LaKisha Jones – “So Glad I’m Me” [download]

July 17, 2008

AI6’s 4th place finisher, LaKisha Jones has disappeared for a while now but has recently released a single! It’s called “So Glad I’m Me” and it’s a hip-hop song, similar to artists such as Kelly Rowland and Mary J Blige. I’m not really into hip-hop, but it’s nice to listen to another side of LaKisha and not just screaming ballads. Hopefully we’ll see her album soon, which will be released exclusively on the internet only.

LaKisha Jones - So Glad I'm Me

Download 1: HERE
Download 2: HERE

Enjoy! What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. Actually, LaKisha’s single will be available for download in August; her album will be available in stores in October.

    Luv the song; LUV LaKisha Jones.

  2. Looking forward to the release. Looks like she’s been working on her CD since her role in The Color Purple on broadway. Go Lakisha! Love the single! Can’t wait for the CD. She’s getting married in October in Beverly Hills too. A new husband and a new CD!

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