year old in the last movie. Maybe that’s not the best way to do it, but it believable for a film. For example Robert Patterson was 21 when he played 16 yr old Cedric Diggory in OotP.
      The current version seems to leave out anything and everything that isn’t relevant to the plot which goes against the grain of the books in which the plot points are usually few and far between only to be revealed at the end. The movies lose the wonder of an average muggle boy learning he is a wizard and seeing all the wonders of the wizarding world revealed. The classes are a HUGE part of the wonder of the book as the reader learns about wizardry along with Harry. We should see more of the wizard world and all its quirks and the movies should include as much as possible from magical newspapers to magical kitchens.
      The movie will include Bertha Jenkins, Ludo Bagman and Winky the house elf and SPEW and dobby with all of the clothes that Hermione knits. We get to see Harry being cursed with Imperius and learning to fight it. We get to see more of Hagrid and his blasted ended skrewts and more of the other classes. We see more of Dumbledore’s memory and more of Rita Skeeter. We get to hear how Barty Jr escaped Askaban and see Rita Skeeter as a beetle in Hermione’s Jar. Overall we will just get to see more of the daily life at Hogwarts as that is what really makes the story.

  13. Okay…last night I was thinking about the added scene, about the Burrow, in the Half Blood Prince. I realized that the next movie, Deathly Hallows, part 1 (which everyone should know by now is going to be in two parts) is going to be FULL of events such as the three going to Grimould Place, the break in at the Ministry of Magic, camping out in the country side, Rod leaving, Godric’s Hollow, Ron returning and finding the sword, the snatchers and then escaping from the Malfoy’s. That’s a lot to film. I think that even though they got rid of Fleur and Bill’s wedding, they still wanted to keep the scene of the Burrow being attacked, so rather than delete it or do it no justice, the director added it to the Half Blood Prince movie instead. Yes, I agree with all of you that the directors should not mess with great works of literature, but they do. I wish they would follow the books to a T, but since they didn’t at least they did try to keep some aspects of the books in the movies.

    Now, the aspects that I’m having trouble with is the fact about not mentioning the new Minister of Magic…how are the three going to get their inheritance if they don’t go back to the burrow and the new minister does not give them the items?
    Also, the lack of Tonks and Lupin relationship troubles me. Harry is their sons’ godfather! This is important! Those are the issues I’m having. I guess we all just see how this all plays out.

  14. Speaking in retaliation to all the good scenes that WB has either altered considerably or taken out entirely, I have to say that whoever decides what scenes stay in and what’s chucked out the window has made a fail and deserves to be crushed by a flying ice cream truck. All frustration and failed attempts at fury-laden humor aside, this series of books and movies continues to be my favorite next to FarScape, and the intricacies of the Harry Potter series never cease to baffle and entertain me.

  15. I feel that the movie will still be utterly incredible, and I think part of the motive behind splitting the 7th book into 2 movies is to be able to cram in the details that may have been missed somewhere in other movies. rather than questioning how people are going to be able to follow along without important info., i think i’m questioning how they plan to split the next two movies. i believe that, in the end, they’ll only leave out what’s completely unimportant and what doesn’t alter any outcomes. anyone have any ideas how they’ll split it? like will part 1 be a complete movie with a normal ending and everything, or will it just get to a certain point after two-and-a-half hours and say “to be continued.” but whatever…HPHBP officially releases in two LONG weeks!

  16. but if ginny hides the potions book in the room of requirement, harry never sees Ravenclaw’s diadem…. so how are they gonna work that out for the 7th movie?

    and there’s no mention of the GAUNTS?! that’s why voldemort’s so bitter in the first place – the brilliant heir of slytherin is a half-blood!! geez….

  17. thanks for the review…very well written

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