IN! Last Day Of Olympics

August 24, 2008

I’m back!

Will post my pictures and my thoughts on my trip to Cambodia soon. It was an amazing vacation! Sad to be back, but oh well!


Google Special: Last Day Of Beijing Olympics

The Olympics has reached its final day and China is at the very top with 49 gold currently, hoping to smash into the 50th. USA can only go home with second but with an impressive 34 gold. Russia climbs up to sit at third with 21 gold. Great Britain slips to fourth with 19 while Germany does not budge with 16 at fifth.

Another amazing year for the Olympics! Michael Phelps proves to be the king of the Water Cube with eight gold while Usain Bolt rules the runway track with three new world records.

Remember to catch the Closing Ceremony tonight! See you again in 2012 in London!

More on the Beijing Olympics 2008, here.
The official website: here.



  1. You went to Cambodia to visit Pol Pot? I thought Pol Pot is residing right here, in Kuching? =D

  2. Oh hai Pol Pot 😀

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