Vanessa Hudgens – Idetified [download]

June 25, 2008

Disney’s star, has-been, tainted Vanessa Hudgens is back with her sophomore album. This album shows much variety, from Vanessa’s vulnerable ballads like “Don’t Ask Why” and “Don’t Leave” to upbeat tracks such as “Hooked It Up” and “Amazed“. “Sneakernight” is the single of the album, as much as I dislike the song, it’s catchy and I’ve got used to it. Standout tracks include “Last Night“, “Paper Cut” and “Don’t Leave“. It’s an alright second effort, I prefer her first album more. Overall it’s quite enjoyable, a recommend for pop lovers and Vanessa fans.

Track List:

  1. Last Night
  2. Identified
  3. First Bad Habit
  4. Hook It Up
  5. Don’t Ask Why
  6. Sneakernight
  7. Amazed
  8. Don’t Leave
  9. Paper Cut
  10. Party On The Moon
  11. Did I Ever Cross Your Mind
  12. Gone With The Wind

– Download Link Removed (Comment and leave your email to get the link)

Let’s hope Vanessa picks herself up and continues to shine with this album and HSM3’s debut in fall.

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  1. good

  2. i like your songs and i want to download them on my computer to be able to put them on my i pod your song are good keep going at it girl.

  3. keep goin. great music

  4. hi,tnx for this article!
    i realy like to download this album,please send me links!
    ((please flag your message))

  5. i love her and i want her songs 🙂

  6. Hey!
    I really want to have this album..
    PLease sent me the link

    xx 😉

  7. goodgood

  8. c

  9. song is good~
    thank you for sharing

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