Kristy Lee Cook – “15 Minutes Of Shame” [download]

July 12, 2008

7th place finisher of AI7, the infamous gorgeous Kristy Lee Cook has a single out! It’s called “15 Minutes Of Shame” and I think it’s a very nice country song. Kristy is currently re-signed to Arista Nashville (which was the label that dropped her previously). So far Kristy is the fastest to dish out a single, the top 10 Idols are currently touring America for the Idol Tour 2008.

Kristy Lee Cook - 15 Minutes Of Shame

Download 1: HERE
Download 2: HERE

Support Kristy Lee Cook! Go Kristy!

Enjoy! What do you think? Leave comments!



  1. I wasn’t a Kristy Lee Cook fan when she was on Idol, but this is certainly better than anything she did on the show. Interesting. Thanks for the post!

  2. Kristy was great on Idol, just not a lot of country fans, now she will shine. this song will do great, can’t wait to hear album.

  3. Kristy is awesome, the song is great and the album will even better. She is sfun to watch on tour (2 times I have been now), and I can’t wait to watch her in concert. I like the rest of idol group, but being a country fan, would like to hear her sing up beat, ballads and some old country. I heard her sing “He’s got you and Stand by your man” a few years back and have been a fan ever since.

  4. That was great Kristy.. WIll see you on CMT Soon !!

  5. THIS GIRL CAN SING!!!!!!! I had been a huge kristy fan from the begining and i seriously think this could go farther than carrie!

  6. Thanks !

  7. AWESOME!!!!!

    I love this song. Good job KLC!!!

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