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August 16, 2008

Hey guys!

It’s the holidays here and I’m going on a vacation for five days or so!

Will be back in the next few days and will continue to blog!


The Google Special will have to stop for a few days.

So sorry!

Thanks for all the kind words and support!

Keep supporting -MDOC-!

Love you guys!


Love and peace,


Google Special: Eighth Day Of Olympics

August 16, 2008

China is showing no signs of defeat with 27 gold medals. USA is struggling to chase up with 15 gold. Germany nests at third with eight gold. Korea storms up with eight gold nine silver, while Italy is trying to weasel in with eight gold five silver.

If Michael Phelps from USA is a country, it would be in fourth. Hehe!


Google Special: Beijing Olympics Day 8

A horse is playing football (or soccer, if you’re using that) with a snake. Wrong direction, Mr. Horse! Mr. Snake looks like he could save the goal. The horse’s arched body doesn’t really look like a “G” though.

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